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Larry Fiehn

Logan County and it's sad Board should know that firing Tracy Moser has cost them a lot of sympathy and support from many of us around Warren County, too. Logan County will continue to be a backwater as far as animal welfare goes. It's sad for the animals, but in general, Kentucky doesn't give a darn about animals.


I totally agree!!! I'm not sure what their excuse was for firing her and personally don't care BUT I know this woman did care about these animals.....and for the record never met her! What I do know - this facility was clean, and there where no dead animals in cages like with the previous person who ran it, the people there actually really CARED about the animals!! I personally donated things AFTER Tracy took over running the shelter.....but now will send my donations to Warren County!! I did hear a few complaints from people....who's dog (or friends dog) ended up there and were mad because either they had to pay to get it back or because it was neutered.....PEOPLE this is a NON PROFIT organization ....so Just in case your brain is not working correctly - THEY SURVIVE ON DONATIONS!!!!!!! So if your dog is turned in there and they have FED it, SHELTERED it, given it MEDICAL care ....WHAT on GOD"S green earth would EVER make you think you should get it back for FREE? Seriously??? Remember .......THEY SURVIVE OFF DONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did research a few years back and your right....Kentucky doesn't give a darn about animals!! Oh and for some of you folks out there I want you to remember something......GOD created animals too!!

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