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I know the truth

Would anyone of us been allowed to leave and go get treatment for a "bloody pinky" ? This is a quote from the lead officer in the case after arriving on the scene.

"I spoke briefly with LT John Clark and immediately after that I met with Mr Brown inside the business. It looked like he had blood on his pinky finger and Brown said it was injured during the confrontation. It was determined that Mr Brown was to go get treatment for his injuries as quickly as possible. Major Hargus of the W.C. sheriffs office agreed to transport Mr Brown to Corp Care on Scottsville Rd "

Why was Brown allowed to leave the scene so quickly after the lead detective arrived? If it was you or I would we be allowed to go get treatment for a "bloody pinky"? Or would we have been treated by the EMTs on the scene? In this report he notes that a ambulance was at the scene and Mr Bradshaw was in route to the hospital.

Dead men can't tell no tales



If I was pointing a gun 6 inches from a guy's head, I don't think I would feel threatened enough to pull the trigger and shoot him 3 times. Self defense? Really?

Blue water

I think the "moral" here is that road rage has unfavorable consequences for all involved directly and indirectly.


One would assume Mr Talley you have read the whole investigation or you would not be able to offer an educated assessment of this, I just know that if you were Mr Brown and someone had almost run you over gave you the middle finger and cussed you while jockying around with his truck then challenging you to pull over and then following you to another lot and then still verbally asaulting you with your wife in your vehicle and then pointing his gun at you that you would have offered a handshake and said you were sorry for being in the same area he was in at the same time. Apparently history has shown Mr. Bradshaw has had many other incidents of this behavior. It is very sad that someone had to die but you cannot go through life bulling people around through these incidents and pointing a gun at people without some problems for yourself. Unfortunately for Mr. Bradshaw he chose the wrong person who was licensed to carry and had his weapon on himself to engage.. It is hard for some to understand what Judge Buchanon was thinking when he appointed this man to be constable , did he not check his past records? also had no permit to carry a gun? was he carrying a gun while he served with no permit? maybe there are more questions laymen have about him, Mr Cohron did not answer the reporters question when asked if Mr Bradshaw's system was checked for drugs. After reading some of this info Mr Bradshaw was not all about what the public has been led to believe through the social media. The moral of the story for me Mr Talley is do not bully and point my gun at someone unless I am to shoot or they might just shoot back.


"While Brown told police that he remained calm throughout the incident and never lost his temper, two witness accounts seem to conflict with his self assessment."

So Brown did stay ? His questioning happened on scene ? Brown claims to be calm yet witnesses say an angered and agitated man is what they saw.

Brown never had to stop. Brown never had to pursue the situation.Bradshaw being dead and not able to offer his version of events is certainly favorable to Brown.

Gut feeling is that we will never know the entire truth. My gut feeling is that Brown got away with it so to speak. In the coming days it will be interesting how our our local leaders of law enforcement follow up with the reassurance of the public trust.

Bob Talley
Voter / Taxpayer

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