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All parents should be given at least 3 -4 months paid leave when they have a baby and double that if they adopt. We are one of the few so called civilized countries on this planet that Don't give such leave. In Japan, my friend told me she got a year with partial pay and when she went back to work she could take her child with her in a company run nursery and was given time off to visit and/or nurse her child during the working day. When her daughter was 2yrs. old she was entered into the company pre-school.

Enough Already

Japan sounds nice but their policies are overkill.

This was never an issue in the US until two wage earners in the family became the norm. When only one parent worked the other parent raised the child. It is not unreasonable for a new mother to have time off with their child but why should your place of employment have to foot the bill? They not only would be paying you while you are unproductive but have to pay for someone to replace you while you are gone.

In this modern world it is not unusual to telecommute and if you can work from home while caring for your new child that is a reasonable accommodation if you are to be paid. Employers should be encouraged to try and make those arrangements. It is also reasonable for them to be required to hold your position open until you return to work for no compensation, but a mandatory six months with pay just encourages you to stay off work as long as you can, a type of employer paid for welfare. In no instance should both parents be allowed time off with pay and certainly not because you adopt a child.

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