A man who pleaded guilty in the deadly shooting of his stepfather has asked to be placed on probation.

Tanner Perruquet, 21, pleaded guilty in Warren Circuit Court in July to a count of second-degree manslaughter in connection with the death of Homer Boling, 26, who was shot May 5, 2018, at the Brandywood Court home where Perruquet lived at the time with his mother.

Perruquet accepted a plea agreement that reduced an original charge of murder to second-degree manslaughter and dismissed a count of tampering with physical evidence.

While prosecutors have recommended a 10-year sentence, Perruquet’s attorney, Alan Simpson, has filed a motion for probation.

A hearing is set for Friday on Simpson’s motion, which delves into a home life in which Boling is characterized as a “violent and abusive person, who had wreaked havoc on Tanner and his mom.”

The year before the shooting, Perruquet and his sister attempted to intervene in an argument between their mother and Boling, and Perruquet noticed bruises on his mother over the next four to five months, according to the motion.

One incident in November 2017 led to Perruquet calling the police, but Boling was not arrested or charged with a crime, the motion said.

On the night of the shooting, Perruquet’s mother had come to his workplace to tell Perruquet that Boling had beaten her, destroyed items in their garage and sent threatening text messages following an argument over Boling’s drinking, court records show.

“Tanner, clearly, wanted Homer to stop this behavior and leave him and his mother alone,” Simpson said in the filing.

Perruquet obtained a gun from a friend, and the two traveled to his mother’s home to confront Boling.

In the motion, Simpson alludes to messages Perruquet sent to his friend around that time.

“Tanner, trying to be a ‘tough guy’ to his friends, sent messages that, in retrospect, sound more ominous than what they were,” Simpson said in the motion. “What they actually were, was an afraid 17-year-old kid trying to sound tough to muster up enough courage to confront his mother’s abuser.”

At the house, Boling grabbed Perruquet’s friend and shoved him and threw handfuls of change at Perruquet, according to court records.

During the confrontation, Perruquet “wildly shot in Homer’s direction,” Simpson’s motion said.

Simpson argued that Perruquet was acting in self-defense at the time, while acknowledging that Perruquet’s actions “are not in full compliance” with state laws regarding self-defense.

Perruquet’s reaction to his mother’s abuse was “quite understandable,” and Simpson said that Perruquet’s mother plans to tell the court at the sentencing hearing that she “bears much of the blame for putting Tanner in this situation.”

Perruquet has been jailed for 225 days while the case has been pending, and if he is given a 10-year sentence, he would be eligible to be considered for parole after serving two years.

Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron’s office has not filed a response to Simpson’s motion, but earlier filings from the prosecution characterize Perruquet as the aggressor during the homicide.

In a response to a motion to dismiss the case filed in 2019, Cohron’s office said that Perruquet could not legally claim to have acted in self-defense when he entered the home with a firearm intending to confront an unarmed Boling.

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