Community leaders implore Warren County residents to take COVID-19 seriously

Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon urged local residents Thursday, Nov. 11, 2020, to wear a mask and social distance while in public as the coronavirus worsened across the commonwealth. 

With coronavirus cases surging across Kentucky, local government, health care and education leaders on Thursday urged Warren County residents to take the virus more seriously or be prepared for consequences.

“We are now completely within the virus’ grip, and immediate action must be taken,” Warren County Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon said. “We don’t want our community to become like those communities that we’ve seen on the news at night.”

The Bowling Green-Warren County Coronavirus Workgroup held a virtual news conference to communicate “urgent messages to area citizens in response to a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases and the impact it is having on health care, education and the economy,” a news release announcing the event said.

Event participants included Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson; Buchanon; Med Center Health CEO and President Connie Smith; Tri-Star Greenview Regional Hospital President Mike Sherrod; Bowling Green Independent School District Superintendent Gary Fields; Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton; Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College President Phil Neal and Western Kentucky University President Timothy Caboni.

“If you’re a business owner, and you’re not enforcing the mask mandate, you’re not putting your employees and customers first. You’re putting them at risk,” Buchanon said. “You are putting your own livelihood at risk, and you’re welcoming a shutdown. No one wants to see an economic shutdown like we witnessed earlier. If you are carelessly going about your business every day with little regard for the power and potential of this virus, every point shared this afternoon should be a wake-up call.”

The warning from local leaders comes as Kentucky is entering a new, deadly chapter of the pandemic.

Most of the state, including all of Warren County, is blanketed in red on a virus incidence rate map maintained by the state Department for Public Health.

On Wednesday, as Gov. Andy Beshear announced a record single-day high for new cases (2,700), 14 new deaths and a state positivity rate that topped 8%, the governor pleaded with Kentuckians to wear masks in public and follow other health guidelines aimed at slowing spread of the virus.

“This entire state is in danger,” he said, according to an Associated Press report. “It is absolutely everywhere.”

People in red-zone counties are urged to avoid hosting or attending gatherings of any size. Employers should allow employees to work from home when possible, and noncritical government offices should operate virtually. In-person shopping should be reduced, and people can opt to order online for pickup. People are urged to avoid nonessential activities outside their home, the AP reported.

Schools in red-zone counties are urged to hold only virtual classes because of high coronavirus transmission rates – something local school district leaders said could be a possibility if the public doesn’t take the virus more seriously.

On Thursday, local leaders warned about potential consequences of not adhering to public health guidelines. They include overwhelmed hospitals, school closures and potential local enforcement efforts.

In urging local residents to wear a mask in public and practice social distancing, Wilkerson acknowledged disruptions many have endured in the pandemic.

“We’re at that point where, when the hospitals tell me that they’re running out of room for all of their patients – not just COVID – it’s time that we have to step up,” Wilkerson said.

Buchanon and Wilkerson said both local governments are considering what kind of enforcement actions they could take to ensure compliance with public health guidelines. But Wilkerson stressed that both want to first urge businesses to comply voluntarily with those guidelines before taking any enforcement actions.

“I’m afraid that we’ll have to assist people in the businesses to come into compliance … but we want to do it from a voluntary standpoint,” Wilkerson said. “We’re going to have to do something. … We didn’t bring this virus here, but we’re going to run it out if we can.”

Buchanon and Wilkerson said the issues were confined to social gatherings or a few select bars or restaurants. Buchanon called on management to enforce compliance within their business establishments.

“I don’t think that most businesses are out of compliance. I think that most people are trying to do it,” Buchanon said. “Once it starts there, it really doesn’t take much for one person to be careless or reckless to spread it among thousands of people in a very short period of time.”

Smith and Sherrod said they are treating about 70 COVID-19 patients between both hospitals. There are more than 100 COVID-19 patients in regional hospitals, Sherrod said.

“The biggest challenge is not so much beds as much as it is staffing.” Sherrod said.

Those who need treatment for other health conditions should continue to seek it, the CEOs said, as worsening co-morbidities can make COVID-19 more severe.

Should the virus continue to remain out of control, local K-12 and postsecondary leaders said, it would jeopardize their ability to offer in-person classes and a somewhat normal education experience to students.

“Many of us have been doing this for many months and these protocols work,” Neal said of mask use and social distancing.

Caboni echoed that call.

“We can only fight this virus if we fight it together,” Caboni said.

– Follow education reporter Aaron Mudd on Twitter @BGDN_edbeat or visit

– Follow education reporter Aaron Mudd on Twitter @BGDN_edbeat or visit

Education reporter. Covers education and related issues, focusing primarily on the Bowling Green and Warren County public school districts and Western Kentucky University.

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Wondering if any of those Einstein's below (EA, DS, PE) attended the million morons march in Washington? I'm kidding. I couldn't care less. Just remember to stay out of the hospital should you come down with Covid. There are others that are much more worthy of those beds.

Also, for Mr. Estimator; Bayes theorem has been used to show that the probability of the Jesus portrayed in the gospels having even existed is near zero. The virus on the other hand is demonstrably running out of control. Just an FYI.

Enough Already

Bayes’ theorem began as a defense of Christianity and it proved God exists. Using Bayes’ theorem to determine the probability of Jesus's existence while rejecting the many eye-witness accounts is a misuse of the theorem.

You must be so proud to be on the same team as that OBG. I know you are both cut from the same piece of cloth but seriously, jackasses, crackpots, and communists? I understand democrats don't have both oars in the water and this is the best they can do, but it must embarrass you when you realize who agrees with you.


As it pertains to the "eyewitness accounts", 0+0 is still 0, no matter whose theorem you use, and that is exactly how many eyewitness accounts we have for your Jesus, absolutely zero, zip, zilch, nada, naught, nil, none. Unassailable fact.

As to the how many angels can dance on the head of a pin type argument, I'll let you and PE argue over the metrics you'd like to use to 'demonstrate' that one. I'm not that interested myself.

Oh, and Trump lost, so whatever deity you choose to believe in has made Biden/Harris your POTUS/VP.

Good evening.

Enough Already

That is your opinion and nothing more. Opinion is not a fact. The Gospels are eyewitness accounts so it does not matter what your opinion is; it does not change the truth.

Constitution 101: The legacy media does not decide elections. I know you don't want to believe that but it really is a verifiable fact. We know there was massive voter fraud. It is going to SCOTUS. Even then, if President Trump does not concede, it will be decided by the House of Representatives and there are about 36 red states. Each state gets 1 vote. You do the math genius.

Give my contempt to your nuckle dragging brother OBG, just don't turn your back on him.


You remain in conflict with reality. Reality will assert its self. It always does and always will regardless of whatever delusions you wish to adhere to.


Enough Already

You remain in denial, a closet communist masquerading as a democratic/socialist.

"The goal of socialism is communism." ~ Vladimir Lenin

I will continue to pray you do not get your heart's desire.


Your McCarthy schtick is trite, mendacious, and to be brutally honest, just plain dumb.

Maybe work on some new material or perhaps consider relegating your commentary to Parler. I'm sure you'd fit right in over there.

Good day.

Enough Already

I understand. The truth hurts and right now you are in agony...

Parameter Estimator

You lost me when you want to use Bayes theorem for one thing and not for other. Make up your mind.

Enough Already

My point is the theorem was incorrectly applied to arrive at their predetermined outcome, IMO. I don't see it working both ways and still accurate. I am going with the originator of the theorem.


Anyone saying "Only x number of Americans died from Covid" should be taught a lesson by every American that's lost a loved one to this horrific virus. Let's start with 1 punch to your head for every dead American. That's 242,827 Dead Americans so far. Is that enough punches to your head to knock some sense into you? Wear a f***ing mask to protect Americans or go to some other country that will take someone who happily murders Americans!

Dr. Strangelove

You are such a dummy

Enough Already

A communist as well.

Dr. Strangelove

In conjunction with Parameter's comments, here are the latest COVID stats for KY taken directly from their Dashboard;

Cases - 129,680 (that's about 2.9% of the entire KY population that it has "it's grips" on KY and Warren County).

DEATHS - 1,622 - (That's 0.036% of the entire KY population of which 49.4% of the deaths are those 80+ years old, 76.2% of total deaths are 70+ years old and 91.6% of all deaths are 60+ years old)

CASES reported KY - 129,680 - (a case does not mean a death and as Parameter points out, infections and spread have similar patterns in relation to flu class virus and COVID.)

CASES vs. DEATHS - using this comparison then 1,622deaths/129,680 cases then mortality appears to be around 1.25% of cases known. Or 98.75% of the population of known cases survive infection. But of course there are most likely 4- 10X those numbers who are infected (cases) but don't feel the variable severity of the virus due to age, etc.

- Lets look at mortality by age vs. cases shall we.

80+ years = 49.4% of deaths but only 4.9% of total cases (a 10X ratio)

70-79 years = 26.8% of deaths but only 6.8% of total cases (a 3.9X ratio)

60-69 years = 15.4% of deaths but only 10.9% of total cases (a 1.4X ratio)

- appears to be in rough analysis a significantly declining trend as age decreases. Of course the authorities know that but seem oblivious to its meaning.

Deaths of ages 60-80+ years make up 91.6% of deaths with only 22.6% of total cases reported.

40-59 years old = 7.7% of all deaths and 28.1% of all cases reported (0.27X ratio)

0-39 years old = 0.7% of all deaths and yet 49.4% of all cases reported (a 0.01X ratio of deaths to infections, which equals a 1 out of 10,000 ratio of deaths to cases.

So as Parameter ably points out, we are being played. If you look at CDC records for the past 20 years, flu infections are vastly higher than this and deaths significant as in 2018-2019 in the 60-90,000 estimate by them.

As I said in March, the cure and it's restrictions are vastly more costly and ridiculous than the virus itself.

The only pandemic actually taking place is the politics of BS and misinformation being perpetuated for the end game of obtaining power and control.

Parameter Estimator

Let me be clear -- unless the empirical rule is false, and kurtosis formula is false (which not one statistically trained person would agree to), it is mathematically certain that the mask mandates, if they actually work, are what is causing the extended diseases presence. I am a bayesian. He's a Catholic saint. We need him to pray for us, because our criminal crime against humanity leaders chose tyranny and in so doing, created a higher mean, average, number of dead.

It is a mathematical certainty. It is math that shows the enemies of God. It is after all God who invented the integers.

Parameter Estimator

Let it be noted that one guy on the internet said that they should teach government officials about Kurtis and that all diseases spread in a similar pattern. The empirical rule is foundational to statistics, which is that 33% of the data points fall within 1 SD of the mean, 66% within 2, and 99% within 3. It is impossible to to have a high kurtosis, which means a flatter tail, without driving up the mean. It is mathematically certain that the math mandaters have perpetuated the crime against humanity. If they disagree, have them prove The empirical false via mathematical proof, and prove the Kurtosis measures false.

If the tails (n of dead over time) are flatter, the mean will be higher. It is a crime against humanity that the doctors have not told them this.

CDC principles of Epidemiology chart for the laymen explain the principle of distributions for which Kurtosis applies :

Kurtosis is available at wikipedia.

It is mathematically certain that driving down disease spread by producing longer tails (fewer deaths over longer time ) produces a higher MEAN (overall number of deaths)

We are witnessing a crime against humanity in the name of profits, tyranny, and submission doctrines.

Dr. Strangelove

You are correct Parameter, but what's real understanding and scientific analysis got to do with stoking fear and gaining control.

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