Donna Jones to Gil and Mary Cowles, Parcel 1 (plat book 44, page 365); Parcel 2 (minor plat book 16, page 86); Parcel 3 (plat book 43, page 329), no tax.

The estate of Margie Louise Johnson to Linda Gordon, Lot 29 Glen Acres subdivision, $145,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Nicholas and Elizabeth Newbould, Lot 94, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Lacey and Daniel Williams to Hau Sian Mung and May Sian Mung, Lot 68, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $330,000.

ARM Properties LLC to Southside Properties LLC, Lots 572 and 582, Greystone subdivision, no tax.

JAVA Properties LLC to Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc., Lot 47, Autumn View subdivision, $$35,000.

Melissa Dennison to Melissa Dennison, Lot 5-101, Olde Stone subdivision, no tax.

Golden Brothers Contractors LLC to Scott and Noemi Bonham, land near Warren Avenue, $17,500.

HG Capital LLC to Taibos Landing LLC, Lots 90, 91, 95, Cedar Grove subdivision, $800,000.

Caribou Ventures LLC to Taibos Landing LLC, Lot 14, plat book 37, page 134, no tax.

Ros Ramchang and Meas Panha to Sean Neal Carter, Lot 2, Grassland subdivision, $215,000.

Rogers 3rd Gen LLC to A Himalaya USA Properties LLC, seven properties on Fitzgerald Industrial Drive, $7,891,570.

Pax et Lux LLC to A Himalaya USA Properties LLC, five properties on Fitzgerald Industrial Drive, $5,021,495.

Rogers Real Estate Holdings LLC to A Himalaya Properties USA LLC, tract 4-1-8, Fitzgerald Industrial Drive, $2,152,935.

Tybee Capital LLC to Vette City Property Management LLC, Lots 49 and 53, Fort Valley addition, $150,000.

KP Ventures LLC to Johnny and L. Jill Nixon, Lot 3-92, Olde Stone subdivision, no tax.

Ernest Cowles to Joshua and Jennifer Woolbright and James and Linda Woolbright, Lot 1, Margie N. Westerfield Estate subdivision, $35,000.

Deborah Thurman to Robert and Monica Arthur and Matthew Hesson and Mercedes Holcomb, Lot 47, Parkland Gardens subdivision, $190,000.

The estate of Dorothy C. Hurt to Hunky Dory LLC, land near Ewings Ford Road, no tax.

Patricia Manning to Ryan and Rebecca Major, Lot 57, Crossridge subdivision, $200,000.

Kenneth and Ann Blick to John Foster, Lot 74, Ivan Downs subdivision, $439,900.

Cleveland Simpson to GCS Properties LLC, Lot 1, plat book 11, page 1, no tax.

Stokes Homes LLC to Bart and Allison Anderson, Lot 4-8, Olde Stone subdivision, $470,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Casey Birge, Lot 187, McKinney Farms subdivision, $243,500.

Bobby and Linda Hendrick to Trevor and Chelsea Morrison, tract 1, Bobby and Linda Hendrick subdivision, $97,500.

V. Lynn Holland to Robert and Lesli Mitchell, Lots 43 and 44, Parkway Villa subdivision, $177,100.

David Tarter to Muamer and Allison Razic, Lot 19, Remington Place subdivision, $435,000.

Zia Farms LLC to Ernest Cowles, land near Threlkel Ferry Road, $63,130.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Destiny and Willie Townes Jr., Lot 21, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $265,000.

Zia Farms LLC to Jeremy and Jennifer Jones, Lot 5, Hartley subdivision and land near Threlkel Ferry Road, $134,820.

Zia Farms LLC to Luther Eidson, Lot 7, Hartley subdivision, $40,660.

Zia Farms LLC to Bobby Daniels, Lot 6, Hartley subdivision, $156,220.

Lawrence and Pricilla Troxler to William and Wanda Huck, Lot 80, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $262,500.

Barbara Evans to Daniela Galassi, land near Nutwood Avenue, $120,000.

Frankie and Janice Gross to Dwayne and Diana Hazel, land near Bowling Green-Woodbury Road, $100,000.

C&T Properties LLC to Rodgie and Allison Millet, Lot 1 C&T Properties subdivision, $160,000.

PKG LLC to Jonathan and Jennifer Hunt, land near Sunset Drive, $109,000.

John Dubree and Abby Turner to JJP Investments LLC, Lot 19, Cedarmoor subdivision, $200,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Na Ciin and Niang Tawng, Lot 31, Stagner Farms subdivision, $240,000.

Catherine and Jonathan Kane to Adam Dulberg, Lot 65, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $404,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Antwon Deshawn Spencer, Lot 83, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Wanda Chandler to Seth King, Lot 10, Glen Lily subdivision, $88,000.

Beverly Hatcher to Zephyr Enterprises LLC, land near Hays and Hydro Road, $123,050.

Gregory and Forrest Halford to Maricela Orozco and Marvin Castro Serrano, land near Old Barren River Road, $130,000.

Estate of Terry Bartley Kitchens to Todd and Michelle Kitchens, Lot 31, Glenwood Estates subdivision and land near Glen Lily Road, no tax.

Heather and Quinten Curry to Curry Investment Group LLC, Lot 11, McCubbin subdivision, no tax.

DESTination 365 LLC to Dana Kunz and Eric Carpenter, Lot 5, Loarn French property subdivision, $58,050.

Steve and Bonnie Strode to Julianne Neely and Robert Sandlin, Lots 50-52, Ogden Park subdivision, $249,900.

KMC Investment Properties Inc. to Langh Hau Cin and Vung Lam Cing, Lot 109, Springwater subdivision, $301,000.

Tybee Capital LLC to Stephen Frusher and Melony Linhardt, Lots 142 and 143, Normal View addition, $135,000.

Roland Mulcahy and Lynda Mulcahy to Lian Do Pau and Mang Khan Nian; Thang Sian Khai; and Niang Lmah Huai, Lot 108, Twin Elms subdivision, $430,000.

Huffman Homes LLC to Robert Hyson, Lot 62, South Oaks subdivision, $389,900.

ARM Properties LLC to Southside Properties LLC, Lots 584 and 585, Greystone subdivision, no tax.

Heather and James Davenport to Justin and Julie Cato, Lot 26, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $350,000.

Mike and Evon Hymer to James and Denise Lewis, Lot 2, John Wheeler Estate subdivision, $65,000.

Robert and Lynn Glenn to Elizabeth and Travis Bilbrey, Lot 15, Girkin Woods subdivision, $225,000.

Zijad and Hasnija Delic to James Linder, Lot 101, Brentwood Place subdivision, $253,000.

Jacob and Taylor Wendt to Wayde Barnes and Julee Corbin, Lot 81, North Ridge subdivision, $185,000.

Elizabeth and Travis Bilbrey to Jennifer Smith and Richard Sneed, Lot 45, Countryside Manor subdivision, $170,000.

Barry Sweatt Jr. to David and Heather Vandenbergh, Lot 26-2, Greenwood Heights subdivision, $335,000.

Maurice and Ann Oelker to Brent Carter, Lot 57, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $330,000.

Biggs Real Estate LLC to David and Sandra Davis, Lot 599, North Ridge subdivision, $214,900.

Distinct Inc. to BSSCC Properties LLC, Lots 30-32, Luther Smith Estate subdivision, $1,100,000.

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