River’s Landing Edge LLC to ABWG Holdings LLC, Lot 32, Rivers Landing Edge subdivision, $35,500.

Daniel and Krista Rosner to Edward and Rachel Harwood, Lot 169, Greystone subdivision, $184,900.

John and Marla Slaughter to Kara Ainsley, Lot 39, Heritage Meadow subdivision, $192,000.

Jacob and Crystal Wright to Tyler and Emily Sharp, Lot 2, minor plat book 21, page 29, $197,000.

Hightower Properties LLC to Farley Young, Lot 2, Idle Acres subdivision, $30,000.

PTL LLC to Paragon Builders LLC, Lot 4, College Heights addition, $115,000.

Melissa and Adam Kruminas to Jennifer Gonzalez, Lot 19, Ridgewood Estates, $263,500.

Donald Troxell to Donald Troxell and Ladonna Day, Lot 89, Shawnee Estates, $2,500.

Eric and Brandi Elms to Michael and Laura Tarrence, Lot 6-16, Marshall Funk lots, $40,000.

Marcus and Karen Garrison to Dane and Melinda Herman, Lot 217, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $208,000.

Michelle and Robert Bowden Jr. to JTB2 LLC, Lot 6-3, Olde Stone subdivision, $250,000.

Tony Moore to JMuminovic Property LLC, Lot 3, Mefford property subdivision, $32,000.

Darrell and Tracy Oliver to Danny and Laura Oliver, Lot 3, Darrell and Danny Oliver property, $100,000.

Rent BG LLC to Tor Ali Dixon, Lot 16, Corvette View subdivision, $345,000.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 104, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $54,900.

Southside Properties LLC to Fiston and Sylvia Kamalebo and Maisha Kamalebo, Lot 32, Hillview Mills subdivision, $260,000.

Lorvetta Dillard to Rescue Investments LLC, Lot 1, Glenview subdivision, $100,000.

Robin and Darlene White to Andrew and Elizabeth White, Lot 4-3, revision of The Maletus White estate, no tax.

Adam Vanzant to Gregory and Kimberly Bass, Lot 4, Ralph K. Everett minor subdivision, $138,000.

Ron and Brenda Babcock to 1812 Louisville Road, Lot 1, Sawmill subdivision, $500,000.

Marvin and Jennifer Brooks to Chip Anderson and Brenda Cunha, Lot 344, Greystone subdivision, $199,900.

Stevenson and Cortney Howard to Hanna Staples, Lot 1, Countryside Manor, $89,900.

Thomas Simmons to Mitchell Daniels, Lot 34, Cedar Springs Estates, $112,000.

Michael and Kimberly Bowen to Eddie Swain and Rosemary Porter, Lot 41, Claiborne Farms, $385,000.

Rita and Charles Adams to J.E. Holland Properties LLC, land near Smiths Grove Oakland Road, $82,500.

Kushal Singh and Chetna Bhatnagar to Shiela Holdings Inc., Lot 479, Briarwood Manor subdivision, no tax.

Kushal Singh and Chetna Bhatnagar to Shiela Holdings Inc., Lot 155, Crossridge subdivision, no tax.

Kushal Singh and Chetna Bhatnagar to Shiela Holdings Inc., Lot 52, Woodland Station subdivision, no tax.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 49, Heritage subdivision, $47,900.

SOKY Homes LLC to Greg White, land near Bowling Green and Glasgow Road, $129,900.

Estate of Gary Riggs to James and Amy Craycroft, Lot 38, Heather Heights, $215,000.

Christa Cox to Adam and Elizabeth Keithly, Lot 131, Belle Haven, $360,000.

Barman Family Warren County Holdings LLC to NBJ Development LLC, Lot 20-1, Woodland Station, $825,000.

Joseph and Doreen Golden to Western Homes LLC, Lot 7, Girkin Woods, $25,000.

Derrick and Shana Young to Derrick and Shana Young, land near Mouth of Gasper Road, no tax.

Paul and Andrea Easley to Emily and Wesley Gentry, Lot 30, Cool Spring Farms, $300,000.

Bradley and Billie Jean Sowell to Dhasarathan Ranganathan and Padmini Dhasarathan, Lot 19, Camden Place, $272,000.

Pam and Jeffrey Bullock to Pam and Jeffrey Bullock, Lot 1, Jeanette Holder minor subdivision, no tax.

Josh and Brandi Duvall to Rigoberto Escobedo-Padron and Lillian Eunice Escobedo, Lot 1, plat book 42, page 78, $76,500.

Jacqueline Hunt Rowe to Jacqueline Hunt Rowe, Lot 12, Cumberland Landing, no tax.

Sky Value Partners LLC to Right Angle Studio LLC, Lots 17 and 18, Plano Estates, no tax.

The estate of Barbara Helm Vaughn to Myron and Betty Smith, land near Petty Road, $10,000.

The estate of Barbara Helm Vaughn to Betty Smith, Jerry Helm and Harvey Boyd, tract 4, Mildred Boyd estate, $27,500.

Charlene and Mitchelle Young and Marjorie and Charles Brownd to Kara Bucklew, Lot 183, Shawnee Estates, $168,000.

James Hopkins and Thomas Montooth to Jeffrey and Karla Cannon, land in Oakland, $47,500.

Citizens Bank of Cumberland County to Sumer Green and Sue Lightfoot, Lots 2 and 3, Bobby Buchanan subdivision, Lots 2 and 3, Bobby Buchanan major subdivision, $155,000.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Mike Howe Custom Building Inc., Lot 39, Heritage subdivision, $45,000.

Josh and Brandi Duvall to Sandra Duvall, Lot 5, plat book 42, page 78, $16,000.

Vision Builders LLC to Amanda Cashion, Lot 91, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $335,966.

James Parr to Hudson Capital Properties LLC, land near Wade Street, $44,500.

Robert and Linda Smith to Jerry Hall, Lot 70, Brentwood Place, $199,900.

J. Allen Builders Inc. to Ranjit Koodali and Seema Kannoth, Lot 83, plat book 42, page 360-64, $271,500.

Alex and Whitney McCubbin to Jeremy and Michelle Hansen, Lot 147, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $293,300.

MNWK Holdings LLC to John Deeb II, Lot 143, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $225,000.

Bruce and Hope Marchionda to Shana and Michael Woodyard, Lot 130, Hartland subdivision, $430,000.

Michael Reid and Melissa Reid to John and Melanie Haga, Lot 13, Richland subdivision, $255,000.

Jessie and Mason Duff to Fabian Brown, Lot 349, The Springfield subdivision, $190,000.

Joan Anderson to John Tinsley and LeAnn Powell, Lot 43, Pine Grove subdivision, $252,000.

Lisa L. Marshall Revocable Living Trust to Mensur and Arijana Paocic, Lot 52, Covington Grove subdivision, $77,000.

Steven and Ashli Edds to Fikret Sabic and Emina Sabinovic, Lot 79, McCoy Place subdivision, $207,000.

Jill and Lanny Loague Jr. to Mitchell and Amy Wright, Lot 6, Drakes Creek subdivision,$235,000.

South Glen Properties LLC to Arlo and Wilma Caldwell, Lot 175, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $58,000.

Brian Dillard and Lynne Jost to Allen Northup, Lot 49, Summit subdivision, $505,000.

Janet and Kelly Mills and Sharon and Frank Falcone Jr. to Emily Jones, Lot 20, Gay Lynn Acres subdivision, $106,000.

Stacy Bartley to Suzanne and James Alexander Jr., Lot 548, Hidden River Estates, $310,000.

River’s Landing Edge LLC to PYROT LLC, Lot 42, Rivers Landing Edge subdivision, $30,000.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Andy and Keila Shultz, Lot 5-28, Olde Stone, $50,000.

Larry and Leta Gross to Estill and Linda Jones, Lot 103, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $190,000.

Patricia and John Nesbitt II to John Archie Newbitt II and Patricia Keziah Nesbitt Revocable Trust, Lot 2, plat book 23, page 17, no tax.

Edward Schweiss to Key Lime Properties LLC, Lot 32, Ridgewood Estates subdivision, $259,000.

Holden and Gabrielle Roberts to Nicholas and Sally Heil, Lot 75, Bluegrass Meadows subdivision, $210,000.

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