Gov. Andy Beshear on Tuesday announced more than 3,000 new COVID-19 cases statewide. His report included 22 additional virus deaths, and the state’s test positivity rate was 12.23%, a slight drop from Monday’s rate.

“We’re trying to determine where these numbers are going,” Beshear said in Frankfort. “We are sure that this is a surge caused by gatherings through the holidays, but there is a chance in what we are seeing in the data that while people gathered in the holidays, that maybe now they’ve changed their behavior back to being very careful. If that’s the case, then hopefully we’ll see a leveling off” in the coming days and weeks.

The number of hospitalizations in the state due to COVID-19 was up slightly, rising to 1,733. Of that amount, 397 are being treated in ICUs and 205 need a ventilator to breathe.

In Warren County, Beshear reported 90 new coronavirus cases.

The Barren River District Health Department has confirmed 21,460 cases since the pandemic began, 18,041 of which have recovered. The department said 227 virus deaths have been reported in its eight-county region.

The county-by-county breakdown of total recovered cases, deaths and total cases is Barren: 2,481, 35, 2,900; Butler: 781, 16, 969; Edmonson: 548, 13, 651; Hart: 1,103, 11, 1,364; Logan: 1,611, 40, 1,906; Metcalfe: 557, 10, 659; Simpson: 1,156, 14, 1,346 and Warren: 9,844, 88, 11,655.

The health department in Allen County, which is not affiliated with the Barren River department, reported eight additional COVID-19 cases Tuesday. Allen County has had a total of 1,352 cases in the pandemic, and the death toll there is 19.

In his news conference, Beshear responded to citizens who submitted a petition calling for his impeachment.

Among the individuals who signed the petition is Tony Wheatley, Beshear said. The governor said Wheatley organized a Frankfort rally in May when Beshear was hanged in effigy.

Beshear identified Jacob Clark, who ran in November as a Libertarian candidate for the seat in Kentucky House District 18, as another petition signee.

In his news event, Beshear shared screenshots of Facebook posts he said Clark had made. In one Facebook video, Clark posed with a handgun resting on a shelf above his left shoulder, and Clark also wrote that “God may strike (Beshear) down” for his restrictions on indoor church gatherings.

“These people who have signed this petition have tried to create terror for me and my family before, and when that hasn’t worked, I guess they’re trying something new,” Beshear said. “We cannot, as a country and as a government, lift these folks up. It is dangerous. It is fanning the flames of their hate and of their anger. … Going out there and playing patty cake with these so-called militias that stormed our U.S. Capitol and murdered a D.C. police officer and that put everybody else in danger is just wrong.”

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Dr. Strangelove

Regarding my previous comment and recommendations. I think in addition to COVID we could highlight another disease or cause of death weekly! Under this weeks Disease of the Week banner. Using all the stats and numbers to keep the majority of people with that bug eyed, mask wearing look of constipated insomniacs and at an elevated fear level, regardless of potential or incidence rate. There are a plethora of great diseases we can highlight. And remember, it will be "for the good of the people".

Enough Already

I agree. Let's make disease great again!

Dr. Strangelove

Are people dying of anything else in this country other than COVID? Please give us a daily list of all deaths by category and exact detail of that death. It would be welcomed by the mask and Purell crowd in increasing their fear factor level. As I have said: Everyone should stay inside their homes or cubicles until NO ONE EVER DIES. Or in other words: Don't get living until death is eliminated from the planet.

Yours truly,

Brent Fauci

Enough Already

Dim green bulb Andy is uniquely qualified to announce COVID statistics. He is a mindless robot incapable of doing anything useful so the repeating of statistics is right up his alley. His legacy will be one of reciting useless statistics while destroying the lives of Kentuckians and bankrupting businesses, all the while telling us it is for our own good and we are just too stupid to understand.


"all the while telling us it is for our own good and we are just too stupid to understand."

That certainly fits to a T you and fellow resident goofball Strangelove.

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