Robert and Courtney Brunck to Robert and Christina Lindsey, Lot 90, Coalition Estates, $171,500.

Hammer Homes LLC to Brian and Rhonda Lampe, Lot 12, Windsor Trace Farms, $297,000.

Jimmy and Mary Caudill to Joseph Taylor, Lot 3-1, Jim and Sue Caudill subdivision, $5,000.

Big Time Properties LLC to River’s Landing Edge LLC, Lot 2-5, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, no tax.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Big Time Properties LLC, Lots 55, 58, 63 and 64, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, no tax.

Barry and Lisa Cummings to J. Adams Properties LLC, Lots 18 and 19, Meadowlawn addition, $70,000.

Andrew and Beverly Shouse to Josiah Jesse S. Andersen, Lot 20, William H. Briggs addition, $89,000.

Hal Evans to Conner Hurd, land near Hwy. 101 and Moon Woods Road, $78,500.

Bernard J. Gieske to John Campbell and Molly Hammers, Lot 90, Crestmoor subdivision, $270,000.

Banks and Patricia Crandell to Nicholas Childress, Lot 1, Philip and Kathie McCormack minor subdivision, $130,000.

Eagle Ridge Developers LLC to Austin and Brittanee Moyers, Lot 49, Eagle Ridge subdivision, $85,000.

Caliber Contracting LLC to William Lackey and Robin Bruce, land near Ky. 242, $192,000.

John and Jana Boswell to Matthew and Emily Stephenson, Lot 350, Hunting Creek Estates, $336,000.

Kham Lim LLC to Taibo’s Home LLC, Lots 74, 76, 78, Cedar Grove subdivision, $3,686,800.

Taibo’s Home LLC to Kham Lim LLC, Lots 51, 56, 57 and 61, Creekwood Village, $2,595,200.

Jeremiah Jones to Gerald Seltz, Lot 2, J.W. and Martha Simmons minor subdivision, $35,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to The Jones Company of Kentucky II LLC, Lot 37, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Carol Daugherty to Jesse and Carol Daugherty, Lot 3, Countrywood subdivision, no tax.

Gary Bunch to Heather Yule, Lot 1, Gary Alvin Bunch property subdivision, $101,650.

Justin and Natalie Feldman to Hayden Sorrels, Lot 120, Winfield Acres, $236,000.

Estate of William Madison to David and Kathleen Ives and Elizabeth Kirchhof, Lot 4, Angus Acres, $353,100.

Hammer Homes LLC to Terrell White, Lot 50, Heritage subdivision, $242,500.

Matthew and Adrian Hardy and Jeffery and Shelly Anderson to Anthony Brown and Yvette Marin, Lot 6, plat book 43, page 196, $199,900.

James and Sally Skiles to Steven and Pamela Barnett, Lot 52, Cobblestone subdivision, $415,000.

Kelly and Melody Thompson to KTKT LLC, land near Creason Drive, no tax.

Jo Ann Tabor to John and Tonya Watt, Lot 14, Windhaven subdivision, $308,000.

Tom Goodworth Construction Inc. to Peterbu Kter and Marybu Moepoetin, Lot 12, The Heritage subdivision, $290,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Katherine and Joshua Jenkins, Lot 211, McKinney Farms subdivision, $185,400.

Mark McCormack and Laura Cross to Ann McCormack Revocable Trust, Lot 41-94, Bent Tree Estates, no tax.

Trevor and Courtney Riddle to Cody Courtway, Lot 46, The Meadows at Smiths Grove, $235,000.

979 LLC to Thomas and Judith Hunt, Lots 145 and 146, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $160,000.

Tammy and Charles Young II and Austin and Breanna Young to Gibson and Hannah Brueher, Lot 10, Williams Briggs addition, $99,500.

J&T Property Management Inc. to Schatzie Bear and Charles Wilder, Lot 5, H.G. Lowe Lots, $137,500.

Todd and Denise Henson to Mitchel and Mary Henson, Lot 234, McCoy Place, $332,000.

Kent and Melissa Grimes to Samuel Clardy and Cayley Holland, Lots 2-4, plat book 37, page 347, $60,000.

Robin and Penny Malone to Terry Nunn and Beti Turner, land near Denton Road, $350,000.

Susan and Donald Devine to Rett and Allie Coode, Lots 1 and 3, Joan Phelps property subdivision, $70,000.

Tina Lawrence and Robert Elrod to Tina Lawrence and Robert Elrod, Lot 203, North Ridge subdivision, no tax.

Shamrock Homes LLC to Brian and Annisa Burbage, Lot 45, South Oaks subdivision, $234,900.

Siegert Properties LLC to Eric and Melissa Gilpin, Lots 87-90, Ogden Park subdivision, $229,500.

Paul Lucas to KTKT LLC, land near 10th Street, $80,250.

Eric and Kelsey Long to Dal Mun Mang and Gin Nu, Lot 125, Springfield subdivision, $220,000.

Robert and Kim Skipper to Robert and Kim Skipper, land near Hwy. 240 in Woodburn, no tax.

Gary Bunch to Robert Adams, Lot 6, Gary Alvin Bunch property, $48,150.

My LLC to Cody and Kimberly Zimmerman, Lot 218, Summit subdivision, $477,500.

Brittany and Brandon Wafford to Christina and Bruce Lupinacci, Lot 31, Crossings at Cave Mill, $245,000.

Darrell and Tracy Oliver and Danny and Laura Oliver to Daniel and Tawnya Morgan, Lot 4, subdivision plat of The Darrell and Danny Oliver property, $100,000.

Ben and Becky Tomblinson to Jeremy and Erin Goad, Lot 3, Blue Heron Court subdivision, $588,500.

Jerry Hester and Donald Holland to Jerry and Sheila Hester, Lots 2 and 3, plat book 44, page 32, $137,577.39.

Jerry Hester and Donald Holland to Vance and Florence Lavin, Lot 7, plat book 44, page 32, $44,084.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Brad Knee Builders LLC, Lots 555, 556, 558, 604, 605, North Ridge subdivision, $227,500.

Don and Jonell Westerfield to Ahmad Albadry and Diana Fatah, land near U.S. 231, $350,000.

Lisa and Richard Roberson III to Kevin and Terri Cleaver, Lot 34, Trackside Section 2, Ivan Downs Planned Unit Development, $439,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Ashlee Manley and Coleman West, Lot 51, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $182,500.

Taylor and Chelsea Hill to Jacob and Meghan Johnston, land near Frontage Road, $287,500.

Nancy Toth to Robert and Rachel Pendleton, Lots 5 and 5-1, Mount Ayr Estates subdivision, $518,950.

Teresa Jones, Steven Jones and Robert Jones to Teresa Jones, Steven Jones and Robert Jones, Lot 94, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, no tax.

Simba Sky LLC to Moranda and Stephen Butcher, Lot 171, McKinney Farms subdivision, $245,900.

Dallas and Deanna Hayes to Patrick Hayes, Michael Hayes and Todd Hayes, land in deed book 591, page 314, no tax.

Jerry and Bonnie Miller to Shannon Taylor, tract 1, Jerry Miller property, $200,000.

Gray Caudill to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 17, Green Meadows subdivision, $15,000.

Gray Caudill to Black Helmet Properties LLC, land near West 10th Street, $36,000.

Rubilene Lowery to Bruce Moles, Lot 113, section 5, Winfield Acres, no tax.

Christopher and Jenna Tarter to William and Leslie Cherry, Lot 38, Ivan Downs subdivision, $375,000.

Brittany and Brandon Wafford to Christina and Bruce Luipnacci, Lot 31, Crossings at Cave Mill, $245,000.

Matthew and Emily Stephenson to Charles and Jessica Watson, Lot 304, Hunting Creek Estates, $259,900.

Phillip and Mary Beckner to Josh and Ashley McCombs, Lot 4, Magers Bristow subdivision, $380,000.

Thomas and Cynthia O’Reilly to Chadwick and Autumn Singer, Lot 122, Shawnee Estates, $162,000.

John and Angel Lee to Frederick Ranslow, Lot 54, Belle Haven subdivision, $392,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Hany Abdel Marid Kalada, Lot 94, Spring Lakes and Owen Sims subdivision, $194,900.

Fadil and Fazila Kadric to Po Chit and Man Sen, Lot 320, Deer Park subdivision, $175,000.

William and Robin Pyles to Desmond Cordell Stice, Lot 41, Coalition Estates, $160,000.

H2 Investments LLC and Magway Properties LLC to Maribeth Wilson, land near Magnolia Avenue, $325,000.

Matthew and Sarah Hutcheson to Merle and Brenda Ford, Patricia Allen, Tamala Blanton, Robin Ford and Jana Alvey, Lot 49, Coalition Estates, $185,000.

Caliber Contracting LLC to April and Phillip King, Lot 2, Henry Hooten minor subdivision, $159,900.

Robert and Jennifer Basham to Katherine Kabler and Charlotte Harrill, land near 11th Street, $253,000.

Stephen Back to Matthew and Kortnea Powell, Lot 6, Weatherstone subdivision, $190,000.

Gary and Sandra Force to Kirk and Martina Fee, Lot 6-7, Olde Stone subdivision, $260,000.

Bobby and Linda Hendrick to Kevin and Heather Lashley, Lot 1, Bobby and Evelyn Hendrick subdivision, $35,000.

Jeremy Connor and Tricia Flannery to Taylor and Chelsea Gilbert, Lot 22, plat book 37, pages 428-430, $384,900.

Chelsey Brooke, Stacey Lee and William and Linda Lee to Troy Huddleston and Erica Bird, Lot 4, Joshua White property, $149,900.

Jacob Johnston and Meghan Montemayor-Johnston to Tina Powell, Lot 13, Pleasant Place subdivision, $164,500.

Eric Wallace and Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC to Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC, Lot 83, Spring Lake and Owen Sims subdivision, $43,500.

Spring Lakes LLC to Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace, Lot 112-1, Spring Lakes subdivision, no tax.

Eric Wallace and Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC to Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC, Lot 1, Spring Lakes subdivision, $43,500.

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