Ricky and Cindy Sowders to Kevin and Emily Williams, land near 13th Street, $125,000.

Thomas and Angela Johnson to Anna Khan Nuam and Kham Suan Lian; and Felix Hau En Pau, Lot 57, Pine Grove subdivision, $365,000.

Guy and Charlotte Atwood; Steve and Angi Cline; Joanna Cline; Gina McIntosh; and Michael and Billie Jo Nutter to Joseph Eblen and Zoe Buchanon, Lot 4, Rolling Fields subdivision, $194,900.

Vernon and Sally Liles to David Smith and Tammy Woodall, Lot 3, Briar Ridge Estates, $540,000.

Robert Daniel to Jesus Manuel Andres and Micaela Sebastian Andres, land near Payne Street, $70,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Daniel Beaty Construction LLC, Lot 2, Ishel Massey Estate subdivision, $83,000.

Jose and Susan Cordova to Russell Lyle and Pamela Parker, Lot 19-A, Crestmoor subdivision, $235,000.

Artis Eadens to Julio and Maria Hernandez, Lot 108, Springhill subdivision, $164,000.

Gerald Vincent; Sandy and Gary Jackson; Betty and Wesley Judd; and Wanda Vincent to Wickman Construction Inc., land near Hwy. 231, $62,700.

Alvaton Land Partners LLC to Karlo and Holli Paver, Lot 30, Breckenridge subdivision, $47,000.

Russell Brown Construction LLC to Jason and Francisca Frazier, Lot 23, Fountain Trace subdivision, $600,000.

Crystal and Donald Alvey Jr. to Cynthia and John Campbell, land near Sandhill Girkin Road, $215,000.

Greystone Properties Inc. to JAG Properties LLC, Lot 599, Greystone subdivision, $39,000.

Alton Higdon to Maribeth Wilson, Lot 30, Greenwood Heights subdivision, $126,500.

Andrew and Nikki Gentry to Rebecca Quiring, land near Collett Road, $290,000.

Elijah Properties LLC to Albert Thang, Lot 18, Autumn View subdivision, $215,000.

Burrell Properties LLC to The Sheldon Family LLC, land near Nutwood Avenue, $145,000.

Levi and Leslie Shearer and Vasiliki and Brandon Williams, land near Old Union Church Road, $105,000.

Jordan Grider to Nermin and Indira Sasic, Lot 64, McFaddens subdivision, $197,500.

H. Troy and Roberta Johnson to H. Troy Johnson Revocable Trust, Lot 51, Briarwood Manor subdivision, no tax.

Banks and Patricia Crandell to Zaheer Ahmad Butt and Shazia Zaheer, Lot 5, Crandell property subdivision, $129,000.

Kevin and Svetlana Compton to Ericka and Steven Gioielli, Lot 88, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $258,000.

Burr and Jones LLC to Stokes Homes LLC, Lot 33, Poplar Grove subdivision, $54,223.

Brian Fisher to Mercedes Butts, Lot 23, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $353,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Clarissia Miller, Lot 48, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $199,250.

Brian Fisher to Mercedes Butts, Lot 23, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $353,000.

Joe and Denise Strader to Topper Town Properties Inc., land near 12th Street, $191,000.

Haven and Jeremy Broady to Kayla Smith, Lot 1, plat book 39, page 45, $355,000.

ABWG Holdings LLC to Jacob and Eliza Lyles, Lot 8, Upton Farms subdivision, $325,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Kendall and Gavan Cook, Lot 608, North Ridge subdivision, $199,900.

Rita Biffle to Vogler Properties LLC, Lot 18, Townhomes at Lost River, $140,000.

Sarah Higgins to Luke and Caitlin Bramschriber, Lot 93-1, Lind Cliff Meadows subdivision, $490,000.

Anna and Wesley May and Don and Doris Langley and Dylan and Cora Kendrick, Lot 238, North Ridge subdivision, $202,000.

Pamela Mooneyhan to Wayne Lightfoot, land near Blue Level Hammit Road, $60,000.

Chris and Robin Burton to Phillip and Kristen White, Lot 6, Vinings subdivision, $315,900.

The Sheldon Family LLC to Three Dogs LLC, Suite B2, Fairview Building Office Condominiums, $129,000.

Kristopher and Jorie Wennerberg to Kathi Swartz, Lot 10, Lashlee Meadows subdivision, $288,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to David and Carolynn Burton, Lot 102, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $354,900.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to CC Walker LLC, Lot 106, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Jason and Dena Mills to Christian Howard, Lot 2, Whisperwind subdivision, $211,500.

James and Jennifer Wheeler to Empowered Group Solutions Corp., Unit 19, Jackson Square Condominiums, $110,000.

Hobert and Lynn Minton to Jaber Properties LLC, Lot 284, Park Hills subdivision, $160,000.

Kathleen and John Givens to Jaber Properties LLC, Lot 25, Stonehenge subdivision, $150,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Caliber Contracting LLC, Lot 2, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Jerrod Barks to Savannah Hendrick, Lot 172, McKinney Farms subdivision, $243,000.

Benjamin Hansbrough to Bryan and Alison Packard, Lot 7, Stone Trace subdivision, $850,000.

David Garvin and Rebekkah Gathright to Daniel and Leanna Norwood, Lot 56, Cherry Hills subdivision, $412,700.

Lawrence Alice to Andrew and Nikki Gentry, Lot 64, Hidden River Estates, $385,000.

Wesley and Rhonda Gadberry to Tara and James Coots Jr., land near Greencastle Road, $75,000.

Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc. to Daniel Gleason and Megan-Rheanna Gleason, Lot 47, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $229,900.

Alvaton Land Partners LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lots 28 and 31, Breckenridge subdivision, $95,000.

Marion and Beverly Sanford to Charles and Krystal Meredith, tract 2, minor plat book 25, page 21, $20,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Elite Contracting of Kentucky LLC, Lot 23, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $51,000.

Ana Y. Mendez Rivas to Adrian Guillen, Lot 12, plat book 4, page 19, $115,000.

Aaron and Jessica Wood to D.W. Chapman Investments LLC, Lot 410, North Ridge subdivision, $185,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Cornerstone Construction LLP, Lot 273, McCoy Place subdivision, $48,000.

EMA Capital LLC to Ghost Holdings LLC, Lot 3, plat book 18, page 39, $34,000.

Martin and Star Stahl to Eugene Hansbrough and Katherine Vick-Hansbrough, Lot 207, McKinney Farms subdivision, $249,000.

Kelly Properties LLC to Ed-Co Holdings LLC, Lots 17, 17-1 and 17-2, Townhomes at Lost River, $465,000.

GMV Properties LLC to Thelma Estep and Bryan Peters, Lot 549, North Ridge subdivision, $209,000.

Handy Homes LLC to Brenda and Herschell Franklin Jr., Lot 2, Hickory Hollow subdivision, $245,000.

Ahmad Albadry and Diana Fareed Fatah to Christian Guillen and Maria Martinez, Lot 37, Glenwood Estate subdivision, $149,000.

James and Susan Peterson to Cody and Sarah Redin, Lot 14, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $213,000.

Marsha and Ralph Young to Regina and William Lindsey, land near Ky. 185 and Reedyville Road, $13,500.

Santos LLC to Brian and Maria Hendrick, Lot 46, Lind Cliff subdivision, $244,000.

John and Reagan Yoakem to Amanda Warner, Lot 149, Coalition Estates, $215,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Seila Begic, Lot 17, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $240,000.

Robert and Leigh Hughes to Ryan and Hannah DeMatteis, Lot 2, minor plat book 18, page 26, $250,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to Brett Clem, Lot 28, South Oaks subdivision, $287,900.

Nancy and Charles Hulan to John and Carrie Cusker, Lot 2, Whisperwood Estates, $400,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Luis Marrero Rivera and Laura Isabel Mendoza Hernandez, Lot 41, Woodstone Springs subdivision, $179,000.

Jonathan and Natalie Bromer to Candice and Joel Turner Jr., Lot 3, Rosehaven subdivision, $125,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Brian Crosser, Lot 34, Spring Lakes subdivision, $243,900.

Sarah Appleby to Devin Jenkins, Lots 7 and 6, Glen Lily subdivision, $120,000.

Hudson Capital Properties LLC to Wilson Real Estate Group LLC, Lots 13 and 14, Rasdall addition, $113,000.

Auction Concepts USA Inc. to Kimberly Stradtner, Lot 48, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $219,900.

Providence Homes KY LLC to Pauline and Joel Grenier, Lot 21, Winston Place subdivision, $82,500.

Jason and Morgan Baxter to Andrew Babb, Lot 6, plat book 31, page 118, $214,900.

Holly and Anthony Wilson to Martin and Cora Stahl, Lot 75-1-23, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $249,900.

SAAM Properties LLC to David Curry, Lot 214, North Ridge subdivision, $196,000.

Tony Henon Construction Inc. to Amir Ibrisevic and Sakiba Delic, Lot 110, South Glen Gables subdivision, $484,000.

Mikel and Cheyenne Taylor to Francisco and Elegnis Tamayo, two tracts on Three Springs Road, $359,000.

Lineberry Properties Inc. to Rebcor LLC, Lot 3, plat book 18, page 27, $1,907,768.

1 Omni LLC to Jeffery Halsell, Lot 101, Eastland Park subdivision, $256,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to James Smith, Lot 39, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $264,900.

AMB Properties LLC to Amanda Stanton, Lot 50, North Ridge subdivision, $150,000.

J and R Contracting LLC to Nikki T. Le, Lot 163, South Glen Gables subdivision, $499,000.

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