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Enough Already

UAW workers average $90,000 a year. They are greedy pigs but I see most of them took part in the poll.


Spoken like a true company man. GM made 8 billion dollars last year, but they're refusing to give their employees the cost-of-living raises they're entitled to. Which side are you on?

Enough Already

Don't you people read current events? Banks and fast food restaurants are replacing people like yourself with kiosks and machines for wanting $15 an hour. What do you think GM will do with your attitude? $90,000 a year is a lot of jack for someone who can be replaced with a machine and you goofs are pushing them toward that as fast as you can. Labor costs have pushed the price of a new car to the point most people can't afford them anymore unless they finance them for 72 or 84 months, but you guys are entitled to buy at GM's cost minus all of the discounts and current incentives they are offering to the general public. Sweet deal huh.


In your head maybe. Ask your neighbors about the "cost of living raise" they got this year. Better yet ask them if they make $90,000 a year plus benefits and perks? I doubt they do. I was a union member for 30 years and a steward for part of that time until I saw what was going on behind the scenes. Union presidents and stewards were offered management if they became too much of a problem for the company and they took it!

If they could cultivate a sponsor away from the local they were offered a job at the state or national union level where they could party with the big boys on the trips and at the conventions, on YOUR union dues. Then they start thinking of the rank and file as chumps while they enjoy rubbing elbows with the "union/management team" at a higher level. At this point they have joined the other team, you just don't know it. Why shouldn't they? They get paid while the chumps are out walking the picket line. Life is good.

Your leaders were recently exposed for taking money under the table, and that's just the ones that have been convicted. You are being used.

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