Brittanee and Austin Moyers to Terri Ward, Lot 43, Creekwood Village subdivision, $296,000.

Ryan and Heather Woolbright to Margie Williams, land near Graham Street, $139,900.

Stuart and Charmion Yule to Michael Ausbrooks, land near Ben Thomas Road, $85,000.

Gary and Vilma Sanders to Carla Marsh, land near Main Street, $160,000.

David and Joyce High to Pauline and Joel Grenier, Lot 6, Winston Place subdivision, $715,000.

Joshua and Lori Poston to Rhea Properties LLC, land near 10th Street, $152,500.

Estate of James C. Rose to Louie Rose, Lot 160, Briarwood Manor subdivision, no tax.

Timothy and Veronica Wyatt to Fred Crump Jr., Lot 90, Brentwood Place subdivision, $235,000.

Jason and Dena Mills to Austin Gibson, Lots 1 and 2-1, Banks Crandell subdivision, $139,900.

Ronnie Turner to Eduardo Alexander, Lots 1 and 2, minor plat book 6, page 197, $191,800.

Inter-Modal Trans-portation Authority Inc. to Commonwealth of Kentucky, land near U.S. 31-W By-Pass, $382,550.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lots 37-39, 43, 47, 53-56, Merrill and Shirley property subdivision, $399,330.

Bishop Investments LLC to ELG Holdings LLC, Lot 6, C.A. Tygrett lots, $115,000.

Charles and Janice Provance to Stephen and Rita Hart, Lot 71, Ashmoor Park subdivision, $321,000.

Daniel and Abigail Teberg to Kathryn and James Black II, Lot 18, Copperfield Estates subdivision, $255,000.

Nathan and Kasie Roach and David Cobb to Jeremias E. Cruz Rivera, Lot 181, Park Hills subdivision, $195,000.

Wade McCoy and Tracey and Joshua McCoy to The Casey Tencate Trust, Lot 54, Shawnee Estates, $279,900.

Keith Honaker to Howard Jones, Lot 133, University Estates subdivision, $186,600.

Reina Delac Lopetegui Alfonso and William David Herrera Lopez to Alora and James Adams Jr., Lot 8, Robert T. Lee subdivision, $139,900.

Hammer Development Co. LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 14, Heritage subdivision, $50,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Hammer Homes LLC, Lot 54, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

Robert and Judy Brewer to Angelyn and Glenn Drexler, Condo 7B, Greens at Hartland subdivision, $269,000.

Alan Burch to Jennifer Coleman, Lot 1, Joseph Flora Manuel Anderson minor subdivision property, $50,000.

Casey and Amber Decker to Commonwealth of Kentucky, land near Scoggins Road, $4,700.

Jason and Dena Mills to Jeffrey and Katherine Hunt, Lot 109, Crestmoor subdivision, $265,000.

The Jacqueline Hunt Rowe Revocable Trust to Fred W. Rowe, Lot 12, Cumberland Landing subdivision, no tax.

Juanita and Clinton Kronenberger Sr. to Brent and Sarah Fulk, land near Matlock Community, $675,000.

Evan and Christina McCloud to Jordan and Kindra Young, Lot 19, Russell Ellis Farm subdivision, $159,900.

Lanny and Megan Finley to Erika and Benjamin Brown, Lot 20, Saddlebrook subdivision, $271,000.

Keith Honaker to Andrew and Brittany Markel, Lot 75, Northridge subdivision, $199,000.

Emgijad and Vera Popovid to Tha Dong, Lot 47, Lost River Cove subdivision, $194,500.

KU Student Life Foundation Inc. to 1534 Chestnut Street LLC, Lot 4, Warner Hines subdivision, $405,900.

Robert and Robin Wyatt to JC Tucker Holdings LLC, land near Loving Way, $166,000.

Adam and Melissa Picklesimer to Michael Norwood, Lot 59, Copperfield Estates subdivision, $282,800.

Anthony and Regina Helson to Southern Saw Homes LLC, Lot 4, Diamond View subdivision, $30,000.

Kevin Burner to Kanha Sean-Keo, Lot 44, Whispering Hills subdivision, $129,000.

Southside Development LLC to Overholt Builders LLC, Lots 4, 5 and 11, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $135,000.

Indus and Shirley Pickett to Larissa Kreilein, Lot 16, Scottsdale Estates, $210,000.

Jeff and Katherine Hunt to Cason’s Cove Property Holdings LLC, land near Love Howell Road, $250,000.

Woodland Station Development LLC to Pyrot LLC, Lot 52, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $47,500.

Bayram Ali and Sonya Kuychiyeva to Milfad and Nermina Husic, Lot 18, Mackenzie Meadows subdivision, $85,000.

Pin Oak Estates LLC to Zam Dal LLC, Lot 117, Springwater subdivision, $44,500.

Joseph and Sarah Fredrick to Bae Reh, Lot 245, Fieldstone Farms subdivision, $245,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to J and R Contracting LLC, Lot 5, South Oaks subdivision, $42,500.

SMP Properties LLC to Everest KY Properties LLC, Lot 2, Traditions at Lovers Lane, no tax.

Kenneth and Beverly Childress to Lana Gravil and Christopher Duncan, Lots 1 and 2, Agnes Wilson subdivision, $192,500.

KTKT LLC to MNM LLC, Lots 1 and 2, Green Meadows subdivision, $95,000.

Mary McCormick to Mary McCormick, Lot 3, Opal Vinson Farm subdivision, no tax.

Joy Cunningham and Philip and Stacy Cunningham to Philip and Stacy Cunningham, Lot 19, Southside Realty Co. addition, no tax.

Joy Cunningham and Philip and Stacy Cunningham to Joy Cunningham, 1660 Magnolia St., 1606 Glendale Drive, 1612 Glendale Drive, 910 Shawnee Way and 1504 Circle Ave., no tax.

Lori Boone and David Hunt to Thomas and Melinda Brown, Lot 1, Lennis Oliver subdivision, $269,900.

AMB Properties LLC to David and Christine Sipes, Lot 61, Upton Farms subdivision, $357,500.

Ulster LLC to Baker & Hilliard Inc., Lot 10, Southside Realty Co. addition, $220,000.

M.A. Williams Properties Inc. to Timothy Case Jr. and Erin Case, Lot 78, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, $176,400.

Brad Knee Builders LLC to Jeffrey and Winnie Beckman, Lot 604, North Ridge subdivision, $187,700.

Ashby Holdings LLC to Simpson Family Capital LLC, Lots 99 and 100, Stonehenge subdivision, $450,000.

Lawrence Lamb Shadd III Irrevocable Trust to 2MSimms LLC, land near 18th Street, $130,000.

Kenneth Hightower to Keyana Boka, Lot 70, Shawnee Estates, $170,000.

Jason and Dena Mills to Ku Reh and Htoo Lar Paw, Lot 202, Deer Park subdivision, $185,000.

Vandalay Industries to Plum Springs Garage LLC, Lot 5, Greenwood Commerce Park subdivision, $835,000.

Whitney and George Ransdell to Brad Martens Investments LLC, Lot 18, Steeplechase subdivision, $195,000.

Estate of Ralph Hughes Cline to Joe and Navada Campbell, Lot 41-96, Bent Tree Estates, $547,000.

Burrell Properties LLC to Craig and Krista Hunt, Lot 15, BG Leichhardt Lots subdivision, $140,000.

Thinzar Lwin and Kyaw Min Oo and Dylan Win to Corner Lot Holdings LLC, Lot 73, Park Hills subdivision, $110,000.

Thomas and Jessica Goad to Brandt Cashion, tracts 2 and 3, Flossie Elkins subdivision, $123,500.

Alvaton Properties LLC to Prestige Worldwide HC LLC, Lot 122, Drakes Ridge subdivision, $59,900.

Jackson and Lauren Bradford to Michael and Kari Carr, Lot 40, Fountain Trace subdivision, $529,000.

James and Phyllis Huggins to Auction Concepts U.S.A. Inc., Lot 114, Richland subdivision, $165,000.

Thomas W. and Melinda Brown to Andrew and Stephanie Day, Lot 3, minor plat book 15, page 172, $400,000.

Pin Oak Estates LLC to Cornerstone Construction LLP, Lots 105, 106, 115, 123 and 125, Springwater subdivision, $222,500.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Graham Builders LLC, Lot 210, McKinney Farms subdivision, $37,900.

Dallas Richards to Reina Lopetegui and William David Herrera Lopez, land near Sunnyside Road, $220,000.

Western Homes LLC to Mahendrakumar Patel and Sarmishtaben Patel, Lot 205, McCoy Place subdivision, $380,550.

Todd and Jo Reed to Yesenia Aguilar Ramirez, Lot 70, Indian Hills subdivision $255,000.

Silas and Sue Lightfoot to Houssouwo and Alice Tarnagda, land near White Stone Quarry Road, $127,500.

John and Susan Higgins to Jose and Susan Cordova, Lot 5, Beddington Park subdivision, $355,000.

Brian and Allison Campbell to Nelson Villa Alonso and Diana Claudia Salinas Cruz, Lot 82, McKinney Farms subdivision, $220,000.

Kayla and Timothy Bishop to Paula Newton, Lot 4, minor plat book 14, page 199, $152,000.

William and Sandra Finch to Sonja Johnson, Lot 12, Cedar Springs Estates subdivision, $239,900.

Thien Nguyen and Trinha Truong to Jeremy and Keri Connor, Lot 192, The Summit subdivision, $374,900.

Michael and Brandy Avery to Carter Assets LLC, Lot 1, plat book 39, page 8, $222,000.

Shawn and Miranda Harriman to Jordan and Amanda Jones, Lot 1, plat book 40, page 103, $238,000.

Snyder Holdings LLC to George and Amy Fugate, Lot 15, Collet addition, $249,000.

Bobby and Janice Turner to Michel Barijane and Closette Gabriel Nduwimana and Eloi Ngabonziza, Lot 38, Hillview Mills subdivision, $320,500.

Derek and Kelly Clemons to Jerry and Ashley Martin, Lot 92, Ivan Downs subdivision, $439,000.