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The Bowling Green High School cheerleading squad is pictured after taking first place in the Medium Varsity Game Day Division II at the 2020 National High School Cheerleading Championship and National Dance Team Championship at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. This is the first time the squad has won the national championship as a team.

The Bowling Green High School cheerleading team made history this month by winning Medium Varsity Game Day Division II at the 2020 National High School Cheerleading Championship and National Dance Team Championship at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla.

The competitions took place over the past two weekends and involved more than 25,000 of the country’s top high school cheerleaders and dancers. The events are produced by the Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association.

“Bowling Green has never won as a team,” said Bobbi Dotson, BGHS cheer coach. “We have partner stunt national champions from this competition, but we never won as a team. That is what made this year so special.”

As part of the competition, the squad had to perform a band dance, a sideline cheer, competition cheer and its fight song routine.

“It is all about loving your school and representing where you come from,” Dotson said. “The best part is the girls get to take what they do on the sidelines every Friday night and compete at nationals.”

Dotson said the first time BGHS competed at NHSCC was in 1997.

“That is when I was on the team,” Dotson said. “That is why I’m still coaching. We just kept chasing the white jackets … we have been trying to win for such a long time.”

For the senior cheerleaders, it was emotional to win a national championship – and the coveted white jackets that come with the title – in their final year of cheerleading.

“It is a really big accomplishment,” senior Devyn Bell said. “To win it all together as a team was an amazing feeling. I have been wanting to win a white jacket since I was in sixth grade so it is a really good feeling that we as seniors were able to end our last year of high school cheerleading with winning a national championship with one of the greatest teams I’ve ever had. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing coaches, either.”

“Being a national champion as a senior this year is truly amazing and a blessing,” senior Myrycal Reed said. “For years and years we have been trying our hardest and we have worked really hard this year. It is nice to go out with a bang.”

“I thought it was an amazing feeling because it was our first time winning … we will always remember that moment,” senior Eden Coleman said. “I will always remember my senior year winning a national championship white jacket. It has always been a big dream of mine to win a white jacket.”

Senior Katie Tibbs recapped the moment the squad learned it won first place.

“We were at awards and just standing together. We had an idea that it was possible but we weren’t sure at all,” she said. “When they said second and we didn’t hear Bowling Green it was like a dream. It was slow motion. We were jumping up and down screaming. It was something we worked hard for all year long and it was all worth it being first.”

“Being a senior it was super exciting and honestly fulfilling to win and knowing that we did all we could out on the floor,” Chloe Milliken said. “We had practices three times a week for two hours. Our coaches put in so much work, and we are so thankful for them.”

The championships will be televised on ESPNU and ESPN2 beginning in late March. Viewers should check local listings for air times.

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