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Bill Waltrip for Mayor!


Hot mess

They Call Me Bad News

Someone can pay their bills = something unethical? Keep up the good work, peanut gallery.


good article indeed! Good questions that need to be answered too! Keep digging Katie!


A very good article by Katie Brandenburg, but there are more questions that need to be answered. What date did Mills Family Realty (MFR) miss their first payment on their lease? Why did county attorney Amy Milliken wait until February 27,2015 to officially notify them? How was the Downtown Economic Development Authority(DEDA) formed and who appointed the members to DEDA? Who was on the DEDA board during the timeline for votes and decisions for Block 6 development? Who was on the Bowling Green City Commission during the timeline for votes and decisions for the Block 6 development? Why did Warren County issue the bonds for Block 6 development? I hope it was not simply because as Mike Buchanon put it "they asked us to" . If so, who is the "they" in the previous sentence?

Many more questions should be asked and answered during this discussion.


But, remember....Bowling Green=The ethical city award[unsure]

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