Gov. Andy Beshear reported that among those who died from COVID-19 Saturday were five women from Warren County.

The governor’s office reported that among the 14 who were reported as having died from the coronavirus Saturday were the five Warren County women, ages 57, 71, 78, 84 and 86.

The other deaths included a 58-year-old woman from Barren County; a 70-year-old woman from Hart County and a 74-year-old man from Logan County.

Beshear’s office reported 2,437 new coronavirus cases Saturday with 1,885 deaths.

Amid the rising cases across the state, Beshear said in a news release that help against the pandemic is on its way.

“I know we’re tired. I know many of us are disappointed we couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or enjoy Black Friday shopping the way we usually do. But I promise you: we have come so far and we are almost there. Hang on, Team Kentucky,” Beshear said in a news release.

The counties with the most positive cases Saturday were Warren, Jefferson, Fayette, Boone, Madison, Kenton and McCracken.

In its last update Friday, the Barren River District Health Department reported 12,955 cases and 159 deaths in its eight-county region.

Reported cases/deaths were: Barren, 1,947, 20; Butler, 571,16; Edmonson 374, 13; Hart, 753, 3; Logan, 1,208, 32; Metcalfe, 377, 3; Simpson, 634,9; and Warren, 7,091, 63.

The Allen County Health Department reported 715 cases and 15 deaths as of Friday.

Case and death totals reported by agencies often vary because of different reporting procedures.

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Dr. Strangelove

The age of death is not surprising. 92% of assigned death due to COVID are over the age of 60 years. 97% are over 50 years. If anyone would take the time to look at the KY Department of Health COVID dashboard, updated daily you would see this and modify all these edicts by Beto Beshear for the state. National mortalities are almost identical to these. Are there no other deaths to report aside from these women? No other causes of death? My daughter is an RN in an ICU in a large St. Louis hospital. She said 95% of the cases of COVID deaths there were people morbidly obese, had diabetes, and were over age 55. I suggest Mr. Swietek look at all deaths correlating to these other significant conditions and report back to us.

As it clearly shows on the COVID dashboard most of the new cases (infections) are in the under age 50 population, uniform in number from age group to age group, while the deaths are still and always have been in the over 50 age groups, increasing as age increases. But yet we still make no changes to policy and the excessive damage to our economy, family life, and society as a whole.

If masks worked, we should be in the clear, but since this so called pandemic has never been one from the start. I dare the paper to report all deaths in KY in respect to COVID. I am done wearing a mask and will not comply to this cult of public safety, while everyone's rights to worship, make a living, and other freedoms are removed for so called security. Personal slavery comes cheap and requires only a few concessions to purchase. Men and women died for our freedom, yet millions will submit to any tyrannical command because of their ignorance and fear of getting sick. So put your helmets and masks on and don't move. Stay inside until NO ONE EVER DIES.

Enough Already

Bravo Doctor!

In addition, our self proclaimed "local news leader", WBKO is a big supporter of Beshear and repeats in nauseating detail each evening all the numbers. (without the ages of course) If TV media were given a prize for bootlicking WBKO would get it hands down. This station is the worst excuse for a news channel I have ever see. They have nothing worthwhile to report so they repeat this stupidity every evening to make sure they keep people afraid of this plague.

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