All Patrick Lee Odom, 16, ever wanted to do was grow up and be like his big brother, Brian Odom.

The Simpson County native was a junior at Franklin-Simpson High School, where he was working toward graduation with plans to attend college, said his friend, KaTasha Bond, a senior at FSHS.

Patrick’s dreams were cut short when he died in a house fire in the early morning hours Tuesday.

Patrick was one of several people inside the structure at 213 Roosevelt St. in Franklin when a fire erupted, Franklin-Simpson Fire Rescue Chief Mark Halcomb said. The fire department was called to the home at 12:07 a.m. Patrick was asleep inside the second story of the home and was the only person who didn’t make it out safely.

The loss is extremely difficult for Brian Odom. The two boys clung closely to each other after the death of their mother, Robbie Pirtle, three years ago and their father, Ray Odom, last year, family friend Ken Bond said. Ken Bond is KaTasha Bond’s father.

“Everybody in the school system liked him,” Ken Bond said about Patrick. “He was always laughing and having fun.

“He was just a really good kid,” he said.

Brian Odom, 22, who is on a liver transplant list, is trying cope.

“We used to like to fish,” Brian Odom said. “He liked to cook catfish.”

Brian Odom also remembers his brother as someone who made people laugh. He liked wrestling, music and watching football games.

“I would have to say my best memory of him personally would be him telling me that when we grew up … that we need to be just like our big brothers,” KaTasha Bond said.

KaTasha Bond’s older brother, Josh Bond, is Brian Odom’s best friend. The two young men were hanging out together Tuesday after Bond’s father gave Brian Odom some money to buy clothes.

“The closeness between them, I’ve never seen it in another set of siblings,” KaTasha Bond said. “I don’t think I ever witnessed those two fight. They were inseparable. It was like they were all each other had, and they knew it, and they cherished every minute of being together.”

Several kids who attend FSHS gathered at a park Tuesday to share their memories of Patrick. They all decided to get matching tattoos to memorialize their friend, KaTasha Bond said.

Where and how the fire started remains under investigation, Halcomb said.

Fire and police investigators are waiting on a state medical examiner’s report for Patrick’s official cause of death.

Patrick is also survived by two other brothers, Carl Pirtle and Joseph Odom of Franklin, and a sister, Bonnie Turner of Louisville. See complete obituary details on Page 5A.