Guanqi Lai to Qintian Wang, Lot 67, Normal View addition, $23,000.

Garnett Owens to Owens Family Dynasty Trust, Garnett M. Owens, trustee, tract 1 (land in deed book 1003, page 243); tract 2 (land in deed book 480, page 569); tract 3 (land in deed book 478, page 481); and tract 4 (land in deed book 448, page 677), no tax.

Ronald and Jo Carol Ford to W3 Properties LLC, Lots 6 and 7, Smallhouse Hines subdivision, $125,000.

Sandra Alford Stewart Revocable Trust to Cameron Fitzgerald Gover, Lot 122, Springfield subdivision, $201,938.87.

Matthew and Kymberly Tullis to Jake and Kelsey Tullis, land near High Street, $85,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Aeryka Towe and Robert and Carolyn Myatt, Lot 611, North Ridge subdivision, $184,900.

Chad and Savannah York to Eric and Tina Eubank, Lot 8, William Holman Estate, $100,000.

Matthew and Julie Coffey to Tania and Daniel Basta, Lot 35, Claiborne Farms, $535,000.

Tintagel Investments LLC to Elijah Properties LLC, land near Creason Drive and Oliver Street, $120,000.

Searcy Station LLC to Orchard Springs LLC, land near Three Springs Road, $950,000.

Kenneth and Charlene Utley to Benjamin and Kathleen Belden, Lot 6, Southland Park subdivision, $132,500.

Gemstone Property Development LLC to Ezekiel Woodcock and Ivy Brown, Lot 106, Weatherstone subdivision, $193,900.

Michael and Lisa Vaught and Matthew S. Vaught to David Woodall Jr. and Kevin Steele, Lot 11, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $156,000.

Joshua and Amy Mooneyhan to Sian Thlia, Ran Lian and Siang Sung, Lot 73, McCoy Place subdivision, $250,000.

125 Hunter LLC to Walnut Valley Storage LLC, Lot 25-12, Bowling Green Corporate Park, no tax.

Western Homes LLC to James and Heather Tuliano, Lot 7, Girkin Woods subdivision, $309,700.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Kenneth and Susan Skutnik, Lot 3-7, Olde Stone subdivision, $225,000.

Lowell Guthrie to Hongxia Lin Guthrie, Lot 88, Ridgewood Estates, no tax.

Southside Development LLC to Overholt Builders LLC, Lots 6-10, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $225,000.

1136 JC LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lot 47-2, Hartland subdivision, no tax.

Kevin and Amanda Winn to Ronald and Dawn Johnson, Lot 28, Trace at Bays Fork subdivision, $265,000.

Kyle and Kacey Rowland to Nermina Scott and Adis Handzic, Lot 21, McLellan Farms subdivision, $337,000.

Ed and Edna Miller to Michael Stokes and Cheryl Kirby-Stokes, Lot 6, Deer Haven subdivision, $21,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Juan and Veronica Sandoval, Lot 13, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision revision, $205,900.

Susan and Tracy Harris to Jose Roberto Rivera Morales and Rhina Escobar Morales, Lot 10, Bon Aire Village subdivision, $108,000.

Barbara and James Bowers to James J. and Barbara S. Bowers Living Trust, Lot 6, Meadowwood Estates, no tax.

Alan and Dianna Young to James and Mary Horschman, land near Proctor Mill Road, $129,900.

Sarah and Gared Edmunds to Magendran Danapal and Amy Stephen, Lot 15, Talbott Place, $625,000.

Samuel and Touria Myers to Brynnan Beckman, Lot 11, Eastland Park subdivision, $200,000.

William and Sherry Taylor to David Taylor, land near Old Sugar Grove Hadley Road, $175,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Cornelia Blewett, Lot 8, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $249,031.

William and June Ramsey to Steven and Greta Roof, Lot 8, Richland subdivision, $290,000.

Anthony and Jayne Pelaski to Spikal Harmon and Donna P. Harmon Revocable Trust, Lot 33, Covington Grove subdivision $80,250.

Spikal and Donna Harmon to Spikal M. Harmon and Donna P. Harmon Revocable Trust, Lot 35, Covington Grove subdivision, no tax.

Anna Patsfall and Roberto Sifontes to Parachute Adams LLC, land near Glendale Avenue, $139,500.

Sean and Julie Wilgruber and David and Sophia Holland to Curtis Rafferty, Lot 4, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $280,000.

Joanna and Kevin Wiles to David Wiles, Lot 33, Rolling Fields subdivision, $175,000.

Zahir and Fatima Music to Azmir Husic, Lot 143, Deer Park subdivision, no tax.

Jason Jones to Garhett and Emma Carmine, Lot 62, Legacy Pointe subdivision, $252,500.

Courtney Eller, Cameron Gover and Caitlin Murphy to The Rouleau Co. LLC, Lot 13, Fairview Heights subdivision, $360,000.

Paul and Vivian Cartmill and David Cartmill to Kathy and David Evans, Lot 3, minor plat book 19, page 67, $120,000.

Joseph Green to Anna Livia Patsfall and Roberto Sifontes Valdez, Lot 48, Pleasant Colony subdivision, $172,000.

Harrison Horizon LLC to National Corvette Museum Foundation Inc., Lots 3-6 and 3-7, Corvette subdivision, $600,000.

Bradley and Chisholm Brunner to Katherine and Terry Boils, Lot 2-2, Barry W. Claypool subdivision, $345,000.

Eddie and Tracy Scott to Ashley Scott, Lot 2, Crossridge subdivision, $157,500.

Robin and Shirley Reeves to Susan Carder and Demi Litten, Lot 17, Williamsgate Place subdivision, $294,000.

Matthew and Erin Kamboures to Brittany and Brandon Wafford, Lot 134, Belle Haven subdivision, $362,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to David and Sara Spear, Lot 125, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $54,900.

Robert and Kelly Bell to Spencer Borders, Lot 5, RCP Thomas Estate addition, $140,000.

Heather and James Tuliano to Russell Kerr, Lot 53, McKinney Farms subdivision, $199,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Carol and James Gilson, Lot 17, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision revision, $201,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Abdelaati Kaiaa, Abderrahmane Boussahour and Samir Naciri, Lot 20, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Abdelaati Kaii, Abderrahmane Boussahour and Samir Naciri, Lot 19, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Kelcey Rock to Tammy Liggett, Lot 31, Talbott Place subdivision, $371,000.

Big Time Properties LLC to Elizabeth and Michael Adkins Jr., Lot 20, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $264,900.

Danny Hittson to Plum Springs Baptist Church Inc., land near Plum Springs Road, $68,000.

The Judith L. Fritsche Living Trust to Lesel Anthony Killebrew Jr. and Emani Boards, Lot 350, North Ridge subdivision, $185,000.

Deanna Williams Lanier to DMK Properties LLC, Lot 4, RCP Thomas addition, $305,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Thomas and Lucy Turnbow, Lot 81, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $276,000.

Justin Glass to J.R. Glass, Lot 129, Riverbend Landing subdivision, no tax.

Matlock Properties LLC to Harlan Construction Inc., Lot 19, Matlock Farms subdivision, $85,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., 24 lots in River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $912,000.

Carter Crossing LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lots 103-111, Carter Crossings subdivision, $431,000.

Woodland Station Holdings LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lots 33, 40, 68 and 78, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $174,000.

Woodland Station Development LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lots 25, 32, 36 and 77, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $174,000.

Big Time Properties LLC to M.A. Williams Properties Inc., Lot 41, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $43,500.

Christopher and Emily Davenport to Amanda Stafford and David Brown, Lot 29, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $445,000.

Traditions Landing LLC to Sevenplus LLC, Lots 2-3 and 2-4, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $4,300,000.

Jonathan and Kerri Johnson to Adam and Patricia Chaffin, Lot 5, Glen Lamastus minor subdivision, $229,000.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Aaron Morris, Lot 551, North Ridge subdivision, $188,400.

Mark and Robin Douglas to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lot 1, Mark Douglas property subdivision, $45,000.

Gator Development LLC to America’s Home Place Inc., Lots 33 and 34, Upton Farms subdivision, $97,000.

Shirley Nebel to Nathaniel Stearns, Lot 2, Roddy Estates, $175,000.

Southside Development LLC to Golden Hammer LLC, Lot 32, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $45,000.

Deena and Scott Stivers to Thang Hau Lian Kap and Rosely Te, Lot 15, Shawnee Estates subdivision, $157,500.

John and Nancy Rice to Southern Craftsman Homes LLC, land near Park Street, $97,500.

VGF Investments LLC to CSR BG Investments LLC, Lot 2-4, Otte Commercial subdivision, $115,000.

Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc. to Elizabeth Green, Lot 76, Weatherstone subdivision, $210,000.

SCL Consulting LLC to Logan and Paul England, Lot 99, Scottish Manor Estates, $269,900.

Jessica and Kenneth Curtis II to Christopher Blanton, Lot 233, North Ridge subdivision, $140,000.

Laura and Jeffrey Cardwell to Jonathan and Holly Cardwell, land near Hardcastle community, no tax.

Kenneth and Teresa Miller; David and Freida Rogers; and Freeman and Karen Miller to David and Freida Rogers, land near Pleasant Grove Road, $36,666.66.

Mike and Evon Hymer to Kathleen Donley, Lot 46, Plano Estates major subdivision, $262,500.

Touch Kim to Alicia T. Prak, Lot 10, Woodstone Springs subdivisions, no tax.

Natasha Vondracek to Alfredo Hernandez, Lot 34, Kingstwon Crossing subdivision, $139,900.

Adis Redzic to Joshua McCrary and Elizabeth Johnson, Lot 93, Brentwood Place subdivision, $203,500.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jamie and Tiffany Creager, Lot 112, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $267,105.

Chad and Wendy Moseley to Abdalkahar Mubark and Sawsan Turky, Lot 86, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $210,000.

Brittany Williams to Brooklyn Barber and Coty Skaj, Lot 117, Riverbend Landing subdivision, $164,000.

Danielle and Joshua Foster to Kevin and Amanda Winn, Lot 392, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $339,900.

Hurst Properties of Bowling Green LLC to Nancy Pace, Lot 133, Deer Park subdivision, $145,000.

Kerri and Jonathan Johnson to Kerri and Jonathan Johnson, Lot 2, Miller subdivision, no tax.

Jaswinder Pal Singh and Amita Priya Kaur to Jonathan and Kerri Johnson, Lot 104, Hunters Crossing subdivision, $332,000.

Mark Douglas Construction LLC to Vanja Rakanovic, Lot 6-1, Jack Scott subdivision, $229,900.

Scott and Julie Goben to Brandon Burchell and Katy Scherr, Lot 42, Meadows subdivision, $346,900.

Walter Smith to Randy and Karen Davis, Lot 28, Maplewood Mobile subdivision, $94,000.

J-Lee Properties LLC to Nathan Paille, land near 11th Street, $141,000.

Joseph and Laura Beavers to Jonathan and Angie Ford, Lot 95, Deer Meadow subdivision, $305,000.

TCB LLC to Big Dog Investments LLC, land near Woodford Street, $125,000.

On the Spot Rental Properties LLC to Eazy Rentals LLC, Lot 7, Northern Heights subdivision, $80,000.

Scott and Tabitha Emsley to E Amy Court LLC, Lot 22, Backwoods subdivision, no tax.

Hammer Homes LLC to Thang En Cin and Khup Sian Mung, Lot 33, Heritage subdivision, $299,000.

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