Brad Knee Builders LLC to Martha and Alejandro Ayala, Lot 501, North Ridge subdivision, $170,900.

Eric and Laurie Cole to Jolinda Diaz Soto, Lot 3, minor plat book 21, page 4, $207,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Cook Property Management LLC, Lot 36, Hunters Gate Estates, $25,000.

Ethan and Brooke Shutt to Kevin and Leigh Ann Holt, Lot 61, Robert Loving subdivision, $180,000.

Luvica and Joshua Thomas to Joshua and Pamilla Borne, Lot 1, Red Cedar subdivision, $350,000.

Wilma Pauline Cunningham Revocable Trust to Selva Calderon, Lot 14, Hemlock Heights, $223,525.

Deborah and David Miles; Richard and Tammy Lawrence; and Sarah and Brad Hogue to Daniel Cooke and Shannon Guess, land near Kirby Street, $45,000.

Nichols Properties LLC to Sam Thi Nguyen, Lot 4, Avalon Place, $250,000.

Billy and Angela Miller to Steven and Ashley Bean, Lot 23, Northgate Country Estates, $188,500.

Susan Livesay to Donna Kanaly, Lot 36, M.C. Hinton subdivision, no tax.

Joseph Libordi and Molly Freeman to Paul and Amy Lancette, land near Galloways Mill Road, $18,500.

Daniel and Seantylle Boden to Jeffrey and Donna Asadorian, Lot 47, Stone Crest subdivision, $198,500.

Stephen and Rebekah Russell to Jonathan Pellegrino and Emily-Kaye Smith, Lot 44, Chenoweth subdivision, $220,000.

Mary Britt; Johnny and Sarah Britt; Martha and Ernest Boards; Nannie Britt Cook; Jerry Britt; Gertrude Britt Smith; Scott Alexander Britt Jr.; Anna and David Barbee; Marcus and Wanda Britt; Clinton and Kathy Britt; Yolanda and Howard Marks; Conchata Britt; Devan Byrd; Paige Byrd; and Faith Byrd; to James E. Cook, Lot 4, minor plat book 25, page 200, $4,000.

Yoo T. Suh to David and Melissa Zimmer, Lot 61, Talbott Place, $425,000.

Stephen and Tonya Chaffin to The H. and J. Malloy Trust, Lot 13, Enclave at Fordes Crossing subdivision, $465,000.

G Stone Properties LLC to Mary Ann Fondren, building 5, unit 501, Indian Ridge subdivision, $169,900.

German America Bank to Marquee Broadcasting Kentucky Inc., land near Chestnut Street, $600,000.

Susan and Darrell Traughber to Martha Graves, Lots 32 and 33, Woodlands subdivision, $129,000.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to BCTA Properties LLC, Lots 17, 18 and 33, Trace at Bays Fork, $68,480.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Curtis and Nancye Kidd, Lot 10, North Ridge, $153,900.

Stephen and Tonya Chaffin to Eric and Laurie Cole, Lot 3, Wilton D. Pace property, $260,000.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to Chanthom Builders LLC, Lots 8, 34 and 36, Trace at Bays Fork, $57,570.

David Monroe to Thong Tin Sui and Niang K. Lun, Lot 9, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $175,500.

Angela Hewitt and Eddie Neal to Joseph Diemer, Lot 1-2, Neal Turner subdivision, no tax.

J. Harlow Properties LLC to Leon Adams, Lot 1-3, plat book 38, page 137, $26,000.

Dean and Anne Jordan to Jason and Kara Neidell, Lot 57, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $415,000.

Jason and Kara Neidell to Lori and Travis Humbert, Lot 272, Hunters Crossing, $347,500.

Robert and Kylie Whitlock to Taylor and Brandon Carter, Lot 387, Greystone subdivision, $215,000.

Estate of Norman Mattingly to Michael and Meredith Loafman, Lot 1, Norman Mattingly property subdivision, $112,350.

Patricia Gilmer to Donald and Lory Shepherd, Lot 81, Greystone subdivision, $179,900.

GMV Properties LLC to Brooke and Spencer Cassady, Lot 522, North Ridge subdivision, $170,000.

Preston and Sheila Simmons to Jeffrey and Julia Altfillisch, Lot 83, Fountain Trace subdivision, $495,000.

Gregory Foster and April Foster to Gregory Foster and April Foster, land near Porter Thornton Road, no tax.

Travis and Lori Humbert to Donna Clendenin and Suzine and Bobby Dodd, Lot 239, Springfield subdivision, $241,599.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Theodore and Karen Hunsanger, Lot 14, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $275,520.

Martha Vaught to David Lewis, Lot 38, Shamrock Acres subdivision, $197,500.

Eric Lebryk to Gary and Michelle Chrnko, Lot 185, North Ridge subdivision, $153,500.

Summit Partners Inc. to John and Alicia Sells, Lot 229, Summit subdivision, $59,900.

Larry Davis Sr. to Larry Davis Sr., Lot 1, minor plat book 25, page 171, no tax.

David and Benita Green to Louisville Road Mini Storage Inc., land near Carter Road, $88,810.

David and Sheri Clarke to Melanie and Matthew Cook, Lot 2, Hillview addition, $559,000.

Alexander and Vanessa Ulm to AV Realty LLC, Lot 50, East End addition, no tax.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Joseph Ignacio, Lot 525, North Ridge subdivision, $154,900.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to Thomas Hunt, Lot 32, Trace at Bays Fork, $17,120.

Crabbe Homes to Nickolas and Sarah Conder, Lot 7, Weatherstone subdivision, $219,900.

Sandra Beckner to Hermie and Sharon Stith, Lot 1, Doug Reed minor subdivision, $134,750.

Amanda London to Christina Trehern and Kendall Baker, Lot 188, Park Hills subdivision, $150,000.

Barry Vinsant to Philip and Janet Stephens, Lot 14, Trammel Creek subdivision, $65,000.

Cook and Davenport LLC to Elfega Rodriguez, Lot 27, Hillview Mills subdivision, $35,000.

Shelley Cherry to Shelley Cherry, Kathie Hendrick and Ella Wolford, land near Penns Chapel Highway, no tax.

Barbara and Kenneth Burch to Patricia Weisman and Seth Weisman, Lot 391, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $219,500.

Gary and Pam Perkins to Chancelin and Leia Martin, Lot 97, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $280,000.

Andreda Burke to Edwin Vicente, Lot 96, Deer Park subdivision, $139,000.

Sedzida Cerimovic to Khee Reh, Lot 129, Springfield subdivision, $213,000.

Michael Wade and Rebecca and Jim Callaway to Joshua Hewett-Ball and Elizabeth Caudill, land near Richardsville Pike, $60,000.

Alaa Tlais and Riyam Alnajjar to 248 Holdings LLC, Lot 65, Crossridge subdivision, $320,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Western Homes LLC, Lot 206, McCoy Place, $52,500.

Camilla Ferguson to Man Cing and Nau Khai, Lot 148, Moss Meadows major subdivision, $155,000.

Judy McCoy to Michele Smith Koontz, Alannah Whitney Robertson, Todd McCoy Smith and Judy McCoy, land on the north side of Barren River, $5,850.

Judy McCoy to Michele Smith Koontz, Alannah Whitney Robertson, Todd McCoy Smith and Judy McCoy, Unit 2A. Greens at Hartland, $6,000.


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