Spring Lakes LLC to Cornerstone Construction LLP, Lots 39, 49, 69, Spring Lakes and Owen Sims subdivisions, $120,000.

The estate of Lavonda Hall; the estate of Carolyn Marie Evans; Jonita and Tony Piper; and Bettina and Jeff Rich to Michael and Wendie Hendrix, Lots 7-9, plat book 44, page 16, $140,000.

William Adamson to W3 Properties LLC, Lot 40, Shamrock Acres, $175,000.

Jones & Ritter LLC to Atticus Enterprises Ltd., Lot 17, Enclave at Fordes Crossing, no tax.

David and Christina Jennings to Nichole and David Shkreli, Lot 23, Gilbert Place, $207,000.

Trevor and Susan Lowe to TSP Properties LLC, Lot 8, McElwain Court addition, no tax.

Royce and Donna Dossey to Thelma Monroe, Lot 9, Rolling Fields subdivision, no tax.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Biggs Real Estate LLC, Lots 598 and 599, North Ridge subdivision, $91,000.

Lora Jannush and Trevor Davidson to Timothy and Pepper Phelps, land near Hope Street, $38,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC DBA Southern Design & Build to Carol and Richard Douglas, Lot 61, Mackenzie Meadows, $269,000.

Estate of Dennis Weis to Jaber Properties LLC, Lots 53 and 54, Creekwood subdivision, $55,000.

Charles and Diane Wells to Carley and Jordan Jennings, two tracts of land in Oakland, $141,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Mike and Tonya White, Lot 3-101, Olde Stone subdivision, $220,000.

Janet Vaughn to Jacquetta and Cecil Beach Jr., Lot 7, Suburbanite Heights subdivision, $157,500.

Nelda Cary to Haley Allen, lane near Morehead Road, $165,500.

Patrick Bates to VISAAC LLC, Parcel 1 (land in deed book 1033, page 149); and Parcel 2 (Lot 1, Kinser Heights), $1,388,064.

Christopher Logsdon to James Kuntz, Lot 55, Plano Estates major subdivision, $292,000.

Roemer Real Estate Holdings LLC to David and Stephanie Moore, land near Kentucky Street, $275,000.

Golden Capital LLC to Lucas Pyles, Lot 11, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $265,000.

Todd and Barbara Hanes to Tim Haley Real Estate Inc., Lot 23, Coppertree subdivision, $78,100.

MAH Enterprises LLC to MEKA Properties LLC, Lot 16, Holman, Daughtry & Dunavan’s addition subdivision revision, $125,000.

TNR Bowling Green LLC to Terranova Development Corp., Unit 18C, Eaglestone Villas Condominium, no tax.

Terranova Development Corp. to Michael and Ann Bigay, Lot 18C, Eaglestone Villas Condominium, $312,500.

Chanthom Builders LLC to Neal and Kelli Spears, Lots 34 and 25, The Trace at Bays Fork, $55,000.

Ronald and Sharon Whitlock to Claude Roddy III and Christina Tigart, Lot 4, Frances Edmonds property, $150,000.

BG Constructors LLC to Sammie and Haley Prince, Lot 50, Windsor Trace Farms, $229,000.

Michael and Bonita Deweese to Jonathan and Allison Dunn, Lot 51, Weatherstone subdivision, $205,000.

Anthony Suggs d/b/a ACS Homebuilders and Jessica Suggs to Dallas and Diane Miller, Lot 63, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $56,300.

James and Marsha McCurry to Elijah Properties LLC, 1413 Smallhouse Road, $80,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Bryan and Shanna Kozak, Lots 36 and 37, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $64,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Bryan and Shanna Kozak, Lot 35, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $32,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Bryan and Shanna Kozak, Lot 34, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $32,000.

Robert and Devonia Nealy to Daniel and Katelyn Cross, Lot 22, Harvest Landing, $44,750.

Burrell Properties LLC to Elijah Properties LLC, land near Butler Avenue, $62,000.

D&D Builders LLC to Drew Pinerola, Lot 44, Heritage subdivision, $43,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Donald White, Lots 15-17, Autumn View subdivision, $105,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Donald White, Lot 14, Autumn View subdivision, $35,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Donald White, Lot 13, Autumn View subdivision, $35,000.

Darrell Stradtner, Jerry Stradtner, Michael Stradtner, Tina Stradtner-Jenkins, Christopher Stradtner, Timmy Stradtner, Eric Stradtner, Danny Joe Stradtner, Doug Stradtner and Becky Brown to Richard Deel, tract 1, Curtis and Betty Lightfoot subdivision, $30,000.

J&T Property Management Inc. to Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc., tract 3, J&T Property subdivision, $27,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Noall Construction LLC, Lots 42 and 43, South Oaks subdivision, $82,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Rhonda Sipes, Lot 46, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $186,900.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 46, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

William and Nikki Brockman to Mieten LLC, land near Fannie Avenue, $65,000.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Megan and Drew Massey, Lot 131, Weatherstone subdivision, $211,000.

Helen Johnson to Adela Ramirez, land near Barren River, $15,000.

Ashwood Homes Inc. to Elizabeth and Travis Stanke, Lot 59, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $369,900.

Build 2 Suit LLC to Emilee and James Comer, Lot 34, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $399,000.

Ryan and Kyle O’Connor to Vinay Akireddy and Sowshilya Dasari, Lot 194, McCoy Place subdivision, $284,000.

Cody Edwards to Keith Hendrick, Lot 4, minor plat book 19, page 14, $18,500.

Elizabeth Goodin to Hudson Capital Properties LLC, Lot 99, Shawnee Estates, $130,000.

Joshua and Brittany Hicks to Clay and Makenzie Murphy, land near Hunts Bend Road, $215,000.

Kevin and Gail Brooks to Tom and Portia Pennington, Lot 6, Edgewood addition, $438,700.

Ronald and Tracy Demarse to Joshua Honshell, Lot 83, Winfield Acres, $198,300.

Big Oak Properties LLC to Eldin Mujanovic and Almedina Hajric, Lot 4, Windsor Trace Farms, $249,900.

Aric Polston to Muamer Razic and Allison Ackerman, Lot 86, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $289,900.

Cook Property Management LLC to James Lewis & Sons Inc., land near Massey Mill Richpond Road, $45,000.

Cynthia Skaggs to Gerald Dobson III, Lot 139, Ashmoor Parke, $260,000.

Winston Place Homeowner’s Association Inc. to Stephen and Elizabeth Nelson, Lot 27, Winston Place, no tax.

Stephen and Elizabeth Nelson to Alan and Gwendolyn Taylor, Lot 13, Winston Place subdivision, $650,000.

Matthew and Adrian Hardy and Jeffery and Shelly Anderson to William and Donna Dye, Lot 7, plat book 43, page 196, $213,200.

Spring Lakes LLC to Mackenzie Meadows LLC, Lots 29-35, 48, 50-52, Spring Lakes subdivision, $440,000.

Alan and Kim Beck; Mavis Regina Beck; and Mavis Ann Beck to Amanda and Shaun Hays, tract 2, plat book 44, page 1, $3,458.10.

Gary and Amanda Logsdon to Emma Logsdon, Lots 4 and 5, Gary Logsdon Farm subdivision, no tax.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Lyndsey Deere, Lot 32, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $197,500.

Lena Mulcahy to Adis Ljeskovica and Vernesa Ljeskovica, Lot 5, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $275,000.

Bradley and Joyce Young to Josh and Brittany Hicks, Lot 4, Pernia Smith Estate subdivision, $61,000.

Burr and Jones LLC to David and Jana Sona, Lot 3, Poplar Grove subdivision, $54,900.

Joseph Light to Sandra and Logan Light, land near Kitchens South Road, $165,000.

James Holland to Yvette and Paul Sanderford Jr., Unit 305, Building 3, Indian Ridge, $260,000.

Hansbrough Development LLC to William and Ann Kangas, Lot 6, Cornerstone Point, $259,900.

Mike Howe Custom Building Inc. to Teresa Steenbergen, Lot 129, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $430,000.

B’N R Realty LLC to Sai Yi and Thon Seing, Lot 512, Greystone subdivision, $220,500.

The estate of Lavonda Hall; the estate of Carolyn Evans; Jonita and Tony Piper; and Bettina and Jeff Rich to Blevins & Blevins LLC, Lot 3, plat book 44, page 16, $17,050.

The estate of Lavonda Hall; the estate of Carolyn Evans; Jonita and Tony Piper; and Bettina and Jeff Rich to Robert and Beth Lawrence, Lot 10, plat book 44, page 16, $19,250.

The estate of Lavonda Hall; the estate of Carolyn Evans; Jonita and Tony Piper; and Bettina and Jeff Rich to Leon Adams, Lot 2, plat book 44, page 16, $17,050.

Burrell Properties LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, Lot 6, Fairview Heights addition extended subdivision, $120,000.

William and Teresa Price to Brian and Brandi Burris, Lot 95, Kenway Estates subdivision, $196,000.

Thomas Wimsatt and Patricia Wimsatt to James and Cynthia Jutz, Lot 4, Jackson Manor subdivision, $270,000.

JMH Rentals of Shive Lane to Rykris Investments LLC, Lot 2, Colony Apartments, $1,950,000.

AMB Properties LLC to Robert and Destiny Tarrence, Lot 59, Upton Farms, $299,900.

GC Land Development to JT Holdings LLC, Lot 87, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Edmonds Property Management LLC to Jason Hays, Lots 15 and 16, plat book 2, page 118, $218,000.

Gene Nuckols to Kelly and Amy Nuckols, Lot 41-3, Bent Tree Estates, no tax.

Jason and Bedrana Weaver to Judith Fritsche, Lot 146, Belle Haven subdivision, $415,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Michael and Ramona Taylor, Lot 212, McKinney Farms, $187,900.

Sarah Vincent to Sarah Sejdic, Lot 178, River Bend Landing subdivision, $159,000.

Joyce and Gene Blair and Bonnie Sue Dodson to Lewis Logan, land near Richardsville Road, $30,000.

Timoteo Garcia and Elsy and Jose Rivas to Elsy and Jose Rivas, Lot 83, Moss Meadows subdivision, no tax.

Jonathan and Sydney Caron to Daniel V. Uk and Sui M. Tial, Lot 6, phase 1, McCoy Place, $240,000.

Sherry Howell to Ferrell and Elaine Price, land on Euclid Avenue, $417,000.

Cy and Hillary Williams to Austin and Maggie Frank, Lot 11, Jeremiah Jones subdivision, $145,500.

Jordan Hall and Deryl and Joni Hall to Diellza and Nebih Uka, Lot 116, Moss Meadows, $162,000.

Steven and Ashley Tedder to Timothy Hickman Jr. and Brandi Mencer, Lot 32, Deer Park Estates, $189,900.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Stephen Daniel Properties LLC, Lot 19, River’s Landing Edge, $27,500.

The estate of Bobby Hunton to Marilyn and Byron Maddox, Lot 12, Spindletop subdivision, $305,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Eric Holt, Lot 95, Spring Lakes subdivision, $194,900.

Providence Homes LLC to Brent and Victoria Carter, Lot 15, Winston Place subdivision, $66,500.

Gared and Sarah Edmunds to Big Dog Investments LLC, Lot 1, Bowling Green Housing Development No. 1, $79,000.

The Henson Co. LLC to Chadrick and Melissa Hunt, Lot 5, George Leon Gilleland Estate subdivision, $235,000.

Erinn and Eric Basista to Logan and Katharine Cranor, Lot 124, Hidden River Estates, $196,000.

Eric Holt to Zebedee Lynum, Lot 42, Stonehenge subdivision, $150,000.

Beuford Richards to Karen King and Beuford Richards, land near Boiling Springs Road, no tax.

Eagle Ridge Developers LLC to Sherry and Frank Ramsey III, Lot 26, Eagle Ridge subdivision, $125,000.

William and Kelly Koons to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, Lot 91, Ridgewood Estates subdivision, $370,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Cynthia and Charles Wyant Jr., Lot 615, North Ridge subdivision, $169,900.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Graham Builders LLC, Lot 209, McKinney Farms subdivision, $37,900.

Anni Gray to Scott and Lori Gray, Lot 2, Gray subdivision, $45,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Graham Builders LLC, Lot 208, McKinney Farms subdivision, $37,900.

Deniese Taylor to TPM Group Properties LLC, land near Ky. 3225, $400,000.

Gina and Andrew Vervilles; and Brad Whitlow and Karen Wallace to Robert Camp, land near Newman Way, $240,000.

Dana Phelps to Jamie Newland, land near Fuqua Road, $35,000.

Anitta Sturgeon to Jay and Cynthia Eberlin, Lot 1, Phillip and Kathie McCormack minor subdivision, $115,560.

Steven and Emily Rasinski to James Kessinger, Lot 27, Quarry View Estates. $202,500.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Dustin and Jamie Blair, Lot 75, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $312,000.

Hudson Capital Properties LLC to Bell Vue Properties LLC, land near Kenton Street, $80,000.

White Owl Ventures LLC to Robert Harless, land near 11th Street, no tax.

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