Audley Place Apartments No. II LLC to Thornton Investments LLC, Lot 4, Oxford Center, $1,796,400.

Gemini Homes Inc. to Johan and Shelly Mirkovic, Lot 7, Hardcastle Farms subdivision, $473,500.

Build 2 Suit LLC to Brandon Wilson, Lot 53, Legacy Pointe, $252,500.

William and Wendy McClure to Ty B. and Erin Glendenning, Lot 152, McCoy Place subdivision, $318,500.

Jerry Hester and Donald Holland to Joseph Rippy, Lot 4, plat book 44, page 32, $96,300.

Amel and Teresa Hardcastle to Eugene and Linda Parker, Lot 7, Owens Estate subdivision, no tax.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to Big Time Properties LLC, Lots 43 and 44, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $60,000.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Michael and Sandra Fleming, Lot 221, McCoy Place subdivision, $329,900.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Graham Builders LLC, Lot 36, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

Dennis and Rhonda Smith to Betty Boyd, Lot 67, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $294,000.

Rusty and Tammy Coots to Keith Honaker, Lot 3, minor plat book 14, page 83, $73,053.89.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Adam and Nadia Blankenship and Cheryl Blankenship, Lot 93, Spring Lakes and Owen Sims subdivision, $204,000.

Francine Brown to David Thang Suan Pau, Ciin Suan Niang and Grace Niangdimlun, Lot 6, Jaggers subdivision, $205,000.

Kevin and Terri Cleaver to David and Ashley Wyatt, Lot 144, Belle Haven subdivision, $362,500.

David and Ashley Wyatt to Khup Ai and Kiim Nu, Lot 82, Bailey’s Farm subdivision, $226,000.

John Bryson to Esther Stanley, land near Adams Street, $17,500.

GC Land Development to Gemstone Property Development LLC, Lot 132, Weatherstone subdivision, $39,000.

Thomas and Amy Hinkbein to Lonus and Gaye Flener, Lot 5-83, Olde Stone subdivision, $475,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Neisha Feliciano, Lot 91, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $190,826.

Irongate LLC to Kentucky-Tennessee Conference Association of Seventh-day Adventists Inc., land near Main and Virginia Avenues, $370,000.

Darrell and Susan Traughber to Fon Taylor, Lot 7, Ezra Pace subdivision, $283,500.

Jeffrey and Colleen Eimers to Terrence and Debbie Finley, land near Olde Stone subdivision, $800,000.

Richard and Kelley Tittle to Mario Ayala, tract 2, Brown Kanaly & Quick subdivision, $10,000.

Todd and Brenda Stokes to Chandubhai and Jyotsanaben Patel, Lot 8, Crimson Ridge subdivision, $775,000.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 47, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

Lawrence Lumsden to Amel and Teresa Hardcastle, Lot 1, Hamrick subdivision, $175,000.

Kenneth and Mary Gregory to Southwinds Development LLC, land near Plano Road, $350,000.

David and Robert Byrd and Angela Byrd to Bradley and Kelly Zachary, Lots 84-86, Ogden Park subdivision, $170,000.

Emilee and James Comer to Clinton Hartig, Lot 107, Eastland Park subdivision, $222,000.

Jerry Hester and Donald Holland to Christopher and Melody Gravil, Lot 1, James Holland Dorothy Holland Estate, $91,142,60.

Oulay Corp. to Shirby Properties LLC, land near Lovers Lane, $3,982,400.

Michael Reynolds to Jennifer Lynn, Lot 495, Briarwood Manor, $220,420.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Lee Dinwiddie, Lot 3-64, Olde Stone subdivision, $75,000.

Bruce Zachary to Harold and Norma Strange, Lot 8, Estill Branham Estate subdivision, $437,000.

Lyle and Sue Renfrow to Tracy and Landon Kirby, Lot 549, Hidden River subdivision, $285,000.

Cyleta Boyle, Wanda Dowell and Brenda McKinney to Hudson Capital Properties LLC, Lot 4, Collett addition, $73,000.

Debra Maulden to Henry Herbert and Na Li, Lot 28, Thoroughbred Acres subdivision, $190,000.

Janet Sweeney to Tyler and Eloise Egstad, Lot 4, Gladdis Farm subdivision, $225,000.

Summit Partners Inc. to Vedrana and Jason Weaver, Lot 255, Summit subdivision, $59,000.

Barbara Canary to AWEX Properties LLC, Lot 11, Briggs addition, $43,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Elizabeth and Keegan Finkbine, Lot 96, Spring Lakes & Owen Sims subdivision, $202,900.

A&A Rentals LLC to Jaber Properties LLC, land near Gray Street, $145,000.

Eddie and Glenda Beck to Eddie and Glenda Beck, Lot 27, Hemlock Heights extension, no tax.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Charles and Tricia Sanders, Lot 4-9, Olde Stone subdivision, $75,000.

Gary Bunch to Harold T. Hitch Jr. Trust, Lot 3, Gary Alvin Bunch property subdivision, $37,450.

Bradley and Joyce Young to Crystal Minor, Lot 3, Broad Acres subdivision, $205,000.

Mary Watt to Monica and Dusty Ross, land near Roger Cole Road, no tax.

Burr and Jones LLC to Nedzad and Ahmija Kardasevic, Lot 39, Poplar Grove subdivision, no tax.

Nedzad and Ahmija Kardasevic to Burr and Jones LLC, Lot 26, Poplar Grove subdivision, no tax.

Phillip and Linda Klusmeier to Kelly Offutt, Lot 5, Oak Manor subdivision, $201,000.

Mary Strode to MNM LLC, land in deed book 492, page 186, $230,000.

Charles and Amy Drane to Nicholas Fessler and Pinky Rusli, Lot 371, Hunting Creek Estates, $391,500.

James and Gina Word to James and Erica Vincent, Lot 5-1, James Word subdivision, $356,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Michael Lamberson, Lot 104, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $264,912.

Almedin Golubovic to Thomas Conley, Lot 94, McLellan Farms subdivision, $473,000.

Buford Hatler to Charles Hardcastle, Lot 46, Countryside Manor subdivision, $96,300.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to SAM Capital LLC, Lot 59, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $36,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to SAM Capital LLC, Lot 60, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $36,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to SAM Capital LLC, Lot 70, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $36,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to SAM Capital LLC, Lot 71, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $36,000.

JAVA Properties LLC to Terry Davis Construction Co. Inc., Lot 21, Autumn View subdivision, $35,000.

Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Chase Ashby, Lot 5, Point Breeze subdivision, $285,000.

Cynthia Ware and Gatt Read Ware Sr. to Jason Mills, Lot 54, Cobblestone subdivision, $300,000.

Matthew and Starlla Malloy to Daniel and Emily Britt, Lots 7 and 7A, Cherry Hill subdivision, $340,000.

Jonathan Jeffrey to Donald and Connie Bratcher, Lot 23, Fairview Heights subdivision, $60,000.

C Trace Flex LLC to Edin Nuhanovic, Unit 103, Cumberland Trace Village subdivision, $250,000.

Gator Development LLC to Ruth Ann Wright, Lot 18, Upton Farms subdivision, $48,500.

Legacy Homes and Remodeling LLC to Larry and Crystal Smyth, Lot 160, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $449,900.

Bryan and Julie Groce to Jeremy Connor, Lot 27, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $264,900.

Jason and Dena Mills to Chandler Stephanski, Lot 28, Merrick Place Court, $168,900.

Spring Lakes LLC to Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC, Lots 28-28 and 58-60, Spring Lakes and Owen Sims subdivision, $480,000.

Jerry Hester and Donald Holland to Joseph and Donna Wood, Lot 8, plat book 44, page 32, $57,044.91.

Georgia Childress to John and Charlotte Phelps, Lot 81, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $259,900.

James Britt to Lynnwood Properties LLC, Lots 21-25, Ogden Park subdivision, no tax.

Joseph McFarland to Stonewood Construction Inc., Lot 29, Drakesborough subdivision, $90,000.

John and Patricia Durney to James and Vauline Oswald, Lot 22, Briar Ridge Estates, $370,000.

Thomas and Ashley Day to Todd and Brenda Stokes, Lot 36, South Oaks subdivision, $239,000.

The Zion 360 Groups LLC to Heather and Oscar McGivern II, Lot 77-5, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $465,000.

Kelly and Kandie Lowe to Tara and Steven Jennette, Lots 2 and 3, Kelly Lowe subdivision, $135,000.

John and April Hunt to Steven and Kimberly Harris, Lot 20, Remington Place subdivision, $342,000.

ICON BG LLC to David and Heather Vanderbergh, Suite 304, THE ICON, $215,000.

Derwin Carrier to Martha McCrady, Lot 6, Farmgate subdivision, no tax.

Thomas and Judith Hunt to Eric Wallace, Lot 145, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $89,000.

Jessica Gifford and John and Lynn Gifford to Jessica Gifford, Lot 15, Oak Forest addition, no tax.

Howell and Penny White to Jerry and Janie Giles, Lot 27, Bent Tree Estates, $340,000.

Jonathan McGuire to Micah Embry and Heather Parker, Lot 45, Chenoweth subdivision, $255,000.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Carmen and Brandon Fugate, Lot 616, North Ridge subdivision, $186,500.

Corner Lot Holdings LLC to Stephanie and James Stiles, Lot 11, Tanglewood Estates, $174,500.

Samuel and Micah Bennett to Tyler Johnson and Chelsie Cosby, Lot 4, Robert and Kathleen Hendrick minor subdivision, $252,000.

Matthew and Kathryn Smith to Keri and Robert Weichers, land near W.G. Talley Road, $241,900.

Wilcutt Farms LLC to Rachel and Dennis Wilcutt II, Lots 9 and 10, Honeysuckle Point subdivision, no tax.

Mark and Sharon Riley to Monica and Mark Sweeney Sr., land near Gayle Avenue, $81,120.

Gray Caudill to Dathan Cofer, Lots 7 and 8, Roy Boswell addition, $57,000.

Jacob and Laura Nicks to Joyce Scully and Robert Amundson; and Dylan Scully; Lot 290, Park Hill subdivision, $168,000.

Alan and Candace Key to 1Ram Rentals LLC, Lot 5, James and Wilma Key subdivision, $146,000.

The Turtle Living Trust to Nina Wells, land near Park Street, $302,000.

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