John and Veronica Poteet to Wesley Lawless, Lot 187, Springfield subdivision, $218,000.

BGB Family Holdings LLC to Joshua and Sandra Jones, Lot 217, Springhill subdivision, $104,500.

Randy and Heather Hale to John Forshee, Lot 68, Scottish Manor Estates, $212,500.

Samuel and Micah Bennett to Joseph and Grace Kunesh, Lot 16, Western Heights subdivision, $314,900.

Right Rentals LLC to Esperance Nibigira and Bonaventure Tangishaka, Lot 235, Deer Park subdivision, $194,900.

South Glen Properties LLC to James Cook & Associates LLC, Lot 151, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $60,000.

Bennie and Laura Jones to Anthony and Brittany Jackson, Lot 42, Breckenridge subdivision, $322,000.

Brian and Lyndsey Marr to Sandy and Carroll Moseley, Lot 12, Point Breeze subdivision, $330,000.

Michael and Sarah Law to Daniel Geis, Lot 365, Hunting Creek subdivision, $605,000.

Thomas Zam Nging and Huai H. Khai to Khual Suan Cin and Do Deih Ciang, Lot 78, Spring Water, Phase 2, $212,000.

T&C Homes LLC to Taylor Sullivan and Mitchell Owens, Lot 40, Breckenridge subdivision, $324,000.

Paul and Lisa Stigers to Logan and Jenna Clark, Lot 397, North Ridge subdivision, $219,500.

Kaili Tranberg to John and Lelana Tranberg, Lot 22, Sherwood Forest subdivision, $152,000.

Corner Lot Holdings LLC to Savannah and Timothy Effinger, land near Gary Avenue, $101,500.

J. Travis and Elizabeth Appling to Brett Niles, Lot 2, Deerwood Estate subdivision, $558,000.

Kevin and Andrea Feider to Celina Aracely Castillo Murillo and Juan Carlos Valladares Ortiz, Lot 4-2, Coy Hinton estate subdivision, $210,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Heidi Mueller, Lot 586, North Ridge subdivision, $199,645.

Nicholas and Kendra Sewell to Felicia and Lincoln Lawrence, Lot 179, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $465,000.

Jones Builders LLC to J-Mar Properties LLC, Parcel 1 (Lot 1, Bluebird Meadows subdivision); and Parcel 2 (land near Old Larmon Mill Road), $600,000.

Cooksey & Peay LLC to Stephanie Rowe, Terrence Cooksey and Emily Cooksey, Parcel 1 (land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass and Hogle Drive); and Parcel 2 (land in major subdivision plat book 17, page 179), no tax.

Robert Matthew Church to Patsy and Robert E. Church II, Lot 477, Hidden River subdivision, no tax.

Hugh and Virginia Ellis to Christopher Nelson, Lot 29, Springfield subdivision, $248,000.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to T. Stewart Properties LLC, Lot 108, Weatherstone subdivision, $189,900.

Chris and Lori Rigdon to William Glodjo, Lot 3, minor subdivision property of Frank Surber subdivision, $155,000.

Corey and Katie Over to Brittanie Blevins, Lot 273, Deer Park subdivision, $174,900.

Jeanene Edwards to Nge Reh, Lot 79, Bailey’s Farm, phase 1, $251,000.

Audrey Lama and Shubash Sheora; Amita Sheora and Sagun Singh; and Padma Lama and Patali Sheroa to Kam Suan Mang and Phawng Nu, Lot 58, Covington Station subdivision, $225,000.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Turner Seilhamer, Lot 123, Weatherstone subdivision, $193,400.

Poston Properties LLC to Georgia Thomas, Lot 182, River Bend Landing subdivision, $172,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to David Jones, Lot 20, Autumn View subdivision, $193,900.

Thomas Humphrey to William and Michelle Felix, Lot 3, Slaughter subdivision, $190,000.

Betty McDonald to Paul and Lisa Stigers, land near Hwy. 626, $298,500.

Seven Eleven Steeplechase LLC to Trevor Brooks, Lot 3, Gary Logsdon Farm subdivision, $35,000.

South Glen Properties LLC to Florim and Ardita Mirena, Lot 145, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $56,000.

Estate of John Beachum Wheeler to Joseph Vallelonga, Lot 11, John Wheeler Estate subdivision, $684,800.

Timothy and Savannah Effinger to Parachute Adams LLC, Lots 17 and 18, J.B. Sumpter addition, $240,000.

Richard and Deanna Vance to Thomas and Jennifer Holmes, Lot 5-164, Olde Stone subdivision, $107,000.

Black Helmet Properties LLC to Mayra Castillo, land near West 10th Street, $95,000.

Aqua Graves to Billy Miller, land on Main Street in Smiths Grove, $75,000.

Jerry and Marilyn Gaines to Miller & York LLC, land in deed book 1026, page 305, $100,000.

Estate of Darrel Page to Robert Page, Lot 11, Fairview Home sites, no tax.

Juanita G. Runner Testamentary Trust for the benefit of Benjamin T. Runner Sr. and The estate of Benjamin T. Runner Sr. to Benjamin T. Runner Jr., land near Bowling Green-Brownsville Road, no tax.

T.L.C. Ventures LLC to Gregory Jent, Lot 64, Twin Elms subdivision, $110,000.

Eagle Ridge Developers LLC to Steven and Annette Carpenter, Lot 23, Eagle Ridge subdivision, $100,000.

Cindy and Thomas Hodges III to Bonnie Jolly, Lot 1, B.M. and Alice subdivision, $350,000.

ABWG Holdings LLC to Mariah Hughes, Lot 33, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $170,000.

Jacob and Meghan Basham to Bailey Elrod, Lot 1, Robert L. Klein lots, $165,600.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Joshua and Jodi Douthitt, Lot 40, Autumn View subdivision, $209,900.

Patricia McCann to David and Morgan Bunch, land near Valley View Road, $90,000.

Glenn and Brenda Parrish to Louisville Road Ventures LLC, Lot 86-1, Tanglewood Estates subdivision, $100,000.

Danny and Laura Oliver to Michael and Danielle Wheeler, Lot 5, Rolling Hills subdivision, $535,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Atulkumar and Kaushalyaben Patel, Lot 124, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $348,885.

Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to Alejandro Gomez Soto and Ana G. Vermolen Pineda, Lot 46, Hartland subdivision, $520,000.

Gerry and Lena Baggett to 3-Springs LLC, land near Three Springs Road, $1,300,000.

Jason and Dena Mills to Brandon Panchyshyn, Lot 3, Medford and Jeanette Skaggs subdivision, $229,900.

Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC to Amanda Sankey, Lot 25, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $175,000.

Martha Cassady to Courtney Cassady, land near Oakland Dixie Hwy. Road, no tax.

Alvaton Properties LLC to BTJ LLC, Lot 130, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

David and Robert Nelson to Joseph and Karen Porter, tract 2, David Nelson subdivision, no tax.

Golden Capital LLC to T. Stewart Properties LLC, Lot 29, McFadden Ferry subdivision, $142,500.

Carl and Dulce White to Langh Khan Mung and Vung San Cing, Lot 380, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $194,000.

Overholt Builders LLC to Ravshan and Gulmira Aliyeva, Lot 227, McCoy Place subdivision, $375,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 102, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $54,900.

Michael and Leigha Harris to Carl White, land near U.S. 231, $349,900.

Penny Gilbert to Albert & Marie LLC, Lot 23, Blakey addition, $80,000.

James and Maureen. Maupin to Gary and Vickie Spainhoward, Lot 7, Meadows subdivision, $260,000.

Peter Osheim and Laura Brown to Michael and Laura Lico, Lot 11, Burr Oaks subdivision, $107,500.

Jerry and Marilyn Gaines to Miller & York LLC, land near Durrenberger Lane, $15,000.

Jessica White and David Turner to Hunky Dory LLC, Lot 13, Cumberland Estates subdivision, $203,300.

Mark S. Haley to DTL Properties LLC, Lot 11, Crestwood subdivision, $100,000.

Icon BG LLC to Rammers Rentals LLC, Lot 1, Ogden Park, Suite 308, The Icon, $197,000.

Max Ventures LLC to TKG Properties LLC, Lot 62, Cedar Grove subdivision, $280,000.

James Richards and Janie Richards to David Henderson and Theresa De Coteau Pelius, Lot 8, Opportunities of Bowling Green Inc., $179,900.

LR Property Management LLC to Phillip and Tamara Yoho, Lot 93, South Glen Gables subdivision, $425,000.

Diane and Charles Ewan Jr. to Randy and Heather Hale, Lot 48, The Meadows at Smiths Grove, $257,000.

William and Thelma Woods to Bowling Green-Warren County Community Hospital d/b/a The Medical Center, land near 5th Street, $115,000.

Dorian Lee and Kelly and Kleanor Lee to Thomas Zam Nging and Huai Huai Khai, Lot 28, Hillview Mills subdivision, $293,000.

Chris Robertson to David Savage, Lot 121, River Bend Landing subdivision, $150,900.

Paula and Nathan Farmer to Juanita Coyle, Lot 2, minor plat book 21, page 120, $185,000.

Buhr-Rock Development Inc. to Stephen Newman and Kimberly Waner-Newman, Lot 15, Buhr Rock subdivision, $87,300.

Craig and Deborah McCormick to Greenhill Acres LLC, Lots 1-6, Green Hill Acres subdivision, $652,700.

Lowell and Mary Lou Sallee to Josh and Kim Combs, Lots 14 and 15, Churchill subdivision, $183,300.

Golden Hammer LLC to Renata Escobar, Lot 45, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $278,000.

Justin and Ashton Smith to Meagan Young, Lot 156, Coalition Estates, $195,500.

Mike Howe Custom Building Inc. to Robert Mills and Leona Meador, Lot 30, Heritage Park subdivision, $319,000.

Lost River Self Storage LLC to Lost River Storage LLC, Lot 2, Benmark Properties Inc. subdivision, $3,000,000.

Jacob and Jenna Walker to Atticus Bellen and Layne Brylee Stobaugh, Lot 14, Western Hills Estates subdivision, $187,500.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Keylee D. Rainwaters-Sanders and Brandon J. Sanders, Lot 127, Weatherstone subdivision, $199,000.

BR Development LLC to Craig and Sherri Sleight, Lot 16, Buhr-Rock subdivision, $459,900.

Charles and Staci Talley to Taryn and Chase Lester, Lot 47, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $272,000.

Patricia Mitchell to 2 Dogs Consulting LLC, Lot 141, Shawnee Estates subdivision, $176,550.

Wesley and Jacklyn Cassady to Justin and Stephanie Crowe, land near Old Union Church Road, $87,550.

Brittney and Kenneth Nickel to Janie Sawatsky, land near Dye Ford Road, $307,000.