I was reading Tuesday’s paper and ran across Mr. Nolan Porterfield’s letter (”Shooting shows more common sense needed”) suggesting there was a means of ending something such as the recent senseless shooting in Bowling Green. 

He seemed to suggest more gun laws would somehow help stop actions of this kind. I didn’t know nor have I ever heard of either one of these individuals (involved in the fatal shooting of Brandon Bradshaw), but I do know a few things important to the event. People in Bowling Green are not the best drivers and if you can’t contain yourself if you get cut off in traffic or someone flips you a finger, you may not need to have a driver’s license, and without question shouldn’t have a CCDW and carry a weapon.

New laws wouldn’t help because there will always be someone without the capacity to control themselves slip through the cracks. Normal level-headed people simply call 911 and let the police handle the situation or simply drive on. Nowhere in the realm of common sense do you stop and pick a fight with someone as you never know what you will face when you run up to their car. It is truly sad the way this has all played out and the pain and suffering inflicted on all concerned for no reason other than road rage. 

How have we come to make poor driving push otherwise sane people to lose total control of themselves? Look around Scottsville Road on any given day, watch people turn at any traffic light. I defy you to show me two out of 20 people who can make a legal left or right turn. They go to whatever lane suits them and interfere with other traffic turning from the opposite direction. This does not deserve a title that sounds like some disease (road rage) that clouds your judgment and can’t be helped. It is simply poor driving and all it deserves is avoiding a crash by paying close attention to others and simply ignoring the horns and insults and going on your way.

Jerry Williamson

Bowling Green


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