Dr. Bernard Salameh of Bowling Green appeared on the television show “The Doctors” to surprise a guest with complimentary full-body contouring surgeries after a weight loss of more than 600 pounds.

A plastic surgeon, Salameh is donating a series of skin removal and body contouring procedures once Illinois man Justin Wiseman reaches his goal weight.

Wiseman, 36, once weighed 620 pounds. He made some changes to lose 130 pounds in six months before undergoing bariatric surgery. After three years, he reached his goal weight of 180 pounds and had lost 440 pounds.

However, a traumatic life event led him to gain 200 of those pounds back. He has lost 130 pounds in the past year, with 70 pounds to go until he reaches his goal weight.

Once Wiseman achieves his goal, Salameh will work with him to create a custom treatment plan to remove excess skin caused by extreme weight loss and fat in the upper body, lower body and face.

“After hearing about Justin’s story and the struggles of weight loss and gain, I knew I had to do something,” Salameh said.

The NBC television network and “The Doctors” will continue to follow Wiseman’s story and transformation over the next year with additional episodes featuring his journey with Salameh.

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