McKinney Farms Development LLC to Old Hickory Homes LLC, Lot 185, McKinney Farms subdivision, $38,900.

RAW 902 LLC to Fuqua Family Holdings LLC, land near Cabell Drive, $78,000.

RAW 1540 LLC to Fuqua Family Holdings LLC, land near Kenton Street, $77,050.

Thomas M. Pollard Jr. to Amanda Leigh Turner, Lot 32, Remington Place subdivision, $281,000.

Sarah and Lee Johnson to Bryce and Shania Rose, Lot 364, Springfield subdivision, $212,000.

Southern Kentucky Land LLC to Iglesia Del Dios Columna Apoyo La Verdad La Luz Del Mondo Inc., land near Porter Pike, $125,000.

Bobby and Lauren Key to Bobby and Lauren Key, land near Detour Road, no tax.

Matlock Properties LLC to Todd and Tabor Crosby, Lot 21, Matlock Farms subdivision, $80,000.

Western Homes LLC to Charles and Rhonda Jones, Lot 207, McCoy Place subdivision, $340,650.

Matthew and Melissa Marshbanks to Stephen and Kim Allen, Lot 58, Summit subdivision, $855,000.

Joshua and Paige Cates to Matthew Stoltz, Lot 5, Saddlebrook subdivision, $186,000.

Summit Partners Inc. to Esmir Bektic and Senaida Husnic, Lot 248, Summit subdivision, $59,900.

Ricky Driver Jr. to Krista Mobley and Kimberly Gillett, Lot 8, Motley Acres subdivision, $149,000.

Mark and Anna Belcher to Allie and Cory Bowles, land near Mount Lebanon Road, $295,000.

Amanda and Dwight Holder to Amanda and Dwight Holder, Lot 132, Winfield Acres subdivision, no tax.

Ralph and Frances Donoho to Troy and Kimberly Donoho, Lot 1, Sunnyside subdivision, no tax.

Matthew and Adrian Hardy and Jeffery and Shelly Anderson to Travis Gall, Lot 2, plat book 43, page 196, $210,000.

Aron Causey to Andrew Ziemke, land near Brookwood Drive, $154,900.

Leigh and Douglas Watt to Fred McCoy, Lot 110, Hartland subdivision, $455,000.

Sam and Gloria Peach to Plano Road Development LLC, Lot 2, Coy Allen Jr. subdivision, $200,000.

Dennis Westray and Ruth Ann Rogers to Melody White, Lot 9, Cool Spring Farms subdivision, $300,000.

Eli O. Jackson III to David and Kaleighn LaBore, Lot 9, Hopkins subdivision, $345,000.

South Glen Properties LLC to Howe Construction LLC, Lot 165, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $58,000.

Rent BG LLC to Corvette View Properties LLC, Lots 20 and 22, Corvette View subdivision, $999,000.

Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc. to Peggy and Dennis Hogan, Lot 5, Kingston Pointe subdivision, $248,000.

Mervin and Leora Overholt to Wayne and Elva Overholt, Lot 2-10, plat book 39, page 321, no tax.

Wayne and Elva Overholt to Mervin and Leora Overholt, Lot 2-13, plat book 39 page 321, no tax.

Burch Investments LLC to Derrick and Marissa Palmer, Lot 1, plat book 17, page 50, $350,000.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to James and Susan Peterson, Lot 14, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $179,000.

Judy Allen to La Gala LLC, Lot 4, Fairview addition, $88,810.

Dragana and Senad Smailhodzic to Almir and Mersiha Hamzic, Lot 43, Westgate View subdivision, $35,000.

Ulises Juarez-Luna and Katherine Hale to Jacob McAndrews, Lot 67, Bellevue subdivision, $157,500.

Calista and Travis Adams to Magdy Khalil and Viviam Ibrahim, Lot 14, Windmill Heights subdivision, $166,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lots 4, 6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 15, L. Jack Scott subdivision, no tax.

Hammer Homes LLC to Justin and Heather Duncan, Lot 17, Heritage subdivision, $241,900.

Bluegrass Contracting and Consulting LLC to Rance and April Lewis, Lot 32, Heritage subdivision, $284,900.

Miami Global LLC to Marcos and Esther Franco, land near Woodford Avenue, $45,000.

Eric Wallace and Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC, Lots 84-87, Spring Lakes and Owen Sims subdivision revision, $174,000.

Steven and Terri Sheldon to Dana and Melissa Taylor, Lot 23, Briar Ridge Estates, $2,268,000.

Mike and Alicia Bell to Parachute Adams LLC, Lot 223, Greystone subdivision, $155,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lot 66, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $38,000.

Linda McKee to Lynlee Anne McKee, land near Oakland Road, no tax.

Lynlee McKee and Zachary Blubaugh to Lynlee McKee and Zachary Blubaugh, land near Oakland Road, no tax.

John Bonanni to Samuel and Gloria Peach, Lot 10, Cool Spring Farms subdivision, $216,000.

Daniel W. and Mary Kay Bledsoe; Mary Ann and Daniel Bruce Stahl Jr.; and Joseph Bledsoe to Joseph Bledsoe, land near Blue Level and Galloways Mill Road, no tax.

Charles Reid to Dion and Lois Houchins, land near Main and Park streets, $315,000.

Robert and Cynthia Whittaker and Ramona S. Whittaker to Ramona S. Whittaker and Robert Whittaker, Lot 162, Eastland Park subdivision, no tax.

Reuben Stahl to Eric and Mackenzie Burnett, Lot 2, minor plat book 11, page 32, $198,500.

Ling Aung and Kee Yaung to Thang Lian Thawng and Alam Aikkham, Lot 184, Springhill subdivision, $155,000.

Keith Honaker to Samantha Jo Stuntz, Lot 2, Dude Howard subdivision, $514,900.

Mackenzie Meadow LLC to Chase Strother, Lot 29, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $210,000.

Stephen Daniel Properties LLC to Trace McElwain and Alexis Kenny, Lot 35, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $295,900.

Southside Development LLC to Rizo Smajic, Lot 2, McLellan Crossing, $45,000.

Graham Builders LLC to Robert and Ann Chenault, Lot 42, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $273,000.

Ronald and Jay Tomes Davis to Ronald and Jay Tomes Davis, Lot 64, Drakesborough Inc., no tax.

Bradley and Joyce Young and Marlene Young to RMC Holdings LLC, Parcel 1 (land in James Oren Estate subdivision revision of lots 3 and 4 in plat book 44, page 76); and Parcel 2 (tract 9, plat book 40, pages 51 and 52), $304,700.

Stephanie and Jacob Oliver to Hugh Hagan, Lot 36, Thoroughbred Acres subdivision, $165,000.

Joseph and Sheila Payette to James and Stephanie Walrath, Lot 239, McCoy Place subdivision, $314,900.

Alfredo Cabrera Simon and Isis Nelkis Tellez Ruiz to Idelsa A. Fadel Abigantus, Lot 267, Park Hills subdivision, $175,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Victoria and Joseph Bawiec Jr., Lot 590, North Ridge subdivision, $186,745.

Judith Jessie to Ma Del C Garcia-Martinez, Lot 22-1, Creekwood Village subdivision, $177,000.

Thomas and Jessica Dolan to Lori Beth Lawrence, Lots 12-14, Three Springs subdivision, $417,000.

James Abbott and Elizabeth Howard-Abbott to Sian Za Sum and Lu San Aung Kareng, Lot 3, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $230,000.

AMA Investments Inc. to Jeffrey and Colleen Eimers, Lot 8, Cherry Hill subdivision, no tax.

Theodore and Dixie Larouche to Charles Glaser, land near Three Forks Road, $96,180.

Ashli McCarty to Zachary Michaell Lechler and Bibliana Guadalupe Parra, Lot 62, Springhurst subdivision, $209,500.

Rene Rios Raeder and Maria Concepcion Nava Del Canizo to John and Amanda Bomba, Lot 51, Briar Ridge Estates, $535,000.

Linda and Roger Castle to Philip and Anita Huffer, land near Collett Road, $212,300.

JAVA Properties LLC to Keith and Kathy Barclay, Lot 7, Autumn View subdivision, $35,000.

Michael and Ashley Moore to W3 Properties LLC, Lot 11-13, Ogden Park subdivision, $140,000.

Patricia Goad to William and Jeanne Carver, Lot 109, Hunting Creek Estates, $315,000.

Eleanor Lindsey to Yvette Haralson, Lot 72, Blue Grass Meadows subdivision, $207,500.

Sarah Higgins and Tandy Higgins to Matthew Haycraft and Macy West, Lot 41, Meadows subdivision, $249,900.

Elisabeth Margaret Curtis-Howe Revocable Trust to Louie and Donna White, Lot 263, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $275,000.

Pin Oak Estates LLC to Kelly Properties LLC, Lots 108 and 109, Springwater subdivision, $89,000.

Sweets Design Build Inc. to Mohammad I. Jassim Sr. and Zahraa Albadri, Lot 244, McCoy Place subdivision, $328,400.

Treven Larae Bailey to Jane Renee Hart Coleman, Lot 450, North Ridge subdivision, $182,000.

Mitchell and Anne Cook to Gill and Floyda Jessee, Lot 227, Greystone subdivision, $185,000.

Delphus and Sharon Hood to Leigh and Douglas Watt, Lots 10 and 11, Mount Ayr Square subdivision, $310,000.

Amanda Turner to Ling Aung and Kee Yaung, Lot 32, Springfield subdivision, $220,000.

Terry Lynn Perkins to Walter and Sharon Jenkins, Lots 1, 1-1, 1-2, Bobby Lewis Meador subdivision, $25,000.

J.E. Holland Properties LLC to Charles Anderson Hardcastle, land near Smiths Grove Oakland Road, $142,000.

Mary Thomas to Larry Skillern, Lots 4 and 5, plat book 44, page 69, $264,290.

Southside Development LLC to TLH Holdings LLC, Lots 18-20, McLellan Crossings, $135,000.

Lawrence and Cindy Creighton to Carolyn Markle, Lot 1, Crandell Gardens subdivision, $145,000.

Justin and Amanda Reckard to Carlos Conn, Lot 46, McLellan Farms subdivision, $356,350.

Fred and Cheryl Watt to RNR Properties LLC, Lot 18, BGWC Industrial Foundation, $200,000.

RAW 901 LLC to Thomas Hunt, Lot 1, RCP Thomas Estate, $155,150.

Creekwood Village II LLC to A Himalaya KY Properties LLC, Lots 67 and 68, Creekwood Village subdivision, $1,288,466.66.

Creekwood Rentals LLP to A Himalaya KY Properties LLC, Lots 69-72, Creekwood Village, $2,576,933.34.

Groves and Volkert Development Co. LLC to A Himalaya KY Properties LLC, Lot 2-5, Otte Commercial subdivision, $1,660,800.

AMB Properties LLC to A Himalaya KY Properties LLC, Lot 2-6, Otte Commercial subdivision, $841,400.

Shirley Scott to Shirley C. Scott Revocable Trust, Lot 16, Sheffield subdivision, no tax.

The Daniel R. Colter and Kathryn R. Colter Family Living Revocable Trust to Po Zaw and Khrin Lay, Lot 13, Moss Meadows subdivision, $180,000.

Scott and Amy Turner to Jose Vazquez, Lot 49, Briar Ridge Estates, $685,000.

Mohammad Jassim and Zahraa Albadri to Long Thanh Hoang and Quyen Bach Tran, Lot 68, Stonehenge subdivision, $130,000.

David and Laura Eakles to Sarah Higgins, Lot 93-1, Lind Cliff Meadows subdivision, $378,000.

J. Trapper Construction LLC to Katherine and Cessna Brown IV, Lot 29, McLellan Farms subdivision, $389,000.

Lead Properties LLC to Dale Gilles, Lot 47, Farmgate subdivision, $190,000.

Eli O. Jackson III to Steve and Donna Haswell, Lot 10, Hopkins subdivision, $150,000.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 4, Heritage subdivision, $47,900.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 35, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

David and Shelia Dunn to Sheila Denise Bilbrey Wilson, land near Blue Level Road, $66,500.

William and Jennifer Skaggs to Matthew and Tamara Strom, Lot 27, Cambridge Grove subdivision, $388,000.

Bonnie Fedders to Mitchell and Brittany Parks, Lot 16, South Glen residential subdivision, $375,000.

Laura and Cameron Adams to Laura and Cameron Adams, Lot 60, Richland subdivision extension, no tax.

James and Barbara Bowers to James and Barbara Bowers, Lot 6, Meadowwood Estates subdivision, no tax.

Huffman Homes LLC to William and Angela Luck, Lot 124, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $399,900.

Gator Development LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lots 63-67, Upton Farms subdivision, $225,000.

Janet Thresea Norris (Ward); Patrick Hulen; Elizabeth and Joseph Harbin; and Amanda and Warren Johnson to Kevin Rogers and Cinda Shumate, land near Girkin Road, $220,000.

RAW 1539 LLC to Exile Properties LLC, Lots 23 and 24, Cabell Garden subdivision, $80,250.

RAW 1541 LLC to Exile Properties LLC, land near Kenton Street, $80,250.

RAW 842 LLC to Exile Properties LLC, Lot 24, McIntyre Herdman Ramsey Cabell subdivision, $80,250.

Max Ventures LLC to Visal Karazha, Lots 9 and 10, Creekwood Townhomes, $590,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Erick and Jada Roy, Lot 12, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $277,954.

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