Bowling Green Parks & Recreation hosted its first Drive-Thru Fall Festival from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday at Preston Miller Park.

The event was free for the public as attendees drove around the park and played carnival-style games mostly from the comfort of their cars.

There were 10 games available for the public – eight of which were played from vehicles. A kettle corn stand and a photo booth were also set up as part of the festival.

The idea for the drive-thru event came from the department trying to create a safe and fun event for the community amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“This was inspired from another department up in the northeast part of the United States,” Bowling Green Parks & Recreation special populations instructor Cameron Levis said. “We saw them do something different as a summer camp alternative. We decided to take it and so something that was fall-themed.

“Fall is one of everybody’s favorite seasons, and we wanted to give people a reason to come out and celebrate their park system,” Levis added.

Event workers at each game featured in the festival all wore masks, and participants who jumped out of their cars to play all wore masks as well.

The festival saw a good turnout from the community as a line of traffic consistently circled the park with families patiently waiting their turn to play each game.

“It’s fun for us as a parks department,” Levis said. “Our mission is to enhance quality of life. It’s why we are in this business. It’s why we are in the industry that we are.

“COVID never really changed that for us,” Levis continued. “It never stopped us. It forced us to be creative, and we are just trying to give people one of the few things they are still able to do with their local park system.”

According to Levis, the department is looking to continue the fall festival in the future post COVID-19 where they could then adapt the idea and make the event larger.

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