Warren County Public Schools is moving ahead after the launch of a new 5-star school rating system this month, with its board of education meeting Thursday to review next steps.

During the board’s regular monthly meeting, District Assessment Coordinator Cindy Beals offered an overview of the district’s 2018-19 state assessment results.

The new accountability system, which assigns schools an overall star rating based on several factors, prevents schools from earning top marks if they have significant academic achievement gaps between student groups.

“We did have a couple of our middle schools that dropped from a 5-star (rating) to a 4-star because of significant gaps,” Beals said. “It’s definitely something we’re looking at.”

Drakes Creek Middle School and South Warren Middle School were docked one star because of their achievement gaps for English-learner students and students with disabilities. South Warren High School also saw its overall star rating reduced to 4 stars because of achievement gaps.

Only 4-star and 5-star schools have their ratings reduced for achievement gaps and the gaps must be statistically significant to be counted under the system.

Each school’s star rating – along with the performance factors that inform a school’s star rating and a host of other data – is available online at kyschoolreportcard.com.

Beals was joined by J’Nora Anderson, the district’s academic improvement coach, who outlined steps the district is taking to improve. That includes assembling “standards-focused teams” that review relevant state standards.

“These teams are teacher leaders from each of the schools,” Anderson said. “They’re coming out and they are meeting with our literacy and math coaches, and they are spending a day going through the reading and math standards. Those were revised last year and this year is an implementation year for those.”

Anderson said effort includes multiple sessions to align instruction and district common assessments with those revised state standards.

The district is also training its staff to be “culturally responsive” and to ensure that all students can access a school’s curriculum regardless of their academic needs.

School leaders recently gathered at the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative to dig into their school’s assessment data and ways to improve.

“Starting tomorrow, we’re going to be meeting with each school leadership team individually to work with them on their school improvement plan to make sure that it is very intentional and focused on what they need to do in their particular school,” Anderson said.

WCPS Superintendent Rob Clayton described his district’s results as a “snapshot” of what the district is doing to improve performance for all students. The district has more English learner students than it’s ever had in its history, he said, and educators are constantly battling to level the playing field for all of the district’s students.

“That being said, we know that until we reach every student, until every student is proficient in reading and math … we know that the work is still ahead of us,” Clayton said.

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And not a single ounce of that is a joke. It is that bad. That's the inculcation plan that supposed to NOT get big budget increases from bad scores in the future.


Check the WCPS and OESCards twitter feeds. They have houses for students called Amistad, a slave ship, and Isibindi, which you can get an idea about at this unicef sit. https://www.unicef.org/southafrica/protection_18032.html and they have one called Altruismo which is like Chavismo except with shaved heads, and then they have the french dreamers. It is like a bad farce. They are taking their instructional indoctrination for years from Captain Ron. It is absolutely horrific. It is absolutely horrific. Either they want black students voting on the Amistad, or White students voting on the Amistad, and the whole South Africa thing. It is just horrific. It would be just bad, but it so bad it makes alt-rightest the truth tellers. Captain Ron is a terrible terrible teacher, but they say he won the teacher of the year award for making all these jokes about Slave Ships and Houses in South Africa which has the most homelessness in the entire world.

Enough Already

“culturally responsive” is code for 3rd world students imported here who cost taxpayers twice as much to educate and are still dragging the schools results down because they are completely out of their element. I wouldn't be surprised if a LARGE infusion of taxpayer money would not be the suggested cure for the achievement woes our schools are experiencing.

Shut the International center down and refuse future so called refugees!

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