Scott and Jaclyn Coggins, Ray Coggins, Christine and Jeff Benthal and Jamie Coggins to Katrina Broyles, Lot 5, Robert Loving subdivision, $116,100.

Mark and Robin Douglas to Daniel Douglas, tracts 5 and 5-1, Wolfe Family Farm subdivision, $83,000.

Jacqueline and Michael Johnson to Good Old Boy Construction LLC, land near Boiling Springs Road, $63,500.

A&M Properties LLC to Desmond and Rozalind Bell, Lot 25, Glen Lily Manor, $79,500.

Keith Honaker to Arturo Gomez, Lot 63, Twin Elms subdivision, $134,000.

Derek Harrison and Craig Harrison to Trinh Rentals LLC, land near 14th Street, $25,000.

Christopher Stunson to Elijah Properties LLC, Lot 28, Quarry View Estate, $130,000.

Ashwood Homes Inc. to James and Tracy Dahl, Lot 135, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $349,900.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 18, The Heritage subdivision, $47,500.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 17, The Heritage subdivision, $47,500.

Jerry Myatt to Julianna Waller-Swiebel, Lot 1, Wyatt Farms subdivision, $570,000.

Derek and Elizabeth Lanham to Gary Hardison and Sherry Davenport and Leslie Eans, Lot 236, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $213,500.

The Prodigy Co. LLC to Sean and Melissa Szitasy, Lot 24, Farmgate subdivision, $199,900.

Morehead Mobile Home Park Inc. to MHP LLC, land near U.S. 68, $925,000.

Suzanne and Chad Folk to Matthew McCurry, Lot 85, Twin Elms subdivision, $242,000.

Shiva BG LLC to Kanubhai Patel, Lot 1-4, Pine Grove subdivision, no tax.

Phillip and Gloria Moore to Handy Homes LLC, Lots 2 and 3, Phillip and Gloria Moore property subdivision, $66,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jack and Katelyn Blaha, Lot 22, Blevins Farm subdivision, $331,142.

The Prodigy Co. LLC to Matthew and Diane Sauber, Lot 233, Summit subdivision, $406,500.

Laura Wilder to Chad and Suzanne Folk, Lot 57 Covington Grove subdivision, $470,000.

Lori Gordon to Jennifer Johnson and Frank Aryee, Lot 63, Eastland Park, $196,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Dustin Hammock and Jennifer Leonard, Lot 2, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $265,000.

Nicholas and Tifanee Lane to Carless and Judith Deel, Lot 56, Sugar Mill Plantation, $221,000.

Tom and Portia Pennington to Mark and Connie Harrison, Lot 7, RCP Thomas addition, $149,000.

Golden Hammer LLC to Erin Jackson, Lot 438, Greystone subdivision, $214,900.

Rick Turner to Adam and Adrian Davidson, land near Hammet Hill Road, $150,000.

Jose Miguel Valdiva Rodriguez and Elisabet Valadez Aranda to Hilluguy Hampton, Lot 19, Green Meadows subdivision, $139,900.

Julia Lara to Dynamic Properties KY LLC, Lot 148, Cedar Grove subdivision, $55,000.

Southern Comfort Apartments LLC to Kirtley Way Property Investments LLC, Lot 353, Southmead Commercial Development, $2,300,000.

Rachel and Jackson Daugherty to Aaron Witty, Lot 20, Coalition Estates, $165,750.

Michael and Aubrey Reynolds to Nathaniel Reed, land near Glasgow Road, $162,000.

Stacy Goodman Woosley and Kathryn Goodman Arnett to Thomas and Heather Goodman, Lot 4, minor plat book 17, page 170, no tax.

Erik Boring to Waddell Enterprises LLC, Lot 4, Ersie Dickerson subdivision, $145,000.

Betty Witherspoon to Charles and Kimberly Witherspoon, Lot 1, Ogden Park subdivision, no tax.

Mackenzie Meadows LLC to Laura Marksberry, Lot 2, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $148,000.

Rebecca and Sydney Meredith to Kemberlee Meredith, Lot 8, Robert Loving subdivision, $29,999.60.

Jeffrey Todd Gentry to Meh Reh and Tu Meh, Lot 32, plat book 41, page 341, $230,000.

The William F. Dost Jr. Trust to LCB Investments LLC, Lot 11-23, Olde Stone subdivision, $285,000.

Wheat Land Development LLC to Brian and Christa St. John, Lot 233, Hunters Crossing $301,000.

Margaret and Kevin Lyons to Olivia Hill, Lot 1, plat book 2, page 17, $125,000.

Ronald Still Jr. to Jordan and Amber Brewer, Lot 5, Hammett Hill addition, $25,000.

Robert and Tammy Drake to Drew and Michael Chambliss, land near Dye Ford Road, $195,950.

Nick and Stephanie Dorsey to Joe and Elizabeth Hood, Lot 33, Meadowwood Estates addition, $242,000.

William and Shirley Carter to Cole and Allison Cherry, land near Park Street, $75,000.

Charles and Betty Plemons to Jason and Jennifer Carroll, Lot 1, Hilltop Acres, $168,000.

Larry and Mary Conrad to Larry and Mary Conrad, land near Smiths Grove Rocky Hill Road, no tax.

Anne Burcell to Alexis and Christopher Cline, Lot 2-2, plat book 31, page 39, $185,000.

Anna Marie Crabtree to J&T Property Management, Lot 1, Diane Laurence subdivision, $112,000.

Tony Moore to Josh and Sarah Huddy, Lot 2, Mefford property subdivision, $44,900.

Connor and Parker Graves to Jason Knight and William Knight, Lot 34, Westgate View subdivision, $180,000.

Dustin and Hannah Pate to Terry and Teresa Miller, Lot 11, Hunt addition, $143,000.

James and Sonja Blatchford to Cynthia and David Wilkerson, Lot 87, Ridgewood Estates subdivision, $347,500.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Sarah and Mauro Scali, Lot 554, Greystone subdivision, $205,900.

Barry and Amanda Brown to Ashley Cummings, Lot 3, minor plat book 1, page 67, $207,250.

Ronnie and Joyce Cooper to Muskokan Investments LLC, Lot 1, Redbud Village subdivision, $84,500.

Thoroughbred Contracting Group LLC and Eric Wallace to Tanner and Lynnden Pearson, Lot 108, Spring Lakes subdivision, $43,000.

Jason and Linda Murphy to Jason and Linda Murphy, land near Ben Thomas Road, no tax.

Amy and Charles Stoops to Matthew Morris, Lot 12, Peachtree Downs subdivision, $189,000.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Golden Hammer LLC, Lot 40, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 2, The Heritage subdivision, $47,900.

BK Development of Bowling Green LLC to Golden Capital LLC, Lot 11, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $47,900.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Golden Hammer LLC, Lot 54, The Heritage subdivision, $47,900.

Claude and Kristine Preston to Santos and Tabitha Torres, land near Greenhill Road, $170,000.

Howell Equipment Inc. to Kyle and Jaclyn Kirby, Lot 42, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $58,500.

Bradley Kirby to Earl and Joyce Kirby, Lot 1, Brad and Joy Kirby subdivision, $430,000.

Jason and Donna Bennett to Build 2 Suit LLC, Lot 8, Samuel T. Rabold subdivision, $61,000.

GC Land Development to Gemstone Property Development LLC, Lots 106 and 108, Weatherstone subdivision, $76,000.

Melissa Jackson to Margaret and Kevin Lyons, Lot 75-1-14, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $208,000.

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