Joseph and Emily Campbell to Christopher and Lisa Galusha, Lot 55, McLellan Farms subdivision, $379,500.

Paul and Kati Wherry to Jason Jones and Stefanie Gerteisen, Lot 11, September Lakes subdivision, $64,900.

Brad and Joyce Young to Robert Adams, tracts 19 and 21, Kirby Estates, $148,500.

Michael and Teresa McSween to Douglas and Amanda Shea, Lot 21, Remington Place subdivision, $342,000.

John and Larissa Trousdale to Lynwood Properties LLC, Lot 9, Pleasant Place subdivision, $160,000.

The Irwin Family Revocable Living Trust to Daniel and Kathryn Colter, Lot 36, Fairvue Farm subdivision, $371,000.

Bruce and Kimberly Wilkerson to Jordan Price and Jill Price, Lot 5, Cabell Gardens, $125,000.

Seth Massa to Victory Lane Sober Living LLC, land near Smallhouse Pike, $147,000.

Carter Crossings LLC to Rothco Properties LLC, Lots 3-7; 25-29, Cumberland Pointe Villas, $500,000.

Estate of Lisa Faye Meredith to Amanda Williams, Lot 40, Countryside Manor subdivision, no tax.

Stephyne Basham to Christopher and Alisha Basham, land near Glen Lily Road, no tax.

Thomas and Kimberly Carter to Richard and Nichole Splinter, land near Cooper Dearing Road, $495,000.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group Limited Liability to Eric Wallace, Lot 2, Spring Lakes subdivision and Owen Sims subdivision, $43,500.

Lucas and Emily Haskins to Shelly Compton and Alice Faulkner, land near Kirby Rose Lane, $196,500.

Christopher and Lisa Galusha to Corrine and Gabriel Summers, Lot 18, Meadows subdivision, $235,000.

Phil Brown Construction LLC to Bastian Family Revocable Trust, Lot 623, North Ridge subdivision, $169,900.

Mark and Dawn Watson to Manuel Geovany Escobar, land near Glen Lily Road, $63,500.

Ryan and Christy Finney to Sean Geirich and Paul Marcum, Lot 474, Briarwood Manor, $530,000.

Susann and James Butler to Jack and Diane Estes; Jeffrey and Kim Estes; and Joe Estes, land near Rocky Hill Road, $146,500.

Susann and James Butler to Jack and Diane Estes; Jeffrey and Kim Estes; and Joe Estes, land near Rocky Hill Road, $124,550.

John and Candice Holder to Patricia Boyd, Lot 8, minor subdivision plat for Allie Grimes Estate, $114,500.

Michael and Amy Morrow to Roy Stubblefield, land near Oliver Avenue, $137,500.

Havka Avdic and Damir Malagic to Jason and Carinn Papucci, Lot 45, Plano Estates major subdivision, $320,000.

John and Patricia Pankeyk to Nazanin Ghazisharif, Lot 95, Traditions at Lovers Lane, $259,900.

The estate of Freda Mays to Daniel and Tia Simon, Lot 5, Forrest Hardcastle Estate subdivision, $415,000.

Doran Investments LLC to Jerry and Leslie Thomas, Lot 1, Morris L. Smith subdivision, $279,900.

Dustin and Sandra Gentile to Felicia Stinson and Charles Rowe, Lot 3, Kitchens & Reeves Realty Co.

Susan and Joseph Breslin III to Derek and Katy Greathouse, Lot 15, Sugar Mill Plantation subdivision, $225,000.

BCTA Properties LLC to Andrew and Amber Baker, Lot 14, Crabtree Estates, $45,500.

Michael and Tamara Weal to Kyle and Lacey Hickory, Lot 23, Fairvue Farm, $362,500.

Jim and Marilyn Humphrey to Ben Morgan, Lot 1-1, Roger D. Borders subdivision, $64,000.

Shannon Haley to Amanda Matney, Lot 31, Lake Ayre subdivision, $199,900.

Brian Newton and Ashley Boyd to Kenton Cage, land near Fairview Boiling Springs Road, $60,000.

Hasan and Diba Grabus to Jessika Black, Lot 244, Deer Park subdivision, $176,000.

Estate of Dennis Gill to Purple Door Realty LLC, Lot 6, Green Meadows subdivision, $60,000.

Perry T. Simmons to Atembo Asumani and Yohali Asende and Muganza Asumani, Lot 169, Ashmoor Parke subdivision, $275,000.

Bruce and Carol Jones and Lanny and Jill Loague to Lanny and Jill Loague, Lot 158, Springfield subdivision, $40,000.

Ruby Motley to Sarah DeGeorge, Lot 1-7, Pine Grove subdivision, $209,000.

Bluegrass Realtor Group LLC to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lot 3, Cobblestone subdivision, $55,000.

Brian Utley to Utley Properties LLC, Lot 9-12, Nealwood addition, no tax.

John Ridley to College Heights Foundation as trustee of the John W. Ridley Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, land near Chestnut Street, no tax.

Highland Property Management LLC to Caribou Ventures LLC, Lot 26, Easter Heights subdivision, $128,000.

Lois J. Edwards Revocable Trust to Matthew and Kathryn Smith, Lot 16, Spindletop subdivision, $300,000.

Audie Rich to Jordan and Tiffany Clark, Lot 184, McFaddens Ferry subdivision, $139,900.

Big Dog Investments LLC to Barbara Coleman, Lot 18, Robert Loving lots, $146,900.

Benjamin and Melissa Hilton to Lucas and Emily Haskins, Lot 82, Stone Crest subdivision, $186,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to David and Wendy Mioni, Lot 103, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $259,721.

Christopher Woodling to Miguel Angel Fanco Vazquez and Ana Camarena, Lot 122, Cedar Grove subdivision, $111,500.

Lynetta and Rick Stiltner to Lynetta and Rick Stiltner, Lot 137, Belle Haven subdivision, no tax.

Golden Hammer LLC to Ashley Carter, Lot 41, South Oaks subdivision, $211,050.

John and Sheryl Downing to Alex and Shelby Papp, land near Matlock Road, $250,000.

Matthew and Tamara Strom to Nathan and Kelsey Richey, land near Claypool Boyce Road, $46,000.

Gary and Sheryl Chapman to Tamara and Lawrence Snyder Jr., Lot 163, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $485,000.

Creekwood Village II LLC to CW24 LLC, Lots 64-66, Creekwood Village, $215,000.

Ryan and Addye Stokes to Tamara Hansbrough, Lot 18, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $95,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Melissa Powell and Brian Keen, Lot 43, Blevins Farm subdivision, $359,729.

John and Jana Boswell to Jon Tay Properties LLC, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, no tax.

Taylor Shoemake to Amir Ziga and Mahira Ejubovic, land near Mercer Road, $67,000.

BCTA Properties LLC to Mike Hymer, Lot 17, Crabtree Estates subdivision, $49,000.

Sheila and Henry Dunklau III to T.J. and Alex Massey, land near Otter Gap Road, $95,000.

Cody Eblen to Barry Jones and Floyd Jones Jr., Lot 20, Springhill subdivision, $130,750.

William Cheshire and Teresa Sharp-Cheshire to Donald Starnes, land near Oakland-Smiths Grove Road, $57,000.

SOKY Homes LLC to AceLand Holdings LLC, land near Dennis Avenue, $58,000.

William and Jane Cannon to Christopher and Elizabeth Cannon, Lot 6, Talbott Place, $455,000.

Rancho Roca LLC to G&G Development LLC, Parcel 1 (Lots 1-5, Rancho Roca Property subdivision Belle Rive Circle and Ky. Hwy. 1435-Barren River Road); and Parcel 2 (Brite Family Farm), $80,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to CC Walker LLC, Lot 31, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

JT Holdings LLC to Lashlee Johnson, Lot 80, Weatherstone subdivision, $214,900.

Habitat for Humanity of Bowling Green/Warren County Inc. to Deshawn Brooke Maxey, land near 11th Street, $75,000.

Top Best Ever LLC to C&S Property LLC, land near Main and Center streets, $114,000.

Barbara H. Whites Revocable Trust to Anne Heintzman, Lot 1, Barbara H. Whites subdivision, no tax.

Barbara Ellis Duncan to Bobby Perry and Susan Gunter, Lot 28, Bent Tree Manor, $353,100.

Wesley and Courtney Powell to Roger Dale Burch Jr., Lot 2, Meadows at Smiths Grove, $204,900.

Krystian D. Jakimik and Ashley Curtis to Sandeep Arora and Manisha Arora, Lots 204 and 205, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $225,000.

Real Asset Investors of Bowling Green LLC to Leslie and Steven Daly, Lot 44, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $205,000.

Sue Ann Thurman to John and Nicole Clark, Lot 5, B.G. Leichhardt Lots, $160,000.

Anthony and Michelle Cobb to Robert Bishop, Lot 1, Howard Cunningham property, $307,000.

Green Grass Construction & Real Estate Development LLC to Kemal Jusufovic, Lot 170, McKinney Farms subdivision, $200,000.

The estate of Dorothy M. Conley to Phil and Corinna Jaggers, Lot 45, Willow Heights subdivision, $154,000.

Apex Properties Group Inc. to Ligata LLC, Lot 1, Hillridge Townhomes subdivision, $607,000.

David and Leslie Witty to Jean Gumirakiza and Speciose Nyiramana, Parcel 1 (Lot 2, Sherrell subdivision); and Parcel 2 (land in deed book 1029, page 564), $615,000.

Zachary and Katie Fields to Anita Bratcher, Lot 48, Brentwood Place, $193,500.

William and Mary Matthews to Joshua and Sydnee Dorris, Lot 468, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $90,000.

Robert and Laurie-Beth Bishop to William and Kara McPeak, Lot 74, Plano Estates subdivision, $295,000.

Mary Kelly to LCB Investments LLC, Lot 12, Edgewood addition, $160,000.

Wayne and Peggy Free to Clark Station Homes II LLC, Lot 32, Hunting Creek Estates, $160,000.

Tyler and Susan Megahee to Denise Lubey, Lot 44, Plano Estates major subdivision, $291,000.

Donald and Deborah Cook Rentals to Jase and Natalie Pinerola, Lot 6, Quails Run subdivision, $138,500.

TKG2 Properties LLC to Denise and Ronald Hanes, Lot 12, Meadowwood Estates subdivision, $251,000.

James and Polly Moore to Thomas and Rhonda Kelly, Lot 159 Crossbridge subdivision, $286,500.

Zachary and Amanda Farley to Maria Tomas, Lot 36, Riverbend Landing subdivision, $149,900.

Eagle Ridge Developers LLC to James and Dana Zeghers, Lot 24, Eagle Ridge subdivision, $90,000.

Evan Echols and Bethany Echols to Keela Henry, Lot 41, Charleston Place, $232,000.

Stevie and Penny Ayers to Hollis Herald and Donna Herald-Rangel and Elias Rangel, land near Ayers County Road, $215,000.

Wallace and Tamara Golden to Neil Jennings LLC, Lot 1, Broad Acres, $160,000.

Studle and Associates Inc. and Mark and Kayla Biggs to Baron Intermediary LLC, Lot 10, Kelly Heights subdivision, $310,000.

Estate of Wanella Huddleston to Jason Mills, Lot 114, Crestmoor subdivision, $214,000.

Jason and Sara Goad to Robert Warwick and Bradley Kirby, land near Campbell Road, $72,000.

Summit Partners Inc. to Sladjana Veletanlic, Lot 254, Summit subdivision, $59,000.

GC Land Development to Gemstone Property Development LLC, Lot 121, Weatherstone subdivision, $38,000.

Ashley and Joshua Hardy to James Skaggs, land near Park Street, $100,000.

SNS Homes LLC to Andrew Wurth, Lot 2, Bobby H. Turner subdivision, $114,500.

Jane Jones to Barry and Cindy Jones Irrevocable Trust, Lot 1, Elbert Ray Jones Sr. Estate subdivision, no tax.

Norman Hunter to Judy Givens, Lot 435, Hidden River subdivision, $225,000.

Kevin and Angela Hood to W3 Properties LLC, Lot 26, Countryside Manor subdivision, $80,000.

Kristen and Cruz Jurado to Daryll and Charlene Sukhbir, Lots 1 and 2, Lunelle Upton property subdivision, $364,000.

Gomez Construction LLC to BG Property Leasing LLC, Lot 529-2, Greystone subdivision, $180,000.

Jonathan Denton to Denton Property Solutions LLC, Lot 2, Roger and Kay Wells subdivision, no tax.

Jennifer O’Brien to Denton Property Solutions LLC, Lot 53, Moss Meadows subdivision, $140,000.

Vangrove LLC to Titan Properties LLC, Lots 6 and 7, Creekwood Village subdivision, $808,000.

Bradley and Rachel Salyer to Irrevocable Trust of Rebecca L. Woodburn, Lot 17, Wesley Estates subdivision, no tax.

Roemer Real Estate Holdings LLC to Eric Wheeler, Lot 8, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $251,000.

Rhonda Reynolds to Tyler C. Peterie, Lot 75, Lind Cliff Meadows subdivision, $179,900.

Jeremy and Tara Miller to Whitney Danielle Defevers, Lot 1, Bill Fishback community, $133,000.