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It takes about 100 rides on a bicycle to get good at biking. Same is true for sex. Practice, have fun, try different styles, different partners, different genders. Maybe date some of them. Settle down with a few, or not. Up to you. - Play safe, learn sex ed online if your schools won't teach it. We're not stuck in the religious backwater any more, limited to what we're allowed to learn. Use the internet to study!


By educating our children about sex, venereal disease, and how to prevent pregnancy, we are allowing them to ask questions and get real answers. I taught my children from the time that they were small, and because they knew the facts, they were not taking risks. Now that they are older- they have said that had I not been honest with them and taught them, that they would have been like many of the kids who are NOT taught. And they might have gotten pregnant. They didn't, and credit my early instruction as the reason why.


There is a reason that Kentucky is such a backwater state. Residents vote against logic, science and facts. Morons!

Enough Already



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