Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson found himself calling his own police department Wednesday after a unique experience.

Wilkerson is renovating a house on Henry Drive and has been staying there overnight as the project nears completion. Early Wednesday morning, he “heard a ruckus” outside the home, he said.

He thought it would pass, but “it keeps on and keeps on,” he said.

Wilkerson, a former Bowling Green Police Department officer, then went outside to investigate. He found a spot of blood on the door to the home’s cellar. He went inside the cellar, but no one was there. He did find a small bag with some women’s leggings and other items.

He called the BGPD to see if there were any reports of missing women. Finding there were none, he closed the cellar door and went back to the renovations.

A short time later, some of the electric outlets in the house suddenly lost their power.

Wilkerson again went outside the house and noticed the door to the cellar was ajar. This time when he went to investigate, he found a young woman, about 20 years old, in the cellar.

“She said, ‘I’m hiding from someone,’ ” Wilkerson said.

With that, she ran out of the cellar and down Henry Drive.

Wilkerson said he isn’t sure how long the woman had been living in the cellar.

As he related the incident Wednesday, Wilkerson joked that he was coming forward to set the record straight.

In light of how rumors spread, he said with a laugh, “the story would come out that I had a lady locked up in my cellar.”

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