Frankie Bain to Logan and Alexis Erskine, land near Blue Level Road, $175,000.

Brad Martens Investments LLC to Jeff Richardson, Lot 18, Steeplechase subdivision, $225,000.

Robert E. Spiller Jr. to One More LLC, Lot 22, plat book 1, page 4, $220,000.

Alvaton Land Partners LLC to Way Homes LLC, Lot 39, Breckenridge subdivision, $49,373.

31-W Holdings LLC to CSR BG Investments LLC, land near Russellville Road, land near Emmett Drive, $400,000.

Graham Builders LLC to Trevor Stockton and Ciera Comer, tract 3, Tim Minton and Kendra Martin property, $40,000.

Shannon Pippin to Eric Berman, Lot 1, minor plat book 13, page 184, $189,900.

Jon and Meredith Stokes to Marci and Ronald Morehead Jr., Lot 11, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $430,000.

Sam Capital LLC to T. Stewart Properties LLC, Lot 122, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $177,900.

Greenbrier Hills Properties LLC to Southern Craftsman Homes LLC, Lot 79, Scottish Manor Estates, $49,900.

Clint and Brandi Perkinson to David Bochung and Thang Mawii, Lot 3, Brentwood Place subdivision, $232,000.

Phil and Rita Stokes to John Brewer IV and Ann and John Brewer III, Lot 215, Hidden River Estates, $262,000.

Daniel and Kristi Miller to WD Properties LLC, Lot 16, Northgate Country Estates subdivision, $145,000.

Redzija Mujkanovic to Redzija Mujkanovic and Almedin Golubovic, Lot 3, Winston Place subdivision, no tax.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Cherie Schaller, Lot 607, North Ridge subdivision, $199,900.

Robert and Lisa Rennegarbe to Weston Durrant, Lot 3-1, North Mill subdivision, $430,000.

Rickey and Connie Smith to John and Jessica Wallen, Lot 1, Shaker Mill Bend subdivision, $185,000.

SSSLaw Reh LLC to GC Royalty & Investment LP, Suites 201 and 201, Avery Centre, $435,000.

Colby and Jessica Glasscock to David Jasuan, Lot 37, Greystone subdivision, $245,000.

Estate of John Robert Pitchford to Kristopher and Lindsay McLevaine, land near Old Scottsville Road, $305,500.

Omar Mohamed and Hiba Hussin to Farah Anwer, Lot 156, Deer Park subdivision, no tax.

Fred and Sharlene Grant to K&J Holdings LLC, Lots 1 and 2, Grant property subdivision, $230,000.

Kathryn Rogers to Western Hills LLC, Lots 30 and 31 R.E. Jones Nutwood Highland addition, $123,050.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Spencer and Laura Smith, Lot 576, North Ridge subdivision, $215,000.

YMS LLC to Kentucky LLC, Unit 6, Campus Plaza Condominiums, $170,000.

Garrett and Claire Hunt to Alex Gaskin, Unit 27, Jackson Square Condominiums, $99,000.

Terry Lawrence to Michael and Ruth Jones, Lot 5, Juanita Lawrence subdivision, $92,020.

Larry and Ramona Beam to Ganshayam Patel, Lot 22-1, Drakes Creek Acres subdivision, $75,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Christopher and Michelle Johnson, Lot 39, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $269,900.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Arthur Keith, Lot 20, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $349,900.

Michael and Maryellen Hutchinson to David Hutchinson, Lots 1 and 2, Floyd Landrum minor subdivision, $125,000.

JJP Investments LLC to L.R. Smith Pool & Spa LLC, Lot 3-51, Olde Stone subdivision, $97,500.

Carl Gelardi to Bonita Downey, Lot 5-131, Olde Stone subdivision, $320,000.

Jessica and Ryan Bates to Hobie and Allison Heggstrom, Lot 31, Pennyroyal Farms and Vernon Dearing Estate subdivision, $340,000.

Melvin and Patricia Wilson to Tai Nguyen, Lot 38, Glenview subdivision, $102,000.

Benjamin Dotson to Kelly and Laurel Jones, Lot 5, McLellan Farms subdivision, $375,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 195, McKinney Farms subdivision, $219,000.

Raina and Drew Bolding to Cherry Real Estate LLC, Lot 12, Wesley Estates subdivision, $201,160.

Jennifer Zell to Jeffrey and Kimberly Essig, land near Porter Pike, no tax.

Green Grass Construction & Real Estate Development LLC to Tyler J. Roland, Lot 200, McKinney Farms subdivision, $238,900.

Sandra Burris to James Mathews, Lot 2, Springhurst subdivision, $259,000.

Kathryn Rogers to MBSR LLC, Lots 1 and 2, plat book 27, page 198, $888,100.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Mark and Lisa Wilhite, Lot 107, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,000.

Craig and Carol Colburn to Ishietabo Msambelwa and Nyota Bitekyo, Lot 3, Golden Ayr Estates, $280,000.

Guy and Laura Priddy to R&R Investment Group LLC, Lot 5, Jones Brothers subdivision, $60,000.

Terry Lawrence to Tamara Malone, Lot 3, Juanita Lawrence subdivision, $144,450.

Neal and Marion Smith and Elizabeth and Travis Calvert to Lattie and Erlou Jones, Lot 43, Covington Grove subdivision, $85,000.

Woodland Station Development LLC to RJW Properties LLC, Lots 35, 37 and 45, Woodland Station subdivision, $95,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Seven Eleven Steeplechase LLC, Lot 5-107, Olde Stone subdivision, $125,000.

Jonathan Carrier to Toby Basham, land near Bill Dedmon Road, $30,000.

Western Homes LLC to Gregory Bean, Lot 258, McCoy Place subdivision, $396,900.

Lisa Browning to Lisa Browning and Jeffrey Vincent, Lot 12, BG Leichhardt lots, no tax.

Adam and Meredith Loafman to Clay Diamond, Lot 9, Ridgecrest subdivision, $260,000.

Beverly Dunning to John and Donna Loid, Lot 67, Sunny Acres Mobile Home subdivision, $15,000.

Shelly and Bob Dillard Jr. to Wellington and Aarika Gunn, Lot 4, Pine Acres subdivision, $670,000.

Omni Properties LLC to Jason Garmon, Lots 6-24, Woodlands subdivision, no tax.

Jason Garmon to Thomas and Victoria Garmon, Lots 6-24, Woodlands subdivision, no tax.

Martha and Jim Johnson and Steve and Carol Spinks to James and Retha Spinks and Gary and Joy Spinks, land near Oakland-U.S. 31-W Road, $600,000.

HAAM Investments LLC to Hansbrough Development LLC, Lot 42, Cedar Grove subdivision, $450,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 193, McKinney Farms subdivision, $219,000.

Lula Alexander to Chris and Myneka Russell and Barry and Shirley Locke, Lot 26, Deer Meadow subdivision, $252,000.

Wellington and Aarika Gunn to Tiffany Bryant, Lot 68, Indian Hills subdivision, $350,000.

Lula Kinder to Whitney Watts, Lot 38, Remington Place subdivision, $303,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Linda Stone, Lot 112, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $369,900.

The estate of James B. Tomes II to Jeffrey and Betsy Harned, land near Cemetery Road, $366,475.

The estate of Hunter Vance Jr. to Jay Blankenship and Stephanie Phillips, Lot 13, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, $260,000.

Gary and Bonnie Thomas to Brandie Young, Lot 13, Sherwood Manor subdivision, $334,900.

Ronald and Claudette Davis to Ronald and Claudette Davis, land near Main Street, no tax.

Kelli Disney to Aunt Myint and Kyaw Win, Lots 18 and 19, Sunshine Gardens subdivision, $234,900.

Maung Aye and Paw Moo to Go Sawm Tung and Cing Khawm Lun, Lot 80, Covington Station subdivision, $185,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Evett Shawntal Wilks and Zhock James Mason, Lot 579, North Ridge subdivision, $199,900.

Brian and Christy Runyan to Joshua and Melinda Hutcheson, Lot 125, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $229,000.

Luxury Club LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, Lot 24, Normal View addition, $82,000.

Rescue Investments LLC and Ron and Paula Renner to Alvis Bradford, Lot 177, Shawnee Estates, $179,900.

Vita Nova LLC to Old Tram LLC, Lot 2-1, Donna Webb Estate subdivision, $435,000.

Nelly Niang to Dustin and Sandra Gentile, Lot 167, Springhill subdivision, $166,000.

Joshua and Melinda Hutcheson to Jonah Essig, land near 10th Street, $185,000.

Estate of Kathleen Jones to Jeryn Lee, land near Barren River Road, $47,500.

Ajdin Causevic to Moo Eh and Po Lah Say, Lot 37, Deer Park Estates subdivision, $243,000.

Helen Thomas to Roger and Deidre Thomas, land near T. Elkins Road and near Smiths Grove and Dought Creed Road, $600,000.

James Reneau to Benjamin Bucher, Lot 11, Forest Park subdivision, $86,000.

Charles and Carolyn Hardcastle to Abdelaati and Bridget Kaiaa, Lot 21, Greenmeadow subdivision, $93,000.

Michael and Sandra Fleming to Quinten and Heather Curry, Lot 221, McCoy Place subdivision, $349,900.

Christine and David Sowders to Westbrook Land Trust, land near Old Morgantown Road, Morgantown Road and U.S. 231, $170,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Tabbatha and Derrick Lottes, Lot 91, Stagner Farm subdivision, $317,905.

Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc. to Joseph and Faryn Huggins, Lot 600, Greystone subdivision, $222,000.

Danny and Sharon Lowe to Jacqueline Yunker, Lot 3, Saddlebrook subdivision, $270,000.

Gregory and Brandi Young to Robert Owen II, Lot 4, Gary and Anna Garrity subdivision, $202,000.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Charan Mannuru and Madakala Parvathi, Lot 243, McCoy Place subdivision, $409,801.

John and Rita Sloman to Contessa Farmer, Lot 1, minor plat book 21, page 16, no tax.

Contessa Farmer to John and Rita Sloman, land near Blue Level Road, no tax.

Shirley and Alice Basham to Nicholas and Hayley Brooks, land near Blue Level Road, $68,000.

Hunt Real Estate Group Inc. to Summer Shepherd, Lot 1, minor plat book 15, page 36, $75,000.

Kazimuddin Properties LLC to Wesley and Sophie McAdams, land near College Street, $350,000.

Richard and Christy Thomas to Anthony and Kerry Berta, Lot 53, Talbott Place subdivision, $775,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Chris Hamilton, land in minor plat book 1, page 53, $132,000.

Coleridge William Tucker II to Renee Basham, land near North Campbell Road, $140,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Tre Lane Marlow, Lot 103, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $184,100.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Victor Echeverria Paz and Sandra Elizabeth Hernandez Rivas, Lot 34, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $264,900.

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