Cinco J Properties to Kevin Williams, land near High Street, $102,500.

Barry and Lisa Cummings to J. Allen Builders Inc., Lots 2 and 2-1, Northview Farms, $25,000.

Stephen and Amy Hurt to Michael and Danica Spurlock and William Tester, Lots 8 and 9-1, Broad Acres, $172,900.

James and Vicki Burns to Gary Baker and Debra Fishburn, tract 2, minor plat book 23, page 84, no tax.

Anthony and Krystal Souders to Douglas and Theresa Roberts, Lot 5-2, Lois Burke subdivision, $80,000.

Maureen Rayner to Maureen Rayner and Michael Rayner, Lot 7, Cardinal Park subdivision, no tax.

Housing Authority of Bowling Green to Desmond and Rozalind Bell, Lot 20, Glen Lily Manor, $9,000.

Keith Honaker to Jeremy and Tara Miller, Lot 1, minor plat book 1, page 132, $122,000.

Steven and Vickie Simpson to Dylan Sandidge, land near Bowling Green-Richardsville Road, $130,000.

Stonehenge Properties LLC to Burrell Properties LLC, Lots 19, 24, 57-59, 71-73, 75, 90, 91, 95, Cedar Grove subdivision, $3,560,000.

Fred Van Meter to David and Katherine Kimbel, Lot 2, Fred Van Meter subdivision, $90,000.

Inter-Modal Transportation Authority Inc. to Cannon Automotive Solutions – Bowling Green, Lot 8-7-1, Kentucky Trimodal Transpark subdivision, $94,500.

The Henson Co. LLC to Dylan Barton, Lot 11, Samuel Rippy subdivision, $30,000.

Stephen Sanders to 2MSimms LLC, Lot 17, J.D. Elkin subdivision, $99,100.

H. Michael and Lynn Minton to John and Cathryn Mazeika, Lot 30, Ridgewood Estates subdivision, $405,000.

Douglas and Karen Squeglia to Brian Price, Lot 12, Doe Ridge subdivision, $268,000.

Elvedina Hotilovac to Stellar Properties LLC, Lot 324, Southmeade Estates subdivision, $136,500.

Brooks and Linda Horsley to Halie Bullock, land near South Sunrise Drive, no tax.

Charles and Robin Collins to Brett and April Zachary, land near West Bogle Road, $10,000.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 52, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $42,500.

Steven and Debby Spencer to Stooges LLC, Lots 2 and 1, Spencer subdivision, $428,500.

Tamela Mitchell to Aaron Boggess, Lot 209, Cumberland Ridge Manor subdivision, $315,000.

Barry and Lisa Cummings to David Atkinson and Kay Atkinson, Lot 102, Mitchell Heights subdivision, $210,000.

Big Dog Investments LLC to David Jones, land near U.S. 68, $145,000.

Thomas and Maria Badgett to Jeremy Jones, Lot 1-2, minor plat book 25, page 109, $174,500.

Ronald and Betty Brooks to Christopher and Jennifer Gravil, Lot 9, plat book 39, page 30, $20,000.

Sharon Garmon to Cory Scott, land near Vanmeter Road, $119,900.

Mark Absher to Samuel and Jasmine Milam, Lot 12, Springfield subdivision, $172,000.

Brian and Karen Price to William Fields, land near Morehead Road, $187,000.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Rushing Builders Inc., Lots 51-53, Heritage subdivision, $135,000.

Jeremy and Julie Adams and Kyle and Courtney Wise to Drakes Ridge Farm LLC, Lot 193, Cumberland Ridge subdivision, $350,000.

Doran Investments LLC to Jennie Meador, Lot 215, Summit subdivision, $487,000.

Lynn Fetterman to Bonnie Martin, Lot 19, Drakesborough Inc., $235,000.

Adam and Hannah Witherspoon to A Dum and Daw Eh, Lot 69, Shamrock Acres subdivision, $210,000.

Keith Honaker to Brittany Kelley, land near Old Morgantown Road, $140,000.

Micahael and Barbara Morris to Kevin and Debbie Gatto, Lot 24, Dutch Gardens subdivision, $244,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Pum Khan Kual Lot 79, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $187,588.

Jordan and Erica Ellis to Sarah Clark, Lot 28, Countrywood, $129,900.

Ben and Lacey Bowen and Ryan and Emily to Tamara Wells, Lot 25, Steeplechase subdivision, $255,000.

David and Sophia Holland to Anthony and Vicki Hamilton, Lot 32, Copperfield Estates subdivision, $160,000.

Mitchel and Mary Henson and Todd and Denise Henson to Michael and Barbara Morris, Lot 187, McCoy Place, $319,500.

Jon Kendall to Mieten LLC, Lot 265, Hidden River Estates, $155,000.

Douglas and Riley Miles to KB Limited Partnership, Lot 136, Shawnee Estates, $144,450.

Southern Comfort Apartments LLC to Keith Honaker, Lots 33-39, 60-62, 67-69, 86, 88, 89, Kelly Heights, $1,520,000.

Vanna and Selena Len to Jeffrey Siddens, Lot 58, Kelly Heights subdivision, $160,000.

Novo Capital LLC to Selma and Mihad Hajdarevic and Sahbaz and Hajrija Hajdarevic, Lot 314, Hunting Creek subdivision, $155,000.

Thomas and Karla Cummings to Michael and Ashley Burnette, Lot 94, Jennings Mill subdivision, $85,000.

Ross Everhard and Suzyn Douglass-Everhard to Teri Martino, Lot 149, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $320,000.

Novo Capital LLC to James and Amy Craycroft, Lot 230, Hunting Creek Estates subdivision, $196,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities Inc., Lot 246, McCoy Place, $55,000.

Joseph Vallelonga to Dominion Builders LLC, Lot 1-2, Ishel Massey Estate subdivision, $50,000.

Scott and Kelly Sparks to Stephen and Polly Mayeur, Lot 2, plat book 41, page 383, $179,200.

Gregory and Gail Kaatz to Destiny Pippin, Lot 4, Beauty Court Division, $98,000.

Vanna and Selena Len to 623 Group LLC, Lot 57, Kelly Heights subdivision, $163,000.

Phil Brown Rentals LLC to Robert and Katie Napier, Lot 379, North Ridge subdivision, $164,000.

Lois Peay to Gregory Peck II, Lot 4, Thompson subdivision, $165,000.

Natalie Hines to Andrew Prather, land near North Main Street, $135,000.

Beverly Spangler to Stice Mill LLC, Lots 28-2, North Mill Village subdivision, $140,000.


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