Thomas and Diana Propst to Thomas and Tamara Hightower, Lot 7, Talbott Place, $510,500.

Teresa G. Yates Irrevocable Trust to Jill Edwards and Todd Smith, Lot 4, plat book 43, page 27, no tax.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to Thessen Concrete Contracting Inc., land near Ky. 961 and lots 4, 5, 10, 15 and 16, The Trace at Bays Fork, $430,140.

Carl and Yvonne Gay to Carl and Yvonne Gay, Lot 29, Mount Victor Gardens subdivision, no tax.

Whitney Wilcutt to Taylor Scaffe, Lot 23, Point Breeze subdivision, $217,500.

Mark and Robin Douglas to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, land near Woodburn Petros Road, $35,000.

Ray and Mary Rose to Scott and Noemi Bonham, Lot 1, RCP Thomas addition, $100,000.

Shane and Kayla Pedrick to Kelly Davis, land near Morehead Road, $145,000.

Mang Do Dal and Vum K. Cing to Salem VanEvery and Maria Magdalena VanEvery, Lot 53, Lind Cliff Meadows, $164,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joseph and Sheila Payette, Lot 239, McCoy place, $288,507.

Jack White to AWEX Properties LLC, Lot 15, plat book 3, page 91, $50,000.

629 Holdings LLC to Hudson Capital Properties LLC, land near 12th Street, $149,800.

Magnolia Hills LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., Lots 1, 22, 86-91, 100 and 105, Magnolia Hills, $380,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Robert and Rita Metz, Lot 12, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $287,900.

Jeremiah Jones to Saban Farms LLC, land near Ridge Road, $215,000.

Right Angle Studio LLC to Reeun N. Perez and Misha Dela Cruz Perez, Lot 8, Plano Estates, $312,500.

Christopher and Heidi Royse to Elaine Marcello, Lot 1, Billy Webb Hydro Pondsville subdivision, $185,000.

Mark and Stephany Carter to Eric Skaggs, Lot 32, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $198,000.

Thomas and Judith Hunt to Warren County Board of Education, Lot 2, plat book 43, page 194, no tax.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 43, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,500.

Mark Lowry to Jonathan and Melinda Smith, Lot 2, minor plat book 20, page 163, $270,000.

Stephen and Vickie Groce to Edgewater Rentals LLC, land near Barren River, $100,000.

Tyler White to Dean A. Stecher Trust, Lot 302, Hillwood Estates, $220,000.

Lisa Fernandez to Osmany Portales Chile and Claudia Solis Gonzalez, Lot 3, Gatewood subdivision, $121,000.

Donald and Judith Wilson; Mary Wilson; James Wilson; Beverly Young; Bobby and Sharon Wilson; and Marilyn Givens to Mary Wilson, Lot 2, Wilson Family property subdivision, $173,745.

Stagecoach Springs Farms, acting by and through its partners, Donald and Judith Wilson; Mary Wilson; James Wilson; Beverly Young; Bobby and Sharon Wilson; and Marilyn Givens to Mary Wilson, Lot 2, James C. Wilson Estate subdivision and land in plat book 42, pages 440-443, $157,955.

LNW Properties Inc. to Mayes & Mayes Holding LLC, Lot 3, minor plat book 23, page 188, $1,400,000.

April and Rance Lewis to Brianne Pope, Lot 57, Coalition Estates, $172,000.

Steven and Kathryn Oliver Revocable Trust Agreement to Susan Lewis, Lot 16, Collettview subdivision, $182,000.

Barry and Cindy Woosley to J.D. and Angela Shoulders, Lot 94-1, Ridgewood Estates, no tax.

J.D. and Angela Shoulders to Thomas and Diana Propst, Lot 89, Ridgewood Estates, $381,000.

Samuel and Whitney Tallent to Greg and Kathy Lucas, tract 8-2, plat book 36, page 3, $50,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Cornerstone Construction LLP, Lots 221 and 243, McCoy Place, $105,000.

DBR Holdings LLC to Ashby Holdings LLC, Lots 99 and 100, Stonehenge, $400,000.

Matthew Henriksen to Bradley Daughenbaugh, Lot 3, Cool Spring Farms subdivision, $225,000.

Zlato Basic and Senka Omerdic Basic to Mira and Ivica Vidakovic and Vedrana Weaver, Lot 100, Greystone subdivision, $180,000.

Nicholas and Emily Speer to Sylvia Greer, Lot 12, Gay Lynn Acres, $125,000.

Sandra Beckner to Thomas and Nora Buttram; David Buttram; and Michael Buttram, tracts 5-10, Katie Mae Garner subdivision, $132,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Freddie and Melissa Mitchell, land near Upper Iron Bridge Road and Lot 4, minor subdivision of Jack Tibbs property, $155,000.

Jeff and Frances Keyes to Leoncio Martinez-Cortez and Amber Martinez, Lot 32, Drakesborough Inc., $260,000.

Donald and Kimberly Singleton to Rhea Properties LLC, Lot 3, Creekwood subdivision, $81,000.

Martha and Leonard Cialona to Jimmi Pham and Hien Phung, Lot 53, Stonehenge subdivision, $150,000.

Biggs Real Estate LLC to Aceland Holdings LLC, Lot 38, Parkview addition, $147,000.

Jimmy Matthews to Santos Obdulio Pena Rivas and Maria Haydee De Rivas Menjivar, Lot 7, Potter subdivision, $40,000.

Hanna Rhea Forrest Graham Trust to James and Morgan Bryant, Lot 295, Park Hills subdivision, $155,000.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to Jeff and Anita Merriss, Lots 24 and 26, Trace at Bays Fork subdivision, $65,000.

Sweets Design Build Inc. to Almedina Halilovic, Lot 107, Brentwood Place, $185,000.

Crabbe Homes to Susan Doggette, Lot 99, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $49,000.

Somsy and Phuangphet Manivong to Lian Luai Thang and Khin Po Po, Lot 67, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $229,000.

Lian Luai Thang and Khin Po Po and Za Hmung and Sui Dar to Soe Reh and Paw Meh, Lot 19, Springhurst, $210,000.

Olivia and Joshua Payne to Jordan Taylor and Sara Rogers, Lot 9, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shields subdivision, $165,000.

Paul Rucker to James Pedigo, Lot 83, Riverbend Landing subdivision, $125,000.

J&T Property Management Inc. to Sandra Gomez and Maria and Jose Gomez, Lot 19, Kitchens & Reeves subdivision, $102,000.

Teresa Yates Irrevocable Trust to Elkins Dairy LLC, Lots 1, 2 and 3, Teresa G. Yates property, $106,700.

Nancy Green Revocable Trust to Elkins Dairy LLC, Lots 1-9, Nancy C. Green Revocable Trust, $535,000.

Hometown Properties LLC to Big Dog Investments LLC, land near Porter Pike, $75,000.

Velda Rose to Ai M. Thang, Lot 12, Jaggers subdivision, $189,500.

Steven and Anna Dennehy to Yoser and Ari Alhasan, Lot 26, Coppertree subdivision, $70,000.

Benjamin and Rayanne Bryant and Pamela and Melvin Bryant to Bertel & Sons LLC, Lot 348, Greystone subdivision, $156,500.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Dzenita and Sakib Kukolj, Lot 50, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $190,000.


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