Maybe I've reached my limit on found footage films.

Perhaps I'm just getting older.

Whatever the reason, I really had mixed feelings about the new teen comedy "Project X." While the film does have moments that I appreciated, I found most of it to be rather silly and way too over the top. It's definitely a movie that knows what its target audience wants, and gives it too them in an overindulgent 88 minute package.

"Project X" follows Thomas (Thomas Mann) and his two best friends Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown). They are all afterthoughts at their local Pasadena, Calif. high school, looking for that game changing moment that will get them noticed by their peers. When Thomas's parents leave town on his 17th birthday, Costa comes up with the idea to throw a party of epic proportions - hiring a fellow student to document the entire day on film.

The result is a film that is the equivalent of a John Hughes film on crack. The basic story is rather predictable affair for anyone that has ever seen a high school film where the unpopular kids try to be cool. But even the subplots, including a run-in with a drug dealer and a love triangle between Jonathan and two very different girls, meander in an obvious direction that is pretty much a foregone conclusion from the opening moments of "Project X."

But "Project X" isn't as concerned with plot as it is building to the film's centerpiece - the party. To its credit, it is everything that the ads suggest and more - an insane raunch fest that builds to a near apocalyptic conclusion.

At times the party scenes work. I really enjoyed the exploits of a pair of teenagers hired to work security and little moments like attaching the family dog to balloons to recreate "Up" are mildly amusing. The problem is there are only so many slow motion montages you can do before it is obvious there really is nothing left to do. And it's one thing to have a party that pushes the boundaries of reality, but this is a party straight out of fantasy land.

That being said, the crowd I saw "Project X" with seemed to identify with it all more than myself. I'm sure the target audience will be pleased. I just found it all to be exhausting and rather pointless.

Grade: C

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