Jerry and Martha Wright to Jason and Annie Gregory, Lot 21, Winfield Acres subdivision, $158,500.

Kendal and Heather Diaz to Troy and Rita Leming, Lot 22, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property, $312,500.

Newman Industrial Holdings LLC to Lee Masonry Products Inc., land near Dishman Mill Road, $1,100,000.

Richard N. Wilson to Richard N. Wilson Trust, land near Needmore Clifty Road, no tax.

Linda and Alan Jenkins to Cindy Ehresman, Lot 2, Ehresman Farm subdivision, no tax.

Cindy Ehresman to Linda and Alan Jenkins, Lot 1, Ehresman Farm subdivision, no tax.

Quail Covey Holdings LLC to Jonell and Donovan Westerfield, land near Nutwood Avenue, $147,125.

Timothy and Karen Garrity to William and Emily Garrity, land in plat book 44, page 361, $25,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Larry and Mary Rider, Lot 2-1, Enoch Francis Farm subdivision, $265,000.

Jeffrey Carson to David Sutherland, Lot 385, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $295,000.

Kelsi Webb to Nathan Ayers, Lot 3, Fairview addition, no tax.

Danny and Kathy Poole to Bryan Kozak, Lot 1, minor plat book 14, page 192, $24,000.

Susan Taylor and Andy Loving to Gregory Taylor, 12 lots in Collegeview subdivision, $20,000.

Susan Taylor and Andy Loving to Gregory Taylor, land on Cedar Ridge Road, $84,600.

Langh and Vung Cing to Thang Sian Mung and Awi Deih Lun, Lot 15, Thoroughbred Acres subdivision, $188,000.

Joshua and Lisa Sneed to Christopher and Audrey Wallace, Lot 452, Greystone subdivision, $278,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Hau Suan Mung and Niang Ciin; and Lam Suan Pau, Lot 24, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $268,000.

Oak Pointe Inc. to Jameson Price and Jessica Boeglin, Lot 65, Brentwood Place subdivision, $217,000.

The estate of Sue Ann Haley to Tim and Donna Minnicks, tracts 3 and 4, plat book 44, page 362, $78,360.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Begajeta and Zeljko Cabraja, Lot 78, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Samija and Salim Dzebo, Lot 85, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

SCL Consulting LLC to Wes and Tracy Boone, Lot 78, South Oaks subdivision, $275,900.

Overholt Builders LLC to Charles and Sherry Keown, Lot 17, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $281,029.50.

Gracie Ellis to Derek Ellis, Lot 19, McCubbin subdivision, no tax.

Alvaton Land Partners LLC to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lot 38, Breckenridge subdivision, $49,373.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Juan Manuel Mendez and Sarah Morgan Mendez, Lot 26, Stagner Farms subdivision, $294,485.

Thomas Slaughter and Casey Edwards to Sandra and Robert Polansky Jr., Lot 203, River Bend Landing subdivision, $146,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Gregory and Kelly Mccaleb, Lot 70, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $215,000.

Tryco Properties LLC to McKenna Hill, Lot 72, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $159,000.

Suad and Fatima Muhic to Noor Alogaili, Lot 120, Moss Meadows subdivision, $237,000.

The Club at Olde Stone LLC to Robert and Susan Skaggs, Lots 14-2 and 14-3, Olde Stone subdivision, $650,000.

Quail Covey Holdings LLC to Connect Properties LLC, 1305 Nutwood St. and 1309 Nutwood St., $254,125.

Hammer Homes LLC to Daniel and Kimberly Freeze, Lot 31, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $324,900.

Franklin and Lauren Tabor to James Rogers, 3923 Garrett Hollow Road and 11775 Barren River Road, $137,000.

Susan Dunker to Sunrise Apartment Homes LLC, Lot 198, Shawnee Estates subdivision, $150,000.

HAAM Investments LLC to Kimberly Allen, Lot 19, Stonehenge subdivision, $155,000.

Crosley Family Properties 2 LLC to Kristi Epley, land in minor plat book 10, page 114, $62,500.

Nancy Williams to Roland Mulcahy, Lot 76, Thoroughbred Acres subdivision, $224,500.

L-Jam Investments LLC to Bruno and Liz Griffin, Lot 9, Copperfield Estates subdivision, $192,500.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace to Rushing Builders Inc., Lot 102, Spring Lakes subdivision, $45,000.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace to Rushing Builders Inc., Lot 101, Spring Lakes subdivision, $45,000.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace to Rushing Builders Inc., Lot 103, Spring Lakes subdivision, $45,000.

Sugar Maple Square LLC to Warren County, Ky., land near Ky. 185, $1,400,000.

EB Rental LLC to Harlan Construction Inc., Lot 241, Summit subdivision, $82,000.

Gracie Norton to Cherie Madison and Michael Ground, Lot 1, Fairview Heights subdivision, $90,000.

Kelly and Sam Potter Jr. to PRI Properties LLC, Lot 8, Hillview addition, $1,022,385.

Daniel and Melinda Brooks to Dakota Gore and Alexandra Norman, Lot 1, minor plat book 17, page 58, $173,500.

HQ Properties LLC to Malin Wilson, Lot 12, Jennings Mills subdivision, $145,000.

Katherine and Margaret King to Jesse Patterson and Bridget Roper, land near Cave Mill and Three Springs roads, $215,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Ermina Mehmedovic and Esad and Muska Mehmedovic, Lot 81, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $196,250.

Katie Franklin to Graham Family Trust, land near White Stone Quarry Road, $165,000.

Rosie Properties LLC to Dylan Sherman and Madeline McCracken, Lot 326, Hidden River Estates, $375,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Darwin and Patricia Harris, Lot 4-14, Olde Stone subdivision, $65,000.

Matthew and Kelly Johnson to Burr and Jones LLC, Lot 32, Poplar Grove subdivision, $54,900.

Luther Eidson to Leon Adams, Lot 4, plat book 44, page 61, $30,000.

Kenneth and Kimberly Butler to Nathan and Amanda Ralls, Lot 39, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $469,600.

Billy Bell to Rajesh and Bina Soni, Lot 9-1, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, no tax.

Guy and Charlotte Atwood; Steve and Angi Cline; Johnna Cline; Gina McIntosh; and Michael and Billie Jo Nutter to DGMP Properties LLC, Lot 75, Rolling Fields subdivision, $250,000.

Justin Stinnett to Stephanie Phelps, Lot 1, minor plat book 20, page 49, $135,000.

Muhidin and Fata Hibic to Tracy Shannon, Lot 82, Park Hills subdivision, $208,000.

Benjamin and Ashley Settle to Amy Wright, Lot 43, Western Hill subdivision, $263,000.

Jonathan and Natalie Bromer to Brittany Dukes, Lot 45, Stagecoach Springs subdivision, $406,000.

Randy Bolin to Cecilia and John Reynolds Jr., Lot 2, minor plat book 19, page 87, $155,000.

David and Louise Sauerland to Sherry Suggs, Lot 33, Pine Grove subdivision, $277,500.

Jo Jean Scott to Amel and Indira Cerimovic, Lot 7, L. Jack Scott subdivision, $56,760.

Kara and Robert Ghee Jr. to Tyler and Stephanie Ghee, Lot 2, Juanita Lawrence subdivision, no tax.

Estate of Carol Smith to WCM Land LLC, Parcels 1 and 2 (land near Smiths Grove-Scottsville Road); Parcels 3 and 4 (land near Ayers Road), $321,000.

Keela and Edward Hogg to Purple Door Realty LLC, two lots in Robert T. Lee subdivision, $100,000.

Cedar Lane Stable Inc. to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lots 11-14, plat book 44, page 354, $524,300.

Scott and Kivette Gural to Michael Blankenship, Lot 17, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, $245,000.

BG Tops LLC to Stephanie and Robert Nunn, Lot 86, Crestmoor subdivision, $248,000.

Dylan Sherman and Madeline McCracken to Mung Zhup and Niang San, Lot 439, Greystone subdivision, $256,000.

Mung Za Khup and Niang Deih San to Cin S. Aung, Lot 28, McFadden Ferry subdivision, $150,000.

Cody Eblen to Robert Marshall, land near Carter Sims Road, $244,900.

Barbara Yost to Larry and Sarah Williams, Lot 138, Heartland subdivision, $460,000.

Golden Capital LLC to Pray Reh and Baw Meh, Lot 30, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $284,900.

Tenir LLC to PG Stones River Partners, Lot 2, Brannens Inc. subdivision, no tax.

Golden Capital LLC to John and Shea Wheeler, Lot 29, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $340,900.

Summit Partners Inc. to JDA Construction LLC, Lot 214, Summit subdivision, $55,000.

Estate of Joyce Woosley Harrison; Daniel Harrison; and William and Vickie Harrison to Israel Rodriguez and Eunice Blas, Lot 13, plat book 30, page 92, $235,000.

Robert Mitchell; William and Julie Adams; and Aron and Nelson Dwight O’Dell Jr. to Reeve’s Creek Retreat LLC, land near Richardsville-Benleo Road, no tax.

Randall Smith to Mtende Makobola, Lots 152 and 153, Shawnee Estates subdivision, $260,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Cin and Chong Piang, Lot 4, Fort Valley addition, $110,000.

Tluang Thang and Ngun Z. Pen to Duh Cung, land near Barnwood Avenue, $315,000.

Antonio Wilson to Karen Wilson, Lot 50, The Meadows subdivision, no tax.

John Loney to Trudy Labarr and Joy Haave, land near Jackson Bridge Road, $110,000.

Deryl and Joni Hall to Chadwick and Leslie Morrow, Lot 107, Belle Haven Development, $390,000.

Bobby Driskill to Thang Mang-Nai-Thang and Mary Shing-Myumang, Lot 194, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $240,000.

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