GLASGOW – A seasonal county employee who works at Jackie Browning Park in Glasgow has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in self-quarantine.

The matter has been turned over to the Barren River District Health Department.

“They (the health department) have pretty much taken the lead on this,” Barren County Judge-Executive Micheal Hale said.

This is the first employee the county has had to test positive for the coronavirus. The employee will remain off work without pay until he tests negative.

The county issued a news release notifying the public about the employee testing positive.

“The Barren River District Health Department will notify anyone who may have been in contact with this employee and will provide proper instructions at that time,” the news release said.

It also said park officials are following all guidelines set forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are working closely with the district health department in all decisions.

Youth athletic games at the park will continue as scheduled, the news release said.

The county followed recommendations of the district health department and had policies in place regarding the coronavirus before the youth season started.

“We disinfect before the games. We disinfect between the games. That includes spraying down the dugouts, washing the bathrooms down more and then we also disinfect after the games. Our staff wears the proper PPE, such as masks and the Latex gloves, (and) we have hand washing stations throughout the park now,” Hale said.

Extra dugouts were created for teams to practice proper social distancing.

“Half the team can sit in one dugout and the other half can sit behind them in another dugout,” he said. “We have spaces marked off in the park when you first come in the gate every 6 feet and then we have 6 feet marked off around the field for everyone to have a place to sit.”

Bleachers at the park have been removed, so those wanting to attend the games now have to bring their own lawn chairs for seating.

“We’ve got a lot of safety measures in place, and throughout the game we are announcing to remind people to do the 6-foot social distancing and to wash their hands every chance that they get,” Hale said.

Athletes are not required to wear face masks when in the dugouts because Gov. Andy Beshear has said if people can properly distance themselves when outside, face masks are not required, Hale said.

In general, the county follows the mandated federal recommendations when it comes to COVID-19.

“Obviously, if you are inside and you can social distance, you don’t have to wear a mask,” Hale said. “If you can’t social distance, you have to wear a mask. The same goes for outside.”

He said the county’s elected officials can ask anyone who comes in the county government building to do business to wear a mask.

County employees also undergo temperature checks. If an employee proves to have a fever, they are sent home. Employees have to test negative twice before they can return to work, he said.

The city of Glasgow also has had only one employee test positive for COVID-19.

The city employee worked at the Glasgow Regional Landfill and contracted the coronavirus from his wife, who worked at a medical facility. The city ordered the employee to self-quarantine for 10 days before being tested.

“If they have been exposed, or think they have been, we quarantine them right then,” Glasgow Mayor Harold Armstrong said.

The city doesn’t require employees to be tested immediately because symptoms of the coronavirus may not be present for a week or so, the mayor said.

The employee tested positive and was ordered to self-quarantine for an additional 14 days before being tested again.

A firefighter for the city, whose fiance tested positive, was ordered to self-quarantine for seven days before being tested. His test results were negative for the coronavirus, but he could not return to work until his fiance had also tested negative after recovering from the virus.

The firefighter has since returned to work, Armstrong said.

The city also has a policy regarding face masks and temperature checks.

“Everybody who comes into City Hall has to wear a face mask,” he said.

City employees who work outdoors do not have to wear face masks while working, but when they come in contact with people they must put one on.

City council members and those who attend city council meetings undergo temperature checks prior to the start of city council meetings, which are now being held in-person. Also, everyone in attendance at a city council meeting is required to wear a face mask and to practice social distancing, he said.

The city has scheduled two town hall meetings for early August. Cities are exempt from the 10 person per gathering limit and can have up to 50 people at a gathering, Armstrong said.

Those attending the town hall meetings will also be required to wear face masks and to also practice social distancing.

“It will be the same thing. We will have to keep everybody 6 feet apart,” Armstrong said.

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