Thornton Investments LLC to Taibos Landing LLC, Lots 121 and 122, Stonehenge subdivision, $1,186,400.

Howe Construction LLC to Jasmin Muminovic, Lot 8, Heritage subdivision, $329,900.

Kevin and Laura Childers to Logan Guess, Lot 99, Richland subdivision, $325,000.

Kelly Sargent to Brian Jennings and Ana Belem Garcia Hernandez, Lot 123, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $476,000.

Pamela and Mark Vanmeter to Grady and Cindi Pare, Lot 77, Indian Hills subdivision, $165,000.

Thelma Monroe to Timothy Ligon, Lot 9, Rolling Fields subdivision, $168,830.

Andrew and Christy Vickery to Shelly Kempff, Lot 437, North Ridge subdivision, $177,900.

Sweets Design Build Inc. to Jeffrey Ledbetter, Lot 177, McCoy Place subdivision, $350,000.

Ralph and Michele Farmer to Fallon Turner and Cody Butts, Lot 8, Rainwaters Hinton subdivision, $260,000.

H&A Development LLC to Joshua and Lizabeth Gibson, Lot 2, Hardcastle Farms subdivision, $95,000

Cindy Biven to Cody Lucas, Lot 26, McKinney Farms subdivision, $180,000.

Timothy and Martha McAnnany to David and Morgan Bunch, Lot 13, Plum Springs subdivision, $132,000.

Islom Muradov and Nargiza Muradova to Poe Reh and Bay Meh, Lot 258, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $215,000.

Charity and James Goddard to Jessica Lopez, Lot 22, Deerfield subdivision, $179,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Megan Vernak, Lot 21, Blevins Farm subdivision, $371,418.

Justin and Andrea Jones to My LLC, Lot 12, Plano Place subdivision, $42,000.

Joseph Cem and Dawt Hlei Chin to Bawi Lian Sang and Sui Par, Lot 280, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, no tax.

Corey and Savannah Mahaney to Drew Donoho, Lot 5, Brittany Keown and Terry Nunn property subdivision, $239,900.

Jean and Junior Loafman to Seven Eleven Steeplechase LLC, Lot 25, Wilder’s addition to the town of Oakland, $16,000.

Jody and Stephanie Galbreath to Zeppelin Sims, land near 13th Street, $109,900.

Andrew Donoho to Jason Gravil, Lot 88, Kenway Estates subdivision, $177,000.

James and Jennifer Brock to Jamie Cole, Lot 289, Springfield subdivision, $246,900.

Purple Door Realty LLC to MC Squared Holdings LLC, Lot 19, Green Meadows subdivision, $85,000.

Raymond and Elizabeth Keown to Austin Howell, land near Antioch Greenbriar Road, $282,500.

Marta Yakoleva and Vadim Yakolev to Cassie Henry, land near Cherry Drive, $145,000.

James Hughes, Patricia Watt and Gary Hughes to Gary Hughes, Lots 4 and 6, Ruth E. Hughes Estate, no tax.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Khee Nyunt and And Shai Jong, Lot 70, Spring Lakes and Owen Sims subdivision revision, $213,000.

Judy Givens to Shane Givens, Amy Simmons and Jason Givens, Lot 435, Hidden River subdivision, no tax.

William and Jenna Nancy to William and Jenna Nance and Martha Crowe, Lot 16, Heritage subdivision, no tax.

Trevor Young and Tammy and Joshua London to Brandy Coffey, land near Amber White Road, $155,000.

Wilford Davenport to Ko Reh and Ri Mo, Lot 155, Crossings at Cave Mill, $208,000.

Magnolia Lane Investments LLC to Jack Warren, Lot 20, Southside Realty Co. addition, no tax.

Pin Oak Estates LLC to KMC Investment Properties LLC, Lots 107 and 113, Springwater subdivision, $89,900.

Michael and Monica Gill to Magnolia Lane Investments LLC, Lots 362-364 and 366, Southmeade Commercial, no tax.

Jason and Dena Mills to Jessica Cruz, Lot 1, Northglen subdivision, $144,000.

Raymon and Lesa Guffey to William Kaufman, Lots 6 and 7, Smallhouse Hines subdivision, $96,000.

Linda Kilgore to Gregory Willis and Forrest Halford, Lot 16, Green Meadows subdivision, $75,000.

Mark and Robin Douglas to Rodney and Amanda McGaughey, Lot 2, Wimpee subdivision, $190,000.

Jason Gravil to Alexander and Katelyn Bunch, Lot 2, R.T. Garrett minor subdivision, $112,500.

Jimmy and Nan Clark to Pamela Barnett, Lot 3, Kingston Crossing subdivision, $132,000.

Eric and Danita Kelley to Ryan and Tiffany Rouse, land near Old Scottsville Road, $515,000.

Abby Jones and Hank Layton and Ruth and Michael Jones to Joseph Ramsey, land near Glasgow Road, $191,900.

Mikhail and Victoria Kaprian to William Baker Jr., Lot 227, Springhill subdivision, $178,000.

Derek and Frankie Hargis to Michael Kinslow, Lot 3, plat book 24, page 44, $219,900.

Alexander Montemayor to Mieten LLC, Lot 10, Decker subdivision, $111,000.

Allison and David Cook to Beverly Lowell, Lot 8, Huntington Place subdivision, $200,000.

Nicole Adams to Tun Tuang and Thang Dim; and Pum Mang, Lot 17, Baileys Farm subdivision, $228,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Derrin Whitehead, Lot 36, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $191,500.

Dino and Nancy Pinerola to Jeff Arnold, Lot 24-6, Indian Ridge subdivision, $100,000.

James Hughes, Patricia Watt and Gary Hughes to James Hughes and Patricia Watt, Lots 5 and 7, Ruth E. Hughes Estate subdivision, no tax.

Rodney and Judy Ball and Suzie Ball to Wade and Tracey McCoy and Joshua McCoy, Lot 54, Shawnee Estates subdivision, $175,000.

Sarah Lazarus to Myron and Betty Callaham, Lot 31, Briar Ridge Estates subdivision, $385,000.

Mitchell D. and Mary Ellen Henson and Mitchel T. and Mary Denise Henson to Brittany Williams and RaLyn Franklin, Lot 28, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $264,000.

Coaljori LLC to CVR Handyman Construction LLC, land near 10th Street, $45,000.

P&L Properties LLC to Daniel Brown, land near Chestnut Street, $270,000.

Ivan and Dorbenia Santana to Jeffrey and Stacy Heald, Lot 4, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $200,000.

Build 2 Suit LLC to Garrett Smith, Lot 58, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $370,000.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Kendal and Heather Diaz, Lot 22, Merrill and Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $285,000.

Garrett Smith to Teresa Maxwell, Lot 14, McKinney Farms subdivision, $212,500.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Karlie Besendorfer and Kainon Clark, Lot 1, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $217,500.

Kevin and Shirley Scott to Jason Mills, Lot 202, Deer Park subdivision, $138,000.

Lilybeth Means Parrent to Sarah Haynes Lazarus, Lot 481-1, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $225,000.

Jimmy and Mary Caudill to Melanie Hittson, land near Travelstead Road, $10,000.

Myles & Sons Properties LLC to Aceland Holdings LLC, land near Wilson Street, $70,000.

Gator Development LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lots 37, 43, 50, 51 and 62, Upton Farms subdivision, $242,500.

Cory and Lauren Ellis to Catherine Sharpe, Lot 3, J. Wimpee subdivision, $42,000.

Chestnut Group Properties LLC to Van Piang and Man S. Nuam, Lot 102, Covington Station subdivision, $166,375.

BLK Rentals LLC to Gary and Jane Gienger, Lots 30 and 31, Normal View subdivision, $270,000.

Baron Intermediary LLC to Gary and Jane Gienger, Lot 10, Kelly Heights subdivision, $310,000.

Cynthia Ingram to Ross and Lisa Cottingham, Lot 1, minor subdivision revision for Ben O. and Ben S. Spickard, $448,000.

W. Lynn Davenport to Justin Dunn, Lot 266, Greystone subdivision, $179,000.

Phildon and Rebecca Burns to J. Allen Builders Inc., Lot 2, Lansing Lane subdivision, $234,659.20.

Gail Pratt to Jeremiah Jones, land near Raleigh Wilson Road, $60,000.