Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake on Wednesday announced an $8 million expansion.

BSFB will add two more machining centers, an additional assembly line and 15 jobs in 2015 as a result of an $8.791 million expansion, according to a news release from the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Another assembly line in 2016 also is part of the expansion.

The $8.791 million investment includes implementation of state-of-the art manufacturing technology and supports BSFB’s substantial new business growth. Andy Dale, Bowling Green plant manager, said BSFB’s increase in market share from 25 percent to more than 50 percent is behind the expansion.

Though the project doesn’t include building expansion, the equipment and capacity expansion is much needed.

“It’s always a challenge to meet demand,” Dale said. “The equipment is critical to meet demand.”

About $1.8 million of the expansion is complete, including two additional machining centers and 80 new jobs, Dale said. The machining centers were added in June and October.

BSFB is the result of a venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products.

BSFB, at 346 Central Ave., manufactures Bendix air disc and drum brakes. Since 2009, annual production levels at the facility have increased more than fivefold because of the growing popularity of air disc brakes in North America, according to the release. BSFB will soon achieve another annual milestone, manufacturing more than 1 million foundation brakes in a 12-month period.

BSFB’s Bowling Green wheel-end production facility opened in October 2007 to manufacture the full lineup of Bendix foundation brake products. At its opening, the plant employed 133 people and occupied 187,000 square feet, according to the release. Since then, the plant has expanded to 302,000 square feet and projects 440 employees in 2015.