Former Warren County schools Superintendent Randy Kimbroughs ongoing legal woes have grown to include her husband, Jesse, who now is facing a mail fraud charge for allegedly receiving $175,000 for consulting work he did not do.A federal grand jury indicted Jesse Kimbrough on Thursday, charging him with receiving Department of Education funds from July 1996 through October 1999 under bogus consulting contracts set up by Randy Kimbrough.Jesse Kimbrough, who was principal of Dishman-McGinnis Elementary School from its opening in 1964 until his retirement in 1993, was hired as a Department of Education consultant in 1996 to train school board members, said Lisa Gross, an education department spokeswoman.He was to provide meeting and technical assistance for school board members in specific regions, like Warren County, I assume, she said. School board members are supposed to undergo training by law; its a standard operating procedure, and he was to facilitate it. We dont know if he did provide it, but he did get paid for it.Gross said Warren County would have been the most logical place for Jesse Kimbrough to consult because he is familiar with the area and knows some board members.Earl Manco, president of Warren County Board of Education and a board member since 1993, said he has never received training from Jesse Kimbrough.As long as Ive been on the board, he has not trained anyone in Warren County, to my knowledge, Manco said. All of our training has come through the Kentucky School Board Association, which offers training four times a year.Randy Kimbrough, 61, who resigned from her post Jan. 6, has pleaded innocent to charges she embezzled more than $500,000 in state money during her tenure as deputy education commissioner and laundered $300,000 of it through Commonwealth Credit Union in Frankfort. She declined comment when reached at her Frankfort home today.Jesse Kimbroughs career spanned 43 years before he retired from the Bowling Green school system in 1993. Prior to becoming principal at Dishman McGinnis, he did a years stint as principal of Eleventh Street Elementary and spent several years teaching in the Christian and Warren counties school systems. Educators who know him revered his service to the school system and described him as a quiet, unassuming man.I found this surprising because, in my dealings with him, I never would have expected him to be involved, said Joe Tinius, Bowling Green schools assistant superintendent. When everything broke with his wife, I was hoping he wasnt involved.Now Im disappointed from the stand point that he gave many years of his life to the children. I hate that those years will be tarnished. Harold Dexter, who was principal at W.R. McNeill Elementary School for 28 years and friends with Jesse Kimbrough for much of that time, also was surprised by his indictment.He was just a super nice guy; this just blows me away, he said. I cant even dream or imagine the people I knew doing something like this. (Jesse) was laid back, he expected you to do your job and do it right. He was a father image for those students. It just doesnt fit.If convicted, Jesse Kimbrough could receive up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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