Douglas and Ann Pollard to Jeffrey and Marsha Blevins, Lot 61, Hillview Mills subdivision, $230,000.

The estate of Eleanor Hunton to Siegert Properties LLC, Lot 31, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $225,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 182, McKinney Farms subdivision, $38,900.

Mark and Evelyn Thrasher to Carol Leibl, Lot 72, McCoy Place subdivision, $250,000.

Walter and Patsy Wagoner to Bryan and Amanda Heidenreich, Lot 170, McCoy Place, $302,500.

Don Spear to Justin Stinnett, Lot 1, minor subdivision plat book 20, page 49, $109,900.

Thomas and Karen Furgal to Zheng Cao, Lot 28, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $342,000.

Sandra Dickens to Sandra Dickens, land near Kirby Street, no tax.

Michael and Gina Roebuck to Jon and Katherine Tolbert, Lot 17, Fox Run Trail subdivision, $190,000.

Cathy Forbis to Barry Cummings Enterprises LLC, Lots 138, 168, 168-1, 168-2, 168-3, Whispering Hills subdivision, $305,000.

Matthew and Kenna Pendel to George Bozak and Jessica Fowler, Lot 3, Ralph K. Everett minor subdivision, $143,000.

Christopher and Meagan James to Evelyn and Mark Thrasher, Lot 137, Hidden River Estates, $415,000.

Burrell Properties LLC to Shawn and Tuesdi Helbig, Lot 7, Bob Hunt addition No. 2, $135,000.

Amber Wilkerson to Marsha Corn, Lot 80, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $145,000.

Lana Sahanic and Robert Brooks and Maja and Ross Gammons to Jose and Hannah Barahona, Lot 312, Southmeade Estates, $115,000.

Donna and William Brown IV to Bradie Huffman, Lot 22, September Lakes subdivision, $816,000.

Robert and Beverly Fleenor and Kyle Fleenor to Tin Cup Properties LLC, land near Barclay Court, no tax.

Robert and Beverly Fleenor to RBK Properties LLC, land near Beech Bend Road, no tax.

Danny and Peggy McDonald to Aaron Gabbard, Lot 31, Suburbanite Heights subdivision, $140,000.

Ryan and Hillary Brooking to Adam Buckler and Madison Sedam, Lot 4, Mark IV subdivision, $100,000.

Estate of Claudia Fuess to John and Laura Haury, land near Covington Avenue, no tax.

Penny and Donald Turner to Corner Lot Holdings LLC, Lot 4 Charles Moore subdivision, $100,000.

Desiree Feese to Michael and Gina Roebuck, Lot 189, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $278,000.

The Neil E. Shields and Helen S. Shields Revocable Trust to Frank and Patti Brockman, Lot 177, section G, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $255,000.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Tim Page, Lot 55, The Heritage subdivision, $90,000.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Hatbro LLC, land near State Street, $240,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC, Lot 179, McKinney Farms subdivision, $37,900.

Eric and Gabrielle Madison to Brian Doolin, land near Clark Street in Woodburn, $220,000.

Southern Comfort Apartments LLC to WHW V Properties LLC, Lots 6 and 8, Kelly Heights subdivision, $318,000.

Southern Comfort Apartments to Chase Property Investments LLC, Lots 345 and 345-1, Southmeade Estates subdivision, $318,000.

Brian Utley to John and Laura Curd, Lots 5 and 6, Nealwood addition, $112,000.

Spring Lakes LLC to Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace, Lots 1-4, 17, 18, 83-90, 97-104, 107-109, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision revision, $1,000,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Jacob and Mary Pippin, Lot 59, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision $300,000.

Victoria and Kenneth Snarr to Jacob and Jenna Fullenwider, Lot 108, McCoy Place subdivision $299,950.

Luke and Melissa Hayter to Ananias and Maria Aguilar, Lot 359, North Ridge subdivision, $165,000.

The estate of Freida Creek to Larry Gravil, Lot 9, Kinser Heights subdivision, $130,000.

Matthew and Marissa Mayo to RMC Holdings LLC, Lot 3, McKinney Farms subdivision, $155,000.

Rachel Brianne Murphy to Jon Floyd, Lot 234, North Ridge subdivision, $140,000.

James Walden to Sevenplus LLC, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $449,999.

R3J Enterprises LLC to Kevin Montoya and Mujic Mujic, Lot 229, Deer Park subdivision, $148,000.

Keith and Diana Tuck to Veldin and Venesa Kudic, Lot 14, Stagecoach Springs, $372,000.

Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc. to Joseph Anderson, Lot 13, Weatherstone subdivision, $197,000.

RMC Holdings LLC to Matthew and Marissa Mayo, Lot 4, Donald and Lela Smith subdivision, $281,000.

Raul and Anne Padilla and Raul and Anne Padilla Family Trust to Raul and Anne Padilla, Lot 172, Shawnee Estates, no tax.

SCL Consulting LLC to Ryan Murray, Lot 48, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $292,000.

Gary Bridges to Kristi Leggett, Lot 34, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $367,875.

David and Linda Howlett and Jane and Roger Clark to Home Maintenance Solutions Inc., Lot 14, Pioneer Village subdivision, $22,500.

Jonathan and Sarah Westmoreland to Holly Irwin and Christopher Valentine, Lot 120, Coalition Estates, $179,900.

Mark Capps to Terry and Amanda Goettsch, Lot 523, Briarwood Manor, $340,000.