Dennis and Sandra Bledsoe to Doug and Beverly Childress, land near Hayes Lodge Road, $19,500.

June McWhorter to June McWhorter, land near Greathouse Road, no tax.

Trent and Ashley Coleman to Steven and Shelly Arndell, land near Media Drive, $115,000.

Sheila and Henry Dunklau to Gary and Beverly Hatcher, Lot 198, Hunting Creek Estates, $225,000.

Estate of Robert K. Baas Jr. to Danny Lowe, Lot 3, Saddlebrook subdivision, $160,000.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Rachel Swift and Christopher Whitehurst, Lot 36, Autumn View subdivision, $219,900.

GC Land Development to Gemstone Property Development LLC, Lot 125, Weatherstone subdivision, $39,000.

Matthew Jones and Savannah Broell to Katherine Howell, Lots 32 and 33, Dahlia Court, $180,000.

Latisha and Charles Sears II to Sungjin Im and Kum Sook Han, Lot 24, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $300,000.

Zachary and Stevie Werner to Melissa Jessup, Lot 24, Harris and McElwain subdivision, $225,000.

Danny Cowles and Steven and Belinda Owens to Steven and Belinda Owens, Lot 63, Nealwood addition, no tax.

LHH Holdings LLC to Hilltopper Estates LLC, Lot 13, Lovers Lane Acres subdivision, $190,000.

Taylor Cook Property Leasing Group LLC to Southeastern Displays Inc., land near Scott Street, $95,879.94.

Vanaey Greenup to Matthew Quinlanm, Lot 38, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $258,900.

Tammie and Terry Mahaney to Tammie and Terry Mahaney, Lot 1, Katherine Lawrence Estate subdivision, no tax.

Cody and Summer Basham to Colton Hendrick, Lot 3, Jeremiah Jones subdivision, $30,000.

Martha and William White Jr. to Hinton Cleaners Inc., Lots 81 and 84, Highland Gardens subdivision, $384,000.

Cory and Lauren Ellis to Amy Shelton, Lot 2, J. Wimpee subdivision, $47,000.

Rebecca Todd to Corner Lot Holdings LLC, Lot 18, Stonehenge subdivision, $92,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Selma and Emsud Delkic, Lot 33, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $245,000.

Clifton Earl Norris II to Rebecca McConnell, Lot 56, Greenbriar Acres subdivision, $179,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Armin Sadikovic, Lot 72, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $207,000.

Carol and Lawrence Simpson; Melissa and Oscar Joiner Jr.; Nellie Pickett; Naomi and Rodney Mathews and Martha Huffman to Hunky Dory LLC, Lot 125, Winfield Acres, $221,100.

Miles and Tracie Crabtree to Dylan and Jessica Jones, Lot 11, Trace at Bays Fork subdivision, $30,000.

Shawn and Julie Jaggers to Jevaughn Bissick, Lot 159, Northridge subdivision, $170,000.

Timothy and Shannon Hunt to BR Enterprises LLC, Lot 179, North Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Timothy and Shannon Hunt to BR Enterprises LLC, Lot 7, Green Meadows subdivision, no tax.

Daniel and Jessica Shoemaker to Amanda and Michael Crabtree and Christiy Wamsley, Lot 1, Raymond Bobbett subdivision, $232,500.

Rin Liana and Ma Engi to Sian Khual and Niang Khawn Cing, Lot 111, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $215,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lot 50, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Mike and Evon Hymer to Elvis Skeric, land near Skees Road, $55,000.

Big Time Properties LLC to Taylor and Jordan Upton, Lot 55, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $194,900.

Austin Taylor to Clint Mattingly, Lot 4, Cedar Grove subdivision, $145,000.

TLH Holdings LLC to Cameron and Courtney Moore, Lot 20, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $250,000.

Jeffrey and Laura Blaine to Faith Kraft, land near Hendrick Road, $190,000.

Jeremy and Lori Waldeck to Chestnut Group Properties LLC, Lot 265, Springfield subdivision, $168,000.

Daniel and Katherine Bryson to K and D Property LLC, 659 E. 11th St., 310 E. 11th St. and 1053 Payne St., no tax.

Estate of David Madison to Estate of Juanita Allen, Lot 17, Ridgecrest subdivision, no tax.

David Woodall Jr. and Kevin Steele to Antonio Butts and Felicia Love, Lot 11, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $258,000.

Gregory and Lesley Arnold to Leslie and Carolyn Scott, Lots 11 and 12, plat book 23, page 191, $455,000.

Susan M. James Revocable Trust to Adam and Anna Wilkins, Lot 168, Crossings subdivision, $220,000.

Cory and Mikayla Ford and Marla and Brian Ford to John Reynolds, Lot 100, McFadden Ferry subdivision, $148,000.

Roy Brase to Roy Brase and Shelby and Jeffery Tomes, Lot 394, North Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Christopher Byrne and Kathleen Regan to Antonio and Kristen Lopes, Lot 6 Mill Valley subdivision, $455,000.

The estate of Michael Glenn Wilson to Daniel Wilson, land near South Sunrise Drive, no tax.

Adam Burden to Elliott Law, land near Covington Avenue, $276,500.

ICON BG LLC to Novo Capital LLC, Suite 104, ICON, $1,400,000.

Paul and Karen Wilkerson to Kevin and Svetlana Compton, Lot 219, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $324,999.

Bobby and Patricia French to Terry Lundy, land near Blue Level-Providence Road, $23,500.

Joshua and Cassie Adkins to Daniel and Lindsey Blalock, Lot 1, The Enclave at Fordes Crossing, $571,000.

Brian and LeAnn Fisher to Keith Coffman, Lot 9, Claiborne Farms subdivision, $531,000.

Keith Coffman to Cheryl and Wayne Landmann, Lot 120, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $362,500.

Deirdre Lawless and Lisa Parson to Abigail Jean and Matthew Edward Van Schenkhof, Lot 71, Greenbriar Acres subdivision, $197,000.

Kelly Pendygraft to Terry King, Lot 296, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $273,400.

Heather and Clark Fraser to Ainsley Brown and Gannon Minton, Lot 1, Watson and Haley minor subdivision, $230,000.

Samuel and Suzanne Grebe to David Jarboe and Sarah Payne-Jarboe, Lot 1-1, David A. Faxon III subdivision, $487,000.

Raymond and S. Ann Newton to Raymond and S. Ann Newton, Lot 132, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Kenneth and Rebecca Crawford to Joann Haley, Unit 23D, Eaglestone Villas, $286,000.

Joel and Jackie Hawkins to Rufus and Lynette Shaw, Lot 8, James and Oleta Hester subdivision, $372,000.

Michael and Cynthia Tweedy to Michael and Cynthia Tweedy, Lot 9, Jeremiah Jones subdivision, no tax.

White Owl Ventures LLC to Sarah and Christian Short, Lot 113, Weatherstone subdivision, $192,400.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Autumn Morris, Lot 57, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $218,035.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Shamrock Homes LLC, Lot 66, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Kirk and Amy Pierce to Shane Van Meter, Lot 13, Ewing Ford Place, $624,900.

Kevin and Amy Shemwell to Gregory and Amy Maddox, Lot 5, minor plat book 22, page 198, $359,900.

Dennis and Patricia Creekmore to Shenir Jordan, Lot 433, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $331,000.

Michael and Crystal Adams to John and Tressia Bandy, land near Ky. 240, $337,000.

George and Judith Knee to Dennis and Judith Cyrwus, Lot 58, Meadowview subdivision, $377,900.

Joan Crinion to Michael and Chong Nadon, Lot 22, Trace at Bays Fork subdivision, $369,900.

Hines Realty LLC to 623 Group LLC, Lot 4, plat book 29, page 19, $297,500.

TLH Holdings LLC to Jesse Schultz, Lot 18, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $249,000.

Jack and Lesley Montgomery to Bradley Pearson and Shelby Copeland, Lot 120, Springhill subdivision, $170,000.

Mickie Drew to Charles Drew, Lot 19, Nealwood addition, no tax.

Ruth Coad to Barbara Baranyi, Lot 22, Steeplechase subdivision, $135,000.

Daniel and Jenna Frank to Rockwood Realty LLC, land in deed book 1115, page 16, no tax.

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