Keystone Development Group LLC to Build 2 Suit LLC, Lot 14, Keystone Commons subdivision, $119,900.

Louis Miller to Alexander and Jamie Garden, Lot 7, Greystone subdivision, $227,500.

Jason and Dena Mills to Katherine Rector, Lot 4, Hinton subdivision, $167,500.

Dana Cosby to McCauley and Carleigh Mattingly, Lot 84, Ivan Downs subdivision, $290,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Emin Mujkic, Lot 122, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $250,045.

Jason and Christina Atherton to Matthew and Caitlin Hoover, Lot 130, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $489,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Jared May and Madison Ballou, Lot 184, McKinney Farms subdivision, $207,000.

C. Clinton and Lois Layne to The Land Life LLC, Lot 9, Ed Brown’s Hilltop Acres subdivision, $3,607.31.

Holly Hedden and Brent Fisk to Melissa Cowles, land near 11th Street, $160,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Austin Sharber and Katlyn Woolbright, Lot 51, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $170,000.

Steve and Cathy Key to Nild and Charles Figgins IV, land near Clarence Odell Road, $479,900.

Southside Development LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 27, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $45,000.

Southside Development LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 27, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $45,000.

Linda Steffey to Linda Steffey and Jill Steffey, Parcel 1 (land near Barren River Road); and Parcel 2 (land near Main Street Pike), no tax.

Nicholas and Tressa Brady to Nathaniel Morris and Nicole Carpenter, Lot 126, Hidden River Estates, $210,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Jeremy Hobday and Randy and Vickie Hobday, Lot 46, Windor Trace Farms subdivision, $249,900.

Jamie Flora to Mike Howell, land near William Simmons Road, $230,000.

Woodland Station Holdings LLC to Nancy Scott, Lot 32-1, Woodland Station subdivision, $170,000.

Melissa and Michael Steele; Phyllis and Stanley Jones; and Carlthell and Linda Green to Benjamin Cansler, Lot 27, Allendale Heights subdivision, $174,000.

JT Holdings LLC to Dustin and Bethany McQueary, Lot 87, Weatherstone subdivision, $237,230.

Jamie Puckett to Jordan and Demont Franklin, Lot 21, Eastland Park subdivision, $243,000.

Sabrina Hardy to Great White Properties LLC, Lot 2, E.H. Hall subdivision, $98,500.

Annette and Steven Carpenter to Annette and Steven Carpenter, Lot 86, Traditions at Lovers Lane, no tax.

Donald and Carolyn Simon to Mary and Jason Coley, Lot 1, Donald and Carolyn Simon subdivision, no tax.

Patrick and Lauren Hills to William and Stephanie Matthews, Lot 46, Cherry Hill subdivision, $315,900.

Murray and Susan Franklin to Kenneth and Erika Minielly, Lot 17, Summit subdivision, $610,000.

Jesse and Winona Lyons to Joseph and Donna Lyons, Lot 14, Crestwood Estates subdivision, $20,000.

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church to Edgar and Joyce Moran, land at the southwest corner of Raleigh Shelton property, as recorded in deed book 1114, page 920, $143,000.

Maggie Smith to Live the Dream Development Inc., Lot 1, Forest Park subdivision, $65,000.

Kenan and Carly Dobbins to W3 Properties LLC, Lot 70-1, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $244,000.

Jeffrey Steward to Mary Stark, Lot 10, Bellevue subdivision, $185,000.

Larry and Marsha Phillips to Penny Childress, Lot 310, Greystone subdivision, $197,000.

Allie and Cory Bowles to Christopher Dodson, Lot 9, Melody Acres subdivision, $200,000.

Kyler Boudreau and Sandi Weldon to Johnny Salameh and Samar Nader, Lot 49, Covington Grove subdivision, $655,000.

Brian and Julie Curtis and Lonnie and Karen Curtis to James Kulesa, Lot 154, Deer Park subdivision, $134,500.

Deena and Scott Stivers to Selvedin Besic, Lot 44, Deer Park Estates subdivision, $155,000.

David Johnson Properties LLC to Safet Manjgafic, Lot 67, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $276,000.

Francis and Keri Esslinger to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, tract 6-1, Cherry Tree subdivision, $45,000.

Kristopher and Lindsay McLevaine to Logan and Madlyn Johnson, Lot 4, Ezra Gray minor subdivision, $160,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Big Time Properties LLC, Lot 118, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $30,000.

Christopher Dawson to Taylor Nash, Lot 88, McKinney Farms subdivision, $201,500.

William and Lea Walker to Daniel Misiuta, Lot 2-A, minor plat book 3, page 90, $174,000.

Annisa and Darell Covington to Stanley Norman Hodges Jr., land near Sunrise Drive, $57,500.

Virginia Studle to Candice and William Butler, 5.875 acres on Gott Hydro Road, $6,000.

James and Darla Price to Michael and Sandra Graham, Lot 1-3, James T. Price subdivision, no tax.

Michael and Sandra Graham to James Price, Lot 1-1, James T. Price subdivision, no tax.

Keith and Roberta Thompson to Terry Nunn and Betti Turner, land near A.C. Denton Road, $87,000.

Mary Martin to James and Alice Humphrey, Lot 100, Twin Elms subdivision, $368,000.

Nick Villarreal to Joshua Young, Lot 2, Collett Cove subdivision, $40,000.

Donald Williams to Karey Dunn, Lot 1, Donald Williams property, $28,600.

Bonnie Rigdon to James Pursley, Lot 7, Kinser Heights subdivision, $184,900.

JAG Properties LLC to Taryn Lee Ann Buntin, Lot 487, Greystone subdivision, $204,000.

Alicia and Jeffrey Banks Jr. to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., Lot 2, Cobblestone subdivision, $388,000.

The estate of David Warren Livingston; Pamela and Michael Thurman; and David Livingston and Susan Nuckols to David Lopez, Lot 27, Dogwood Village/Briggs Hill subdivision, $55,000.

Thomas and Jennifer Scofield to Rex and June McWhorter, Unit 102, Lot 66, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $183,000.

Estate of Martha Hayes; Daniel and Wanda Hayes; Joseph and Paulita Hayes; Patrick Hayes; and Benjamin and Ashley Hayes to Daniel and Wanda Hayes, Lots 7 and 8, Hayes Heirs property, $5,923.32.

Estate of Martha Hayes; Daniel and Wanda Hayes; Joseph and Paulita Hayes; Patrick Hayes; and Benjamin and Ashley Hayes to Benjamin and Ashley Hayes, Lot 9, Hayes Heirs property, $35,194.89.

Vernessa Bullock to Darrell and Jenae Keck, Lot 1, Northview Farms subdivision, $169,000.

Mike and Evon Hymer to Bobby Blair, Lot 7, minor subdivision plat of Harold Gray of record in minor subdivision plat book 21, page 87, $31,000.

Mike and Evon Hymer to Adela and Zahid Covic, Lot 6, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $345,000.

TMAG Properties LLC to Henry McCormick Sr., Lot 582, North Ridge subdivision, $185,000.

Gary and Sherry Duff to Taylor Robertson and Matthew Davis, Lot 18, Aspen Place subdivision, $289,900.

Gary and Virginia Browning to Steven Marella, Parcel 1 (land near Glen Lily Road); and Parcel 2 (Tract 1, Brindley minor subdivision), $346,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Dau Mang and Nang Faith Thin Thin, Lot 75, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision revision of lots 1 and 2, $216,900.

Myron and Betty Callaham to Dan and Katherine Dillingham, Lot 17, Hickory Heights subdivision, $309,000.

Dan and Katherine Dillingham to Anita Adams, Lots 1 and 2, Edgewood addition, $227,500.

Larry and Linda Kidwell to Nest Egg Properties LLC, Lot 78, Lost River Cove subdivision, no tax.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 112, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $54,900.

John Beard and Helen Griffin to Andrew and Kristylee Beard, land near Garvin Lane, $330,000.

Robert and Karen Maex to Carrie Sheppard, Lot 79, Shawnee Estates, $181,500.

McCauley and Carleigh Mattingly to Aristoteles Perez Pena and Rosa Altagracia Gomez Sierra, Lot 9, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $228,500.

John and Laura Curd to Collier Curd, land near Magnolia and Josephine streets, $324,700.

MNL Properties LLC to J&T Property Management Inc., Lot 23, Lost Woods subdivision, $310,000.

Angela Woolbright and Michael and Kristen Woolbright to Angela Woolbright and Michael Woolbright, land near Moorman Road, no tax.

Heather Yule to Wylie Yule, Lot 1-1, subdivision revision of lot 1 of the Gary Alvin Bunch property, $25,000.

Carl and Sharon Vance and Jerry and Nancy Travelstead to Kenneth and Kim Frassinelli, land near Woodburn-Allen Springs Road, $90,000.

LR Property Management LLC to Mike Howe Custom Building Inc., Lot 111, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $54,000.

Sondra Yeckering to Christopher Hughes, Lot 10, Alta Vista Estates, $164,900.

D&D Builders LLC to Delia and Terrell Harris, Lot 25, Heritage subdivision, $302,000.

Marple Farm and Real Estate LLC to Tiffany Hammons, Lot 160, Countryside Manor subdivision, $130,000.