SCOTTSVILLE – An Indiana man charged in an Allen County homicide is scheduled to make his first court appearance Tuesday.

Sevonte Sumpter-Bey, 20, of Brownsburg, Ind., is due to be arraigned in Allen Circuit Court on charges of murder and first-degree robbery.

He is accused of taking part in a robbery that resulted in the death of Justin Wix, 47, at his residence at 151 Stinson Lane in Scottsville.

Wix suffered multiple wounds from three gunshots, according to Kentucky State Police.

Sumpter-Bey and two other Indiana residents, Derek Lucas, 21, and Rylan Wiles, 18, are alleged to have traveled from Indiana to Allen County with the intention of robbing Wix on May 7.

In a preliminary hearing last year, KSP Detective Jonathan Johnson testified that Lucas was familiar with Wix’s residence from an earlier visit made with Sumpter-Bey’s uncle.

Johnson said Lucas was “basically the organizer” of the robbery plot and recruited Sumpter-Bey and Wiles.

Police had little information in the weeks following Wix’s death, but a juvenile contacted KSP on June 9 and claimed to have information about the death.

That led two KSP detectives to travel to Indiana to speak with the juvenile, who claimed to have overheard Lucas, Sumpter-Bey and Wiles boast of their involvement in the homicide, according to court records.

Wiles and Lucas declined to give statements to police, but Sumpter-Bey placed himself and the two others at the scene of the robbery during a police interview.

“(Sumpter-Bey) did admit to his part in the murder and robbery,” Johnson testified in the October preliminary hearing. “He indicated that Lucas had traveled to Wix’s house previously and saw that Wix had a pretty substantial amount of money and drugs.”

Sumpter-Bey disclosed that he and Wiles forced their way into the camper where Wix lived, while Wix exited through another door and saw Lucas, Johnson said.

“(Wix) saw Mr. Lucas, recognized him from being there previously, apparently realizes what’s going on and shoots either at Mr. Lucas or up in the air,” Johnson testified, going on to say that Lucas ran back to his vehicle.

Sumpter-Bey identified Wiles as the person who shot Wix, Johnson said.

In an arrest warrant, Johnson said Sumpter-Bey claimed that a gun was taken from Wix’s possession after the incident, and that firearm, along with the gun used to shoot Wix, were thrown in a creek in Indiana.

In December, police obtained a search warrant for cellphone information from a tower near Wix’s residence for the days of May 6-8 and learned that a number tied to one of the three suspects was found to be calling the father of one of the suspects during that time period, court records show.

Sumpter-Bey is listed as an inmate in Hendricks County, Ind., jail serving a sentence for an unrelated offense. Allen County court records show that the warrant against Sumpter-Bey charging him remains outstanding.

Lucas and Wiles are both in Allen County Detention Center.

Lucas has pleaded not guilty to murder, first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery and tampering with physical evidence.

Wiles is charged with murder and first-degree robbery.

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