MANCHESTER, TENN--Lightning 100’s Live On The Green, Nashville’s free music festival, kicks off Thursday August 15, 2019 and concludes on Sunday, September 1, 2019. Dates include two Thursday night shows and one full four-day music festival for a total of six nights of live music at the all-ages public event in Public Square Park in downtown Nashville.

Live On The Green alumni include local artists who perform before thousands like GRAMMY winning indie-rockers Cage The Elephant, of Bowling Green. In their 2014 appearance, months after surfing to 30,000 fans at The Which stage at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, they were on tour  promoting their Grammy nominated “Melophobia.”

“It’s a main pillar of our brand,” said Gary Kraen, VP Programming & Operations of the independent, locally-owned station and LOTG Producer. The philosophy for Lightening 100: be Nashville’s best curator of live music. “If we’re going to put them on the air, why don’t we put them on stage? And so that was an easy thing is when you walk into Live On The Green, we want it to be an extension of what Lightning 100 is as a brand and like we say, we are all about local.”

Along with Cage The Elephant, multiple artists who are  Tidball’s Sounds and Spirits alumni from Bowling Green are no strangers to the station’s roster. Mona, Sugadaisy, The Josephines, Morning Teleportation, Sleeper Agent to name a few.

Kraen shared his education and career experience as a speaker for Bonnaroo University, a program within the music business education curriculum at Belmont University, in Manchester, Tenn., during the weekend of the globally known music and arts four-day music festival.

Kraen spoke to more than 100 students about programming across his career from working in accounting to his position now, which also includes CFO Tuned In Broadcasting.

Thirty percent of our programing is local, Kraen said, moving the discussion to artist of the week.

“We have researched our song, interns that come to our music meetings, the public that comes to our music meetings on Wednesday mornings. People bring in music all the time. They come wandering...That’s one way, where people can come off the street, give it to someone you know at the station, our interns they’ll say ‘I went to school with somebody at Belmont, bam, next thing you know…’, Kraen said, then snapped his fingers.

A rough agenda for meetings include:

(1) Discussion on music added to rotation from the previous meeting

(2) New never-before-heard music

(3) Re-listens, from previous weeks

(4) Local music

(5) New music discovered and pitched by staff

(6) Guest music pitches, guests include record co. reps, managers and sometimes artists themselves

(7) Voting with everyone in the room voting, these results are used for final adds, moves, drops.

“That happened for Vanderbilt. It was band called Arlie,” Kraen added about one of many artists receiving success through the station and representatives staying tuned. “We got them signed to Atlantic. During Bonnaroo, the music and arts festival also showcased the atmosphere of Nashville within its more than 200 campground plaza activities schedule. Plaza 7 encapsulated Lightening 100’s formula perfectly, promoting local artists including Katie Schecter featuring very special guest Travis Goodwin.

At Plaza Seven, Schecter performed nearly her entire discography and never-heard music from her finished, yet unreleased third album. “Gone Too Soon,” is one never-heard Schecter tune, in honor of Billy Swayze and Tiger Merritt, beloved friends who'd been strong assets in the Bowling Green music scene.

Kraen and friends told Schecter offered their ears, telling the Nashville transplant by way of New York City she has new soon-to-be hits after her set.

Both the 2019 schedule and tickets for the VIP experience for Lightning 100’s Live On The Green is accessible at

“So yeah, we get them [submissions] anyway. You can send them to our website (, it’s old fashioned again-- a CD with all of your information on it and say can I give this to somebody: I’m a local artist.”


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