Barren River Lake State Resort Park is set for a second round of improvements as part of a $20 million effort to spruce up state parks.

State officials last week formally unveiled phase II of the “Refreshing the Finest” initiative, which targets the state’s parks for a wide range of upgrades.

Specific dollar figures for each state park are not available because some work is still underway and other projects have still not gone to bid, but the first phase allocated $18 million while the second phase provides $20 million to be split among the state’s parks.

“We do not yet have a dollar amount for each park,” Kentucky State Parks Information Officer Gil Lawson said.

In the first phase that started last year, Barren River State Park was able to spruce up some cottages with new paint and furniture, as well as build new concrete walkways, lighting and sidewalks around the park, Lawson said.

The heating and air conditioning at the lodge, as well as other lodge renovations and repairs to the outdoor swimming pool, were also funded in the first phase.

The park is also slated to benefit from some campground upgrades in phase II, Lawson said.

That includes upgrading campsite utilities, installing new 50-amp electric service, adding sewer sites and configuring campsites to accommodate larger recreational vehicles.

Barren River is also slated to do some roof work on the lodge in the phase II funding.

Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Don Parkinson said the funding is needed to keep aging park buildings operational, according to The Associated Press.

State officials said 133 projects started during the initial phase are nearly complete and have helped boost business, with parks seeing a $7.6 million revenue increase in 2018 compared to 2016.

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Wes Swietek is the Bowling Green Daily News News Director.

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