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I do not know why the K S P is investigate the shooting. I was told by them that they are not set up to investigate murders are racial sex abuse on children in Warren County Schools. That they need Sheriff Gaines OK TO DO ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT in Warren County. The Local F B I office said the same thing.
when Warren County School and Sheriff Gaines OK School Bus Driver have Guns on the bus and in the schools and on field trips. If the State Police of Kentucky cannot and will not any other investigation. Why did the State Police Show up one hour later. To investigate the shooting, after Brown talk to the Sheriff Gaines and Attorney Simpson. Before the State Police was call in. Many people know how Sheriff Gaines cover up other murder cases and Cover up sex abuse in Warren County Schools on School Bus and by Warren County Park Employee on young girls. Even the News will not do any thing. With out Sheriff Gaines OK. The How law Enforcement under Sheriff Gaines need to be investigated.


This case shouldnt even be heard in warren county but since the prosecuter surely will not ask for a change of venue, you know Alan Simpson (who is or was in the band with Judge Tim wilson and others-can you say conflict) will not ask for a change of venue. And that KSP officer Bivens is a joke, he runs a lady over, kills her and HE IS THE SPOKESPERSON for the KSP, man what a side show this whole ordeal is.

The Bradshaws needs to go get them an outsider- a Lawyer to file a wrongful death suit so he's not worried about the warren county good ole boys club, . Remember how O.J. Simpson got off, but the family got the last laugh, when they won their multimillion dollar lawsuit, I hope The Bradshaw family wins enough money to finally flush out this whole corrupt law enforcement and political system in BG & warren county, & takes Brown and his arrogant self to the cleaners.

I know a man who use to work at the warren county jail, and he QUIT the job because he couldnt treat people the way they were being treated in the jail, just like Glasgow and its police department and jail. The GREAT COMMONWEALTH of KENTUCKY needs to clean this mess up and bring in the KBI or FBI. Where is our Mayor, our Police Chief, our Sherrif ?? There silence is speaking VERY LOUD. sad, sad situation for this city .............I HOPE EVERYONE REMEMBERS THIS WHEN ITS ELECTION TIME. The city spends money for race tracks, and upgrades, all the things they take our tax money for so this is a better safer and growing place to live, yet our officials and law enforcement operate like we are in the fifties. I bet if word of this got to some of the folks who come here every year and fill the hotels and spend their money , they might not think this is such a great place to hold their events. When THAT HAPPENS and the local businesses suffer monetarily, THEN YOU WILL SEE SOME CHANGE, FOR THE GOOD!!!

hope for happiness

Grammy, Shame on you for saying those things about his wife and grandkids. They are no more to blame then you or I are. How do you know how she feels? No one know the reason for this But God himself. I have faith in our police and I'm sure there is a reason for all of this and In time things will be told. I really can't believe that a person would shoot someone for absolutely no reason. When WBKO first reported this they said there was a shoot out, and then they nolonger reported that story. Several people said there was shooting from both vehicles. Something happened with it be road rage or what ever.... Something Happened. How does anyone know what or who is investigating this. Let the authorities do their job, let the families have peace. The Family was on the news and said they were very peaceful, and were positive with what the authorities were doing. Don't talk out of both sides of your mouth..either go on with your life in memorie of him or don't, you cant be both. I really feel they are keeping the family safe by not telling every detail of the happenings that day. Even the nicest person can have a bad day, he had to have done something to make a police officer shoot. I would like to know the happenings of that day, just to find out what in the world was done to get shot.

Real truth

I like to start out by saying, I just like 99.99% of the rest of Bowling Green and Warren County. I don't know all the facts of this case. We must remember that this is real life and no a TV show that over in an hour. It takes time to work a case. Blood, fingerprints, Medical evidence takes time and sometimes weeks to be analyised by the crime lab. They are working with crime labs in two states. The Bradshaw family deserve answers as quickly as possible and so does everyone in Warren County and Bowling Green. I feel that KSP and the Commonwealth Attorney has made a terrible error in judgement when it come to the public interest in this case and the public right to know. I know that the Commonwealth Attorney call the shots in cases like this but a NEWS cofference would not put this case in any danger and would have go a long way to STOP false rumors and misinformation. Now, no matter the out come NO one will be satisfied with the Commonwealth Attorney decision. I thankful that it will not be the end. The Bradshaw family the real people who has the most right to know. They have the power to bring the facts to light and have them judged by a jury. They nly need to file a wrongful death suite. I hope they do. I know if after the Commonwealth Attorney show the facts to the Bradshaw family if they decide not to sue then we can rest assure that they not happy with the out come but know justice is done.


How can Brown's wife even live with herself? I understand that she had some kind of nurse training. She could have at the very least given him CPR which would given his brain the oxygen rich blood his brain needed! I hope that the state board somehow hears about this as well and takes away whatever license that she carries.
To Brandon's mom, I'm so sorry. You don't deserve this. Your grandbabies don't deserve this. One day, God will bring His justice to this horrible wrong.


The shooting happened in the City Limits of Bowling Green and in broad daylight yet the "City" elected are silent. The "County" elected have followed suit and they to are silent.

One may ask " What business is it of the elected ? " In my opinion our "Elected" no matter if it's the Mayor,Commissioner, County Judge Executive or Magistrates are protectors and defenders of the public trust.

Public trust is an important thing.Public trust is something to be earned and not taken lightly. Enough time has passed that I think our elected should be stepping up and finding out just how much longer the KSP need before they fully disclose to the families and public the events of that day.

As a voter / taxpayer I am curious on just how anyone can be involved in a broad daylight shooting and leave the scene and just go home. I want to know if at anytime the shooter was read his rights, taken to jail,blood tested. Perhaps he was and that information will become public knowledge.

Lot's of gossip,innuendo and "Good Old Boy's" accusations going around. I hope none of the negative proves to be true.I really want to have faith in my elected and appointed officials. That said once the reports are in and if it turns out that the "Good Old Boy" network is alive and well I certainly think the voter / taxpayers need to have sweeping change city and county wide come next election.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer / Vet

Panda Allen

"Those answers fall short for Brown’s family and friends."
Don't you mean "Those answers fall short for BRADSHAW'S family and friends" ?


When I took the class for my ccdw the law states that even if you shoot someone in self defense you have to defend yourself on WHY you did it. He needs to be charged and then brought in front of a jury of his PEERS. Just because he is a law enforcement officer doesn't give him special rights. I don't think his "friends" from the force should be investigating this.


Enough is enough. This family deserves some answers. The system has failed them.


I have to assume that in Simpson County they follow a different "Protocol" when one man shoots another man. Or maybe it's different because Mr. Brown was defending himself and his truck? Unlike the Simpson County man wasn't defending himself from inside his own home? I'm getting really confused as to exactly the "Protocol" KSP is following. Sounds like, once again, Warren County Sheriff Peanut Gaines is allowed to have his CIVILLIAN EMPLOYEE'S treated differently than the rest of the TAX PAYERS!
If they truly was only thinking in the best interest of the case, Mr. Brown would have been charged at the scene, arrested, hand cuffed, placed in the BACK seat of a KSP cruiser, and taken in for questioning AT THE LEAST! Let the judge decide if he gets bail or not, and if there is probable cause enough to send it to the Grand Jury... NOT THE CASE HERE! AND ONLY THIS CASE! Sheriff we already know, knows no shame about his antics he uses. KSP should be ashamed at themselves for this line of spin they are giving the citizens of Warren County! I, as well as many others I am sure, have now lost much respect for KSP, AND Chris Cohron! A real shame that ONLY Chris is subject to the citizens vote! KSP we have nothing to change them. Good Ol' Peanut will stay in office, UNfortunately, until he dies. Too many other Good Ol' boys/girls in this county owe him, so they will always vote for him. Totally EMBARRASSED & ASHAMED to say I live & work in Warren County right now.
Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2013 11:39 am

By JUSTIN STORY The Daily News jstory@bgdailynews.com/783-3256 | 0 comments

A Simpson County man suspected of murder made his initial court appearance Tuesday.

Daniel Lee Moss, 32, 3110 Harvey Robertson Road, was arraigned in Simpson District Court on charges of murder and tampering with physical evidence.

A not guilty plea was entered on Moss’ behalf, and a preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 5 before Simpson District Judge Martha Blair Harrison.

Moss is accused of shooting Shawn D. Thompson, 40, of Bowling Green, to death Friday outside Moss’ home six miles north of Franklin.

Detective Eddie Lawson of the Simpson County Sheriff’s Office said Thompson was shot once in the back.

“The victim was shot outside the house, but we believe the shooter was inside the house,” Lawson said.

Lawson said a woman was visiting Moss and was present at the time of the shooting, and that Thompson had been a friend of the woman’s.

The woman is not charged with anything in connection with the shooting, Lawson said.

“She gave an interview that we feel was truthful, and basically her statement confirmed a lot of facts in the case from the evidence we found,” Lawson said.

Moss gave a short interview at the scene with law enforcement, but he invoked his right to an attorney when he was transported to the sheriff’s office to conduct a recorded interview and was placed under arrest, Lawson said.

Moss is being held without bond in Simpson County Detention Center, according to online jail records.


This goes well beyond the good ole boy network. This is downright tyrannical/thuggish behavior on the part of all the authorities involved. It is blatantly obvious they are not treating this like they would had this security joker not been one of their own and yet they act as though we are the problem for wanting answers. Everyday I am becoming more and more skeptical that we will see justice in this case.


“We are staying firm with not releasing any information, and that’s to protect the integrity of the case,” Biven said. “Our goal is to make sure we’re not pulling for either side"

It seems to me that they are pulling for one side over another. They want to protect the integrity of the case so that their buddy doesn't have to have his case heard in another venue/town. I know if it was anyone else they would have at least been arrested and bond would have been set. We (the community) must remember this when it comes time for election.


This is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of...talk about a "good ole' boy" system! I totally agree that the FBI needs to get in on this. If I still lived in BG, I would be going to the State Attorney General. Anyone else would be in jail to wait to see if he was going to be charged with murder! Definitely a coverup going on...what else would it be, right? [sad]


Welcome to the 2 tiered justice system, my friends. Where the wealthy and powerful eagerly trample over the rights of those less fortunate time and time again with complete impunity.


BGPD you are looking like a good ole boy club! You serve the public Mr. Bradshaw is the public, Mr. Brown is the shooter either justify or arrest him...


It might be time to take this to a federal level as the locals can't seem to provide justice for the victim. This event happened within minutes not over years and it doesn't take weeks or month's to investigate what happened in a few minutes of time. You can bet if this had been a police or fireman shot the shooter would be sitting in jail if not killed on the scene. KSPs attitude towards those requesting information is inexcuseable, their arrogant attitude needs federal attention.


quote: "KSP has remained tight-lipped about the incident, stating the agency is following legal protocol."

KSP is lying. As the Daily News pointed out in their recent editorial, the KSP routinely release details of their investigations within days (or even hours) WHEN IT IS IN THEIR BEST INTEREST TO DO SO. They are keeping quiet and covering up as a favor for their local law enforcement buddies here.

But even worse...

3 weeks after the murder of Brandon Bradshaw and the Commonwealth Attorney STILL does not have all the documentation it needs? He is either lying or derelict in his duty... or he is answering to someone else who is purposely delaying this case to cover up for their law enforcement friends.

Think about this: In addition to criminal action, the shooter is also liable for a HUGE civil action in this case. Well, he's not the only one that is civilly liable. The Sheriff's Dept. and the BGPD are likely ALSO liable for a civil action in this case. Brown pretended to be a law enforcement officer with some kind of authority on the scene (waving his badge around for all to see), and his actions delayed immediate medical assistance to Bradshaw. When law enforcement did arrive, Brown was treated as ONE OF THEIR OWN by local law enforcement - THUS ENDORSING HIS AUTHORITY. Instead of treating Brown like any other citizen would be treated in a case such as this (arrested pending a bond hearing), they have treated Brown like an insider in their "secret club" where you can do whatever you want, because you know the right people. The multi million dollar judgment they will have to pay for their "endorsement" of this shooter is likely another reason they are covering their assets in this matter.

How petty and downright childish these people they appear to the public they supposedly serve. They have circled their wagons around one of their own, and are openly contemptuous of family and friends seeking any information or answers about this case.

Every citizen and elected official in BG should be ashamed of the behavior of local law enforcement in this matter. It is beyond pathetic. And it will be long remembered.

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