When Bowling Green attorney David Broderick sustained a concussion and injured his shin earlier this month during a trip to Colorado, that proved to be just the beginning of a host of health issues that resulted in his diagnosis this week with COVID-19.

Broderick confirmed Thursday that he testified positive for the virus. Reached Thursday afternoon by the Daily News, Broderick said was released from TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital earlier in the day after spending three days there in isolation.

"The good news is I've probably weathered the storm," Broderick said.

Warren County's first positive COVID-19 test was announced Wednesday by Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear during his daily news conference, in which he said a 73-year-old man – later learned to be Broderick – had contracted the viral respiratory illness.

Broderick said he believes he contracted the coronavirus while in Colorado.

In the days after his injury, Broderick experienced headaches and fatigue, but a chronic cough he had developed stayed with him when he returned to Kentucky, and that outlasted the effects of his concussion-related health problems beyond what had been initially perceived.

"I have not had a breathing issue, but I've had chest congestion and a temperature, substantial fatigue and a loss of appetite," said Broderick, adding that he lost 20 pounds in about 11 days.

Broderick checked into Greenview on Monday and underwent a CT scan for his chest, received intravenous medication and was treated in isolation.

Broderick said he and his wife are in isolation, and he was directed to remain isolated until 72 hours after his symptoms subside.

Broderick said his daughter, Taylor, an attorney at his law firm, is in isolation now at her home for a 14-day period.

"We've notified people and taken the appropriate steps," Broderick said. "The fortunate thing for me and other people is I haven't been around that much. I've been out of state and only been with my wife. ... Some of my law partners are in the same isolation and we're taking all the steps we should take."

The attorney said he went public with his diagnosis to encourage people to follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and government leaders encouraging social distancing in order to contain the spread of the virus.

"I'm hoping our state will get to a situation where we can do mass testing," Broderick said. "I think we have an awful lot of people working very hard to get these things done. ... When you see politicians and the doctors on the TV stations, what they're saying is correct. You have to be cautious and the way to not have this thing spread is to follow those directions."

A Bowling Green native who attained his law degree from the University of Louisville in 1972, Broderick has taken on a number of high-profile cases in his career, perhaps most notably including his successful defense of Lucas Goodrum at his trial for murder and other charges in the 2003 death of Western Kentucky University student Katie Autry.

Broderick is also master commissioner for Warren County.

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Enough Already

This rating system is a poor indicator of what people thinking because you don't know what they are voting on, the story, the outcome, or something else.

A simple thumbs up or down would mean just as much without the faces.


Kind of strange that 2 people "love" this report and 5 think it's funny. Do you "love" the fact that someone is sick? Or do you "love" that appropriate action is being taken? As for the "funny" responses, I'd like to know what that's all about. Sadism?

Debora Campbell

I am going to give 2 that used love as meaning they are sending their love. The laughing emojis I can not give any explanation for. Stupid is as stupid does!

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