Stephanie and Jason Strain to Wendi and Brandon Ford, land near Boyce Fairview Road, $402,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to LJL Investments LLC, Lot 11-19, Olde Stone subdivision, $125,000.

Ashley Douglas to Rita Dukes, land near Smallhouse Road, $194,900.

FMC Investments LLC to Kham Lim LLC and Kham Lim and Meng Lim, Lot 2-7, Dishman Lane Industrial Park subdivision, $660,431.85.

TMAG Properties LLC to Narendrabhai and Ritaben Patel, Lot 36, Upton Farms subdivision, $339,900.

T&C Homes LLC to Amanda Adamson and Larry Rood, Lot 62, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $324,000.

Gregory and Kelly Donahoo to Hu Say and Man Lam Nuam, Lot 110, Springhill subdivision, $168,000.

Becker and Tonia Wahbeh to Russell Johnson, Lot 96, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $281,000.

Jonell and Don Westerfield to Lariza Properties LLC, Lot 14, W.R. Sprouse addition, $73,000.

Evan and Madisen Sawyers to Benjamin and Christina Roy, Lots 26 and 28, Perkins Heights subdivision, $267,500.

Benjamin and Christina Roy to Cameron Esters, Lot 76, Stonehenge subdivision, $165,500.

Jeffrey and Stephanie Barefoot to Nathan Morguelan, land near Morgantown Pike, $118,000.

Fairview Avenue Properties LLC to D. Matthew and Dana Cook, Lot 8, Burr Oaks subdivision, $118,000.

David Jarboe and Sarah Payne-Jarboe to Keith and Rachel Brown, Lot 7, Walkerhurst subdivision, $515,000.

Cedric and Amanda Browning to David and Ashley DiDonato, Lot 300, Springfield subdivision, $275,000.

Brent and Mary Stubblefield to Daymani Fleites Alarcon and Milen Perez Gutierrez, Lot 8, Bailey’s Farm subdivision, $270,900.

Adam and Jessica Mercer to James and Samantha Knight, Lot 5, plat book 29, page 93, $419,900.

Robert and Laura Donohoe to Barry Luterek, Lot 3, Polkville Place subdivision, $395,000.

Alexander and Carli Gabbard to Jay Cardwell, Lot 8, Southfork subdivision, $211,150.

Bryan and Shanna Kozak to Jonathan Lykins, Lot 35, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $193,400.

Lovers Lane Land and Farm LLC to TNR Holdings-Bowling Green LLC, Lot 8-1-1, Mount Victor Olde Towne subdivision, $810,216.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to JLHB Capital LLC, Lot 109, South Oaks subdivision, $43,500.

Hammer Rental Homes LLC to John Mahan and Sacha D. Livers-Mahan, Lot 53, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $274,900.

Darren and Denisse Whiteside to Harry Douglas Potter II and Harry Douglas Potter, Lot 9, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $279,900.

Ivelisse and Gerald James Jr. to Baron Intermediary LLC, Lot 42-20, Paddock subdivision, $386,100.

Robert and Jacqueline Lightfoot to Nae Reh and Mem Mo, Lot 32, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $240,000.

Kevin and Bethany Croslin to Earl Sampson and Francis Clubb, Lot 20, Hunting Creek Estates, $274,900.

Mike Howe Custom Building Inc. to Fred and Barbara Wright, Lot 10, Heritage subdivision, $300,000.

Big Time Properties LLC to Armando Sebastian Sanchez, Lot 58, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $199,900.

WeRLands LLC to Ben Keown, land near William Simmons Road, $30,000.

Ara Kirby to Daniel Topp, Lot 15, Pioneer Village subdivision, $235,000.

The estate of Stacie Lanette Potter to Dameco and Mercedes Stewart, Lot 45-1, Woodstone Springs subdivision, $128,536.

Kerry Givens to Roger Gordon, Lot 21, Springhill subdivision, $80,000.

Simon Meredith to Brent and Melissa Johnson, Lot 73, Springwater subdivision, $235,000.

Judy McCoy to Jeremy and Tonia Fletcher, land near Barren River, $306,390.

David and Audra Elkins to Cy and Hillary Williams, Lot 1-1, Sherwood Manor subdivision, $265,000.

Bell Vue Properties LLC to Kristen Lopez, Lot 3, Glendell addition, $125,000.

Jason and Emily Hays to Strong Bones LLC, land on Cabell Drive, $255,000.

Roemer Real Estate Holdings LLC to Bowling Green WKU LLC, Lot 1, Richardson subdivision, $1,030,000.

Julie Fleming to Reuben Stahl, Lot 68, Jennings subdivision, $57,100.

Aaron and Courtney Davenport to Thomas and Whitney Woodall, Lots 1 and 2, Blue Level Properties subdivision, $125,000.

Carter Crossings LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lot 57, Carter Crossings subdivision, $47,900.

MB Real Estate Holdings LLC to Legacy Place Holdings LLC, Lot 42-19, The Paddock, $275,000.

Grimes P LLC to Kenneth and Sheldon Allen, Lots 3 and 4, plat book 42, page 235, $155,150.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Brett Conner and Tiffany Hohimer, Lot 37, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $259,900.

Mike and Tonya White to Alicia White, Lot 1, Idle Acres subdivision, $200,000.

Adrian Christian to Kylene Newton, land near Hwy. 526, $130,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Theresa Sauer, Lot 38, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $262,400.

Cynthia Clark to Ni Dim and Thang Hmun; and Van Dam, Lot 68, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $275,000.

Roy and Lynn Fox to Emina and Demir Nailovic, Lot 5, Plano Estates subdivision, $329,000.

The Doris Iola Thomas Revocable Trust to Billy Bell, land near Rockfield-Richpond Road and Ky. 242, $486,850.

DKTC LLC to Lloyd and Amanda Collins, Lot 65, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $188,900.

TNR Bowling Green LLC to Terranova Development Corp., Lot 16D, Eaglestone Villas Condominiums, no tax.

White Owl Ventures LLC to Ruth Gonzalez, Lot 111, Weatherstone subdivision, $199,900.

Larry and Debbie Price to Gary Price, land near Ky. 240, no tax.

Ashwood Homes Inc. to Arpad and Julie Bardos, Lot 54, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $459,900.

CAS Holdings LLC to RWAY LLC, Lot 18, Briggs addition, $74,000.

Antonio and Kristen Lopes to Harry and Jacola Deal, Lot 151, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $415,000.

Sherry and James Beck Jr. to Vicente Loera Martinez and Seleyne Loera, Lot 2, Josh and Brandi Duvall subdivision, $355,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Daniel Deberard, Lot 589, Greystone subdivision, $236,500.

Kim Oldham to Steven and Cheryl Macis, Lot 42, McCoy Place subdivision, $271,900.

Robert Wasson and Watonya Gipson to Justin and Ashton Smith, Lot 431, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $300,000.

Benjamin and Melanie Wilson to Independence Bank of Kentucky, land in plat book 43, page 271, $390,000.

Gomez Construction LLC to Edwin Efrain Gonzalez, Lot 549, Greystone subdivision, $209,900.

Larry and Kathleen Gildersleeve to Robert and Allison Siddens, land near Chestnut Street, $468,500.

MKC Properties LLC to Umesh and Daza Champaneria, Lot 154, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $82,000.

Mary and Roy Dreher to Robert Layson, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $375,000.

James and Yvonne Wilson to Corey Mahaney, land located north of the Barren River and on the waters of Sinking Creek, $250,000.

Dan Herman Feldman to Ana Cecilia Recinos, land near Glen Lily Road, $45,000.

Stephen Daniel Properties LLC to Rita and John Riley, Lot 18, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $189,900.

Kentucky Tax Exchange LLC to T. Brandon and Staci Greer, Lot 3, Roy Elmo Lee minor subdivision, $720,000.

Benjamin Chaffin to Michelle Spencer, Lot 24, Pleasant subdivision, $199,900.

Christina Robertson and David Theis to Shirley and Alice Basham, Lot 32, Melrose addition, $200,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Francisco M. Alonso-Miranda and Sharon Gail Alonso, Lot 79, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $193,250.

Norma Lyon to Norma Lyon and Marty Jones, land near S.B. Thomas Road, no tax.

Matthew and Adrian Hardy and Jeffery and Shelly Anderson to Alyson Madden, Lot 1, plat book 43, page 196, $234,000.

Scott and Megan Herrman to Michelle Cutler, Lot 196, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $305,000.

Phillip Walker and Leigh Talley to John Costa and Jessica Tutino, Lot 8, Southside Realty Co. addition, $223,000.

Robert and Allison Siddens to Jarrod and Mesa Stevens, Lot 36, Fountain Trace subdivision, $530,000.

Margie Williams to Alyssa McNeley and Matthew Woosley, Lot 458, North Ridge subdivision, $221,000.

The Joanne L. Dunklau Revocable Living Trust to Jaber Properties LLC, land near Russellville Road, $220,000.

Donald and Patricia Pohl to Jaber Properties LLC, Lot 2, plat book 32, page 113, $220,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Renaldo Domoney and Felicia Domoney, Lot 110, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Brian Newton and Ashley Boyd to Handy Homes LLC, land near Norris Road, $135,000.

Carmelo and Cristina Hernandez to Brenda and Leopold Guerrero Jr., land near Audubon Drive, $170,000.