Dale and Mary Ellen Henson and Todd and Denise Henson to Megan and Nicholas Lannert II, Lot 192, McCoy Place, $289,900.

Danny and Kelli Merideth to Danny and Kelli Merideth, Lot 10, Melody Acres subdivision, no tax.

Lester Rogers and Patty Hunley to Lester Rogers and Patty Hunley, Lot 91, Shawnee Estates, no tax.

Alfred and Ada Moses and Mitchell and Lola Moses to Country Ham Properties LLC, land near State and Fourth streets, $69,000.

Keystone Partners LLC to Marsha and Ronald Pontrich Sr., Lot 81, Plano Estates subdivision, $239,900.

Jason and Dena Mills to Ashley Bray, Lot 12, plat book 21, page 148, $147,000.

Cynthia and Michael Fondren to Alex Hellein, Lot 11, Lashlee Meadows subdivision, $208,000.

Harlan Construction Inc. to Alexander and Doris Poole, Lot 13, Matlock Farms subdivision, $519,900.

Paul and Tina Daugherty to Dennis Story, land near Bill Dedmon Road, $102,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Larry and Felita Little, Lot 18, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $278,419.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to Danny and Darrell Oliver, land near Hugh Carter Road, $235,400.

TBM Partners LLC to Sean Paul Johnson, Lots 7-9, Helen Thornton Estates subdivision, $268,500.

William and Constance Laffin to Aaron and Taylor Duncan, Lot 30, Peachtree Valley subdivision, $194,000.

Juanita Gill to Genaro Torres Hernandez, Lot 75-1-6, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $196,500.

Roger and Betty Pennington to Kelly and Jackie Morgan, land near Campbell Road, $30,000.

Michael Whitlock and Shaunte Newby to Brandon and Lydia Gilliam, Lot 110, Greystone subdivision, $125,000.

GC Land Development to Crabbe Homes, Lot 89, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Bradley and Kelly Zachary to Michelle Kolb, Lot 7, plat book 37, page 19, $220,000.

Susann Wilson and James Butler to The Inter-Modal Transportation Authority Inc., land near Mizpah Road and Commonwealth Blvd., no tax.

J. Trapper Construction LLC to Senka Basic, Lot 78, McLellan Farms, $407,000.

Luke and Kim Williams to Juana Moreno and Maibelline Reyes, Lot 44, Winfield Acres, $109,596.

Mervin and Leora Overholt to Alison Mary Saltzman, Lot 24, Kingston Pointe, $227,000.

David and Gloria Manfredonia to Brad Knee Builders LLC, Lot 320, North Ridge, $20,000.

Cruz Luna to Cruz Luna and Guadalupe Anguiano De Luna, land near Beauty Avenue, no tax.

J.D. Howell to Osama Mansour, Lot 98, Bailey’s Farm, $229,900.

Michael and Cynthia Howe to Victor and Tarsis Hicks, Lot 224, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $339,900.

Ryan and Kaitlyn Hammer to Mark and Janie Pitcock, Lot 15, Coalition Estates, $167,500.

Desert Sunrise Property and Management LLC to Nathanael and Brandie Carter, Lot 10, Serenity Estates subdivision, $264,000.

Abdelaati and Bridget Kaiaa to Kaiaa LLC, Lot 98, Crestmoor, no tax.

Dean Wegley to Henry and Janet Ausbrooks, Lot 23, Indian Ridge subdivision, $305,000.

Ashley Medical LLC to Nagy Hassan Morsi, Lot 3-4, Ford Commercial subdivision, $750,001.

Bryan and Julie Groce to Susann Wilson, land near Ben Thomas Road, $2,850,000.

G Stone Properties LLC to Indian Ridge Condominium Owners Association Inc., all units in Building 5, Indian Ridge, no tax.

Sarah Humphreys to Mark Meredith, Lot 20, McKinney Farms subdivision, $177,000.

Bray Electrical Services Inc. to Michael and Tory Deel, land near Barren River Road, $60,000.

Western Homes LLC to Michael and Dana Bartley, Lot 557, Greystone subdivision, $204,750.

Bradley and Ann Wyatt to Nicholas and Patricia Goley, Lot 1, plat book 39, page 288, $465,000.

Melissa Glass to Reuben and Emma Gingerich, Lot 1, plat book 38, page 139, $95,000.

Fairview Avenue Properties LLC to Harold and Gail McGuffey, Lot 12, Burr Oaks subdivision, $121,500.

Robert and Phyllis Mallory to Phyllis Mallory, Lot 207, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, no tax.

Zachary and Lacey Walcher to Nancy Walcher, land near Boat Dock Lane, no tax.

Andrew and Kathryn Rash to Jennifer Oaks, Lot 2-1, Pine Grove subdivision, $249,000.

Ashley DeJarnette and Bridget Frailley to Jocelin Gabriela Ortega and Adalberto Josias Lovo, Lot 28, Deer Park Estates subdivision, $190,000.

George and Lois Sweatt to Nicholas Anderson, Lot 2, plat book 41, page 152, no tax.

Michael Heflin to Joyce and Gene Reinholds, Lot 421, Hidden River subdivision, $299,900.

Barry Nelson and Kim Higgins to Michael and Danielle Wheeler, Lot 6, Rolling Hills subdivision, $90,000.

Barry Nelson and Kim Higgins to Danny and Laura Oliver, Lot 5, Rolling Hills subdivision, $90,000.

James Gomez and Iveth Zavala to Jaber Properties LLC, Lot 6, plat book 3, page 82, $140,000.

Gomez Construction LLC to Jaber Properties LLC, Lot 209, Deer Park subdivision, $159,000.

Victorea Luminary to Thawng Sum and Vung Lun, Lot 34, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $130,000.

Jordan Beavers to Gin Za Kham and Sau Sau, Lot 36, Springhurst, $200,000.

Wesal H. Muhi and Sami H. Qidan, Mohammad Hamoudi and Nagwan Talib Saleh and Noor Hamoudi to Bikeombe Panda and Naba Makiambe, Lot 90, Shawnee Estates, $179,000.

Glendal and Sherry Boone to Michael and Shelby Wilson, Lot 65, Stone Crest subdivision, $216,500.

Peggy and James Wallace II to Eric and Laura Aldridge, tract 1, plat book 34, page 44, $65,000.

GMV Properties LLC to Senaid Hajdarevic, Lot 518, North Ridge subdivision, $164,850.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Rachel and Foster Buchanan, Lot 107, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $247,750.

Jocelin Ortega and Josias Lovo to Austin Taylor, Lot 104, Cedar Grove subdivision, $110,000.

TWC Development LLC to Elmer Echeverria Sr. and Gloria Huezo Alvarado, Lot 45, plat book 13, page 39, $115,900.

The Trace at Bays Fork Ltd. to JECS Properties LLC, land near Bays Fork Creek; land in deed book 720, page 326; and land in deed book 1197, page 60, no tax.

Aaron Embry to Jessie and Gary Nash, Lot 92, McKinney Farms subdivision, $230,000.

M&H Williams LLC to Thurman and Elizabeth Davis, Lot 47, Woodland Station subdivision, $165,000.

Robin Nickolakakos to Van Ceu and Nu Rial, Lot 67, Bailey’s Farm, $230,000.


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