Patrick Lee Hester to Nhon Nguyen and Tuyen Trinh, Lot 18, Hunting Creek Estates, $227,500.

Terry Grimes and Melissa Marsch-Grimes, Lot 131, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $350,000.

Billie Cleary to Ryan Huck and Steven Huck, Lot 7, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $324,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to Francisco Flores, Lot 28, Autumn View subdivision, $225,000.

Terry and Sherry Zabel to Alexis Savage, Lot 135, Cedar Grove subdivision, $109,000.

Prestige Worldwide HC LLC to KLE Construction LLC, Lot 211, Summit subdivision, $59,900.

Melanie and Eugene Shy to Melanie and Eugene Shy, land near Mohawk Drive, no tax.

Debra L. Broz to Kelcey and Emily Rock, land near Greenhill Bays Fork Road, $540,350.

Michael and Glenda Blankenship to Michael and Glenda Blankenship, Lot 17, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, no tax.

The White Restated Revocable Trust to Joshua and Lindsey Marson, Tract 1 (land near Smith Lane and Euclid Avenue); and Tract 2 (Lot 81-1, Hartland subdivision), $500,000.

Joshua and Lindsey Marson to Angela Fernandez, Lot 67, Greenbriar Acres subdivision, $233,500.

Candy Hardiman to Ashwood Homes Inc., Lot 43, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $62,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Ashwood Homes Inc., Lot 72, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Bobby and Barbara Saylors to Kristie and Robert Lee, land near Three Forks Flatrock Road, $300,000.

Sweets Design Build Inc. to Jacob and Ashlie Gaddie, Lot 245, McCoy Place subdivision, $339,635.

I-10 Holdings LLC to Michael Kevin Maddox, land near Bowling Green and Scottsville Pike, no tax.

Vision Beverage Corp. Inc. to DBR Holdings LLC, land near Adams Street and 10th Avenue, $1,150,000.

Jefferson Vimont Layson III to Jacon Brickler, Lot 9, Sherwood Forest subdivision, $12,500.

Glaydelle Rice Revocable Trust to Greg and Robin Shea, Lot 12, plat book 44, page 392, $123,050.

BG Constructors LLC to Jiles and Angela Ritchie, Lot 43, Heritage subdivision, $270,000.

Kimberly Tompkins to Jessica Williams, Lot 1, John Clifford plat, $170,900.

Summit Partners Inc. to Prestige Worldwide HC LLC, Lot 213, Summit subdivision, $55,000.

C Trace Flex LLC to N-K Liquors Inc., Unit 106, Cumberland Trace Village subdivision, $312,600.

Manohar and Nisha Bhojwani to Bowling Green Concrete LLC, Lot 64, Charleston Place subdivision, $235,000.

Clay and Jennifer Perkinson to Rick and Cherie Cothern, Lot 8, Foxmoor subdivision, $500,000.

Shirley and Alice Basham to Steven and Shelley Arndell, land near Martinsville Road and Claypool Boyce Road, $160,000.

Khua Uk Hmun and Ngun Cer Cin to Fam T. Nen and Ram Bawi, Lot 55, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $240,000.

Michael and Natalie London to James and Jessica Davenport, Lot 1, minor plat book 18, page 114, $590,000.

Fairview Avenue Properties LLC to Brent and Jill Austin, Lot 10, Burr Oaks subdivision, $95,000.

Khua Uk Hmun and Ngun Cer Cin to Fam T Nen and Ram Bawi, Lot 55, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $240,000.

Jerry Earnhart to Sum Piang and Zel Lam Cing Nguite, Lot 92, Springfield subdivision, $235,900.

Fairview Avenue Properties LLC to Brent and Jill Austin, Lot 10, Burr Oaks subdivision, $95,000.

Estate of Cora Jane Morningstar Spiller to Jarad Spinks, land near Oakland Pike, $750,000.

Tracy and Todd Moser to Crece LLC, Lot 10, Cumberland Estates subdivision, $240,000.

Ryan and Stephanie Wiesemann to Gregg and Tonya Nicks, Lot 26-4, Hartland subdivision, $350,000.

David Hinchman to Michael and Lisa Logan, Lot 93, Hunter’s Crossing subdivision, $260,000.

South Glen Properties LLC to Tony Henon Construction Inc., Lot 185, South Glen Gables subdivision, $60,000.

The Amended Paul Nelson McGown Revocable Living Trust to Champs Auto Care & Tire Center LLC, Lots 80-82, Farmers Investment Co. Inc., $1,300,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Steven and Kayleigh Bitowf, Lot 121, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $196,250.

Yosvani A. Sanchez Gonzalez and Ileana M. Diaz Sanchez to Jose Carlos Alvarez Alarcon, Lot 99, Jennings Mill subdivision, $135,000.

Matt and Lisa Beck to Keith Owens, Lot 5, Mount Pleasant Heights subdivision, $390,000.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Ronald and Jamie Ryne, Lot 125, Weatherstone subdivision, $205,900.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Nermin and Alma Arnautovic, Lot 17, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $299,900.

Michael and Mindy Hayes to Mitch and Pamela Cybulski, Lot 1, Johnie and Charlene Ford property, $240,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Adel and Emira Ramic, Lot 606, Greystone subdivision, $238,000.

William Wentzel to John and Reagan Yoakem, Lot 10, plat book 44, page 380, $370,000.

Willa Mae Bonds to Aurora LLC, Lot 10-2, Payne & Dulaney subdivision, $25,000.

James Cook & Associates LLC to Brian Belcher, Lot 269, McCoy Place subdivision, $297,500.

Gregg and Tonya Nicks to Clay and Jennifer Perkinson, Lot 91, Talbott Place subdivision, $725,000.

Stewart and April McNaughton to Michael and Tracey Dean, Lot 244, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $431,500.

Brett and Amelia Niles to Nicholas and Mayra Wager, Lot 2, Deerwood Estate subdivision, $585,000.

Tyler and Kelly Smith to Cynthia McCann, Lot 199, North Ridge subdivision, $219,900.

Auction Concepts USA Inc. d/b/a Innovatas Construction Group to Tyler and Kelly Smith, Lot 18, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $333,000.

223 Hillwood Drive Bowling Green Kentucky Trust to Jackie and Anita Beck, Lot 26, Hillwood Estates subdivision, $180,000.

Barry and Stephanie Dye to Jamie Vincent, land near Broadway Street in Smiths Grove, $285,000.

Southern Comfort Apartments LLC to NK Holdings LLC, Lots 2 and 2-1, Key Stop Inc., $710,000.

Jean Rolon to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 4, Green Meadows subdivision, $105,000.

Deborah Pennington to Block Capital LLC, Lot 478, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $258,940.

Arrowpoint Investments LLC to Trae Hill Enterprises Inc., Lot 11-4, Units 111-114, Destiny Place Office Condominiums, $605,000.

William Schafer to William Schafer and Brittany Coomer, land near U.S. 231, no tax.

Margie Duvall; Jimmy and Sandra Cooke; Scott and Shaye Duvall; and Steven Duvall to Margie Duvall, land near Glasgow Road, no tax.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jeffrey and Lisa Livers, Lot 119, Stagner Farm subdivision, $429,900.

Johnny Urban to Nijaz and Milka Kusturica, Lot 27, Shaker Mill Bend subdivision, $47,000.

Robert and Patricia Marlette to Todd and Tracy Moser, land near Martinsville Road, $350,000.

Robert and Penny Warwick to Elijah Properties LLC, Lot 53, Plano Estates, $245,000.

JW3 Investments LLC to Beltran Properties LLC, Lot 12, Bob Hunt Addition No. 1, $135,000.

The estate of Calvin E. Hudson to David D. Smith, Lot 12, River Aire Resort, $150,000.

The Lowell T. Davis and/or Ina D. Davis Revocable Living Trust to Denali Capital LLC, Lot 15, M.C. Hinton subdivision, $100,000.

Za Hor Din and Mahei Ra to Maung Maung, Lot 151, Springhill subdivision, $170,000.

Linda Spoonamore to BG-KY Investments LLC, Lot 28-18, North Mill Village, $75,000.

A.M. Builders LLC to Brennan Wilkinson and Maura Rippy, Lot 4-2, plat book 44, page 145, $259,900.

Tybee Capital LLC to Fillman Holdings LLC, land near Stubbins Street, $99,900.

TMAG Properties LLC to Joshua and Maryann Mezenen, Lot 561, North Ridge subdivision, $224,900.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Elite Builders LLC, Lot 84, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Prestige Worldwide HC LLC to Anthony and Holly Wilson, Lot 224, Summit subdivision, $58,000.

Michael and Glenda Howell to A Himalaya KY MB LLC, Lot 6, Shive Lane Industrial Park subdivision, $1,550,000.

Craig Taylor to Shawn and Bobbie Wettstein, land near College Street in Smiths Grove, $40,000.

Edwin and Edna Miller to Sheilia Brooks, land near Russellville Road, no tax.

Billy and Reva Phelps to James and Lynne Croxton, Lot 56, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $446,000.

David and Mary Joy Springob to Hayden and Stephanie Young, Lot 108, Drakesboro subdivision, $520,500.

West Haven Properties LLC to Warren County Water District, Lot 19-1, Bogle Farm subdivision, no tax.

Gary and Carolyn Glass to Gary and Angela Groce, land near Graham Street, $175,000.

Darren and Trish Self to David and Amanda Smay, Lot 7, minor plat book 1, page 142, $180,000.

Timothy and Melissa Whitaker to Damon and Kesha Hall, Lot 140, Park Hills subdivision, $199,000.

TB Ventures LLC to Mieten LLC, Lots 9 and 10, 19th Street Lots, $56,000.

Kevin Burner to Stephen and Joye Rowland, Lot 30, Stone Bluff subdivision, $950,000.

James and Jill Brown to PRPG – 1303 College Street LLC, land near College Street, $325,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Summer and Zane Nevins, Lot 29, Spring Lakes subdivision, $236,900.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Rod and Amanda Shaw, Lot 3-58, Olde Stone subdivision, $100,000.

Martha Huddleston and Thomas Huddleston to Robbie Johnson, Lot 3 Heard & Tabor minor subdivision, $125,000.

Prestige Worldwide HC LLC to AMA Investments Inc., Lot 225, Summit subdivision, $58,000.

Gina and Stephen Stoll to Christopher Morrison, Lot 539, Greystone subdivision, $258,000.

Charles and Melanie Thompson to Kenyatta Williams, Lot 476, Greystone subdivision, $252,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Travis and Haley Harper, Lot 33, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $319,900.

Richard and Susan Hansen to George and June Bunton, Lot 39, Parkway Villa subdivision, $298,000.

Christopher and Nicole Guthrie to Nicholas and Lindsay Phelps, Lot 105, Crossridge subdivision, $429,000.

Providence Homes KY LLC to Scott and Sarah Hansen, Lot 5, Winston Place subdivision, $687,000.

Blake Settle to Cin Pui and Hau Lian Cing, Lot 24, Springhurst subdivision, $254,000.

The estate of Kenneth F. Royse to Ezra Pan and Nant Thiri Thandar Htay, Lot 32, Wesley Estates, $245,000.

Michael and Sherry Williams to John and JoAnne Blair Starks, Lot 3, Shultz property subdivision, $424,900.

Sara and Terry Minton to Dathan Cofer, Lot 24, Bailey’s Farm subdivision, $259,900.

BLC Group LLC to JJP Investments LLC, Lot 4, Edna Polston minor subdivision, $155,000.

Larry and Esther Jamison to Humble Real Estate LLC, Lot 16, Samuel T. Rabold subdivision, $40,000.

Ronnie and Nancy Pittman to Vernon and Andrea Tichenor, Lot 48, McLellan Farms subdivision, $359,000.

Mendenhall Family Trust, UTD to Joy and Autumn Cardwell, Lots 4 and 5, Parker Bennett School subdivision, $575,000.

David Bridgwater to Lourdes Z. Lovos Iraheta, Property 1 (Lot 5, Fisher Farm subdivision); Property 2 (Lot 5, Fisher Farm subdivision); and Property 3 (land near Ky. 526), $195,000.

Mary and Eric Soister to Mary and Eric Soister, Lot 192, Briarwood Manor Extended subdivision, no tax.

Kenyatta Williams to Davonta Bryant, Lot 15, Green Meadows subdivision, $145,000.

Jacob and Abbie Smith to Gina Stoll, Lot 6-1, Lois Smith Estates, $375,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Novo Capital LLC, Lot 91, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $195,900.

Garrett and Cynthia Aune to Ko and Lu Meh, Lot 190, Greystone subdivision, $245,000.

Brian and Hope Hoffman to CSN Enterprises LLC, Lot 1, Alexander Family Trust subdivision, $30,000.

Larry Wells to John and Kimberlee Spencer, Lot 1, Wildwood Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Bobby and Sharon Wilson to Mike Hymer, land near Scottsville Road, $1,050,000.

Nola Mills; Shirley Mills; Don Mills; and Larry Mills to Eric and Carrie Mills, tract 1-1, Connie and Nola Mae Mills property subdivision, $50,000.

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